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Rest easy knowing that your sensitive documents are protected with robust encryption and compliant with industry rules and regulations.

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Our electronic signatures comply with industry-leading security standards, ensuring the validity and legality of your signed documents.

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Sign documents on the go. Our cross-platform eSignature software can be use on your PC, Mac, tablet, or cell phone.

Electronic Signature vs. Wet Signature

Electronic Signature

  • Legally binding and secure
  • 100% paperless - no printing and scanning
  • Faster turnarounds - get your documents signed quickly with shorter waiting times
  • Create signatures and sign documents online
  • Sign from anywhere using any device
  • Supports automated document signing

Wet Signature

  • Legally binding but prone to forgeries and fraud
  • Ink and paper adds up to operating costs
  • Lengthy waiting time - will take days or weeks to close deals and sign contracts
  • Signers must affix their wet signatures in person
  • Limited to signing documents on paper
  • Signers must affix each signature manually

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Sign documents from anywhere in the world, on any device, without compromising on security or legality.

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Ensure compliance with state and industry regulations

Create legally binding and secure esignatures that you can use on business dealings and legal transactions. Fill is duly-compliant with various state laws and industry regulations, including the guidelines stated under HIPAA, GLBA, eIDAS, ESIGN, and UETA.

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“As a company with a team on the road daily, it can be very hard to coordinate and processes all the paperwork that goes with selling. Thanks to Fill – it makes all of that a seamless, stress-free process”

Andrew Simmons, Founder of Univest

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What you need to know about Electronic Signatures

An electronic signature, to put it simply, is an electric or digital form of your signature. With this feature, you can simply sign and send documents electronically, skipping the hassle of printing and mailing altogether. It verifies your identity the same way wet or traditional signatures do.

Since electronic signatures are legally binding, you can use them to sign any contracts and agreements digitally.  Most countries around the world recognize the use of electronic signatures in signing legal documents and forms.  

Although signing physical documents will always be around, electronically processing paperwork is becoming more prevalent, and it is now the primary method preferred by many organizations.

When you sign up for an account with Fill, you gain access to our electronic signature creator, which offers you multiple ways to make your own electronic signature. When you use our electronic signature app, you can use our on-screen canvas to draw your signature using your finger. Need to sign on the digital dotted line? Just grab your mouse or trackpad and start drawing!

Our electronic signature app also lets you upload an image or digital copy of your wet signature. This part’s a breeze – it’s swift and to the point. You’ll have your eSignature in no time.

Once you have created your electronic signature, you can use Fill to sign documents.

Online signatures are clearly the way to go – they offer a bunch of perks that paper can’t match.  For one, signing documents digitally just speeds up the entire signing process.  It’s easier to collaborate with other signers, so when there’s a part in the document that needs changing, you can instantly amend it.  It also saves you a whole lot of money—no need to spend your budget on paper and printing expenses.  Meanwhile, you can strike out courier fees from your budget. 

An electronic signature can look many different ways. One common form is a digital copy of a handwritten signature. This can be uploaded as an image or drawn using your finger, mouse, or stylus. Fill, for instance, has a digital canvas that lets you draw your signature.

Another form is a typed signature. You simply type your full name or initials and choose a font that closely resembles your handwriting.

Yes! You can use Fill top generate handwritten or typewritten signature for all your online documents. This will help you create professional signatures on your emails, documents, and contracts on the go whenever, wherever you are.

The process to create your digital signature is super easy and it will only take a few minutes to get it done.

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Fill is one of the most secure and reliable electronic signature apps in the market.

Fill is 100% GLBA and HIPAA-compliant so you can rest assured that your documents and eSignatures are safe.

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