Access live forms within Fill.

Create online forms and collect information that will help you make better business decisions.

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Never rely on guesswork, collect your desired information with Live Forms.

Never worry about having to sort through dozens of received emails just to get information from your contacts. With Fill, you can create and send Live Forms containing custom fields to your employees, clients and prospects to collect all sorts of information that will help you run your business smoothly.

Live Forms for various departments


Revamp your marketing

Use Live Forms to create surveys and collect feedback from your customers so you can improve your product or service and make informed business choices.


Boost your sales

Use Live Forms to collect pre-sales questions from prospective customers and provide timely responses so you can close deals faster.

Customer support

Delight your customers

Collect customer complaints and suggestions with Fill’s Live Forms or collect customer requests ahead of onboarding/demo presentations.


streamline your legal workflow

Send out forms to collect legal information and needs from clients or your organization so that you can streamline your legal workflow.


manage employees better

Send out forms en masse to collect employee feedback, complaints or suggestions for your organization. Or get employee requests for vacation/leave with Live Forms.

Benefits of Fill's Live Forms.

All sorts of businesses rely on Fill's Live Forms


Collect project descriptions and other details such as names and emails from your clients..



Collect patient concerns, symptoms and medical history all contactlessly. Read about Fill’s compliance.



Create forms to collect student questions and contributions even without being in a classroom.



Use Live Forms to get feedback from your customers using your digital product or app and reduce churn rate.


Use cases of Fill's Live Forms

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A digital signature is not only convenient and saves you time, but they also save you money by not having to print documents and then send them via mail. It also helps speed up the return of contracts that have been holding you back from starting a job.

In most industries e-signatures are fully supported and legal. Explore the Industries page to see how e-signatures are used in your industry and what the benefits are.

Fill use military-grade 256 bit encryption to keep all documents completely secure.

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