Close Deal Faster With An Efficient Proposal & Electronic Signature

Close Deal Faster With An Efficient Proposal & Electronic Signature

by Staff
September 9, 2021

There are a lot of means available these days that can lead to a better experience when signing documents. Any company that takes its growth seriously and is determined to be the best in the business will willingly adopt the advanced means of signing and handling documents. There are a lot of vendors available these days who are providing software for companies to incorporate eSignatures into their work structures. Let us understand what this new way of approving documents is and how it works.

What Are eSignatures?

eSignature in the simplest sense is the online/digital alternative for the traditional wet signature. eSignature software mimics signing on a document which can be done with the help of electronic devices. The signer has multiple options to put his signature on a particular document. One can simply opt to put their initials and other pieces of information as an electronic signature or can proceed to use the mouse or a touchpad to draw their signature on a soft copy. eSignature also goes a long way to make sure that there is no scope of tampering the document and only authorized individuals are allowed access to them

How Do eSignatures Work?

The first and foremost step of using eSignatures for your documents is the use of a software that is acquired by vendors. The software provides an interface where users can digitally encrypt a document creating a public key that enables them to share proposals or documents that are to be signed. The signer is provided with a private key that allows them access to the authorized documents. They can then proceed to mark the documents with their signatures which the senders are notified about in real-time. 

eSignatures are a safe and secure alternative to sign documents as any unauthorized attempt to access documents immediately nullifies the process blocking any further action. This cuts out any scope of temperament with documents of high value. 

eSignature For Proposals

eSigntaures follow methods that are internationally valid in terms of legitimacy to carry out transactions that cannot be altered once it is signed by concerned parties. Viewing and approving becomes very convenient with eSignatures as it tends to save up a lot of time usually spent on office settings to get hold of physical copies of proposals, assess them and proceeding to sign them through traditional means. A lot of extra effort goes into the process of storing, locating and printing proposals which put a lot of additional burden on the sales team. eSignature seems like the perfect option to eliminate all these aspects of dealing with proposals and enables everyone involved in the process to cut right to the chase. 

eSignature software for proposals comes with additional features that help with the management and automatization of the workflow as well. On top of that, they also come with provisions to create proposal templates that are customizable according to the nature of the sale. This adds up to the utility of eSignatures when dealing with proposals. 

Changes That Proposals Powered By eSignatures Can Bring To The Sales Process

Faster Closing Of Deals 

Sales professionals often have to indulge in the waiting game. The proposal that is sent to a potential client in the form of a word document to be signed does not provide much convenience when it comes to monitoring the client’s activity on the document. 

The process that usually takes place at your client’s workplace is that they initially print out the proposal and run it through their legal team and administrative body. If the proposal seems acceptable, it is signed, scanned and then sent back to you. However, this process becomes tediously long which leads to unnecessary delay. But this can be turned around with the implementation of eSignatures. 

eSignature software facilitates a paperless process that is far more efficient. Documents and proposals can be shared at superior speed through online means and the digitally encrypted approach makes sure nothing gets meddled with on the way. The documents are literally one click away from any individual involved in the process. On top of that, other work related to the maintenance and handling of paperwork can be eliminated altogether. 

A More Secured Experience

Although people are generally very conservative when it comes to security measures and are reluctant to adopt changes into the way of doing things, they can be assured that it cannot get any more secured than the process used by eSignature software. Wet signatures are more vulnerable to forgery than eSignatures as physical copies of documents can be easily misplaced or fall into the wrong hands. The digitally encrypted approach adopted by eSignatures can in no way be accessed by a third party. They require the private key provided by the sender which is exclusively available to the signer only. 

Reduction Of Costs

Sales professionals can cut down a lot of costs expended on paperwork, commuting and creating numerous copies of the same documents. eSignature software creates the possibility of relying solely on electronic transactions with soft copies of proposals. Companies can hold on to their monetary resources for other infrastructural expenditures to support further growth of the businesses. 

Quicker Handling Of Invoices

Finance departments can easily get hold of proposals and contracts to create invoices at a far quicker rate than usual. This leads to better organizational management and effective updating of records. Payments have a lesser probability of getting delayed with such an arrangement. 

eSignature services with its numerous benefits is a prospect of a better future for the sales team. Proposals which tend to be a time-consuming part of the process can be easily handled with the use of eSignatures bringing in much more efficiency into the equation. This ensures better productivity that is usually a trait chased after by organizations these days and will guarantee an upper hand over the competition in the market. Consider implementing eSignatures into your proposals to make sure you have the right tools to lock horns with the topmost businesses. 

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