HR Document Management Software: Practical Insights and Benefits

HR Document Management Software

With the help of an HR document management system, HR professionals can easily manage huge volumes of documents without the complexities of overstuffed filing cabinets and paper files.  Technology has revolutionized HR, and it’s time you took advantage of these innovations. Check out the following options, which are designed to help ease your workload.

What Is HR Document Management Software?

HR professionals use human resources document management software to organize and archive employee documents. It assists teams in reducing administrative work and wasted time. It also protects the company from legal liability.

It’s a content management system specializing in collecting, managing, and archiving digital documents. It can either be a cloud-based solution where data is stored in an external data center managed by a third-party provider. It can also be an on-premise solution where servers are installed within your organization’s premises. You need a dedicated IT team and resources to manage an on-premise document management system. 

Cloud-based systems need an internet connection to work but are extremely scalable since you only pay for the storage space you need. On-premise solutions require extensive capital to set up and require you to absorb the risks if the servers fail. However, you control the system completely, and you don’t depend on the internet. 

To find the best solution, you should look for:

  • Security features like password protection, encryption, access control, etc.
  • Intuitive interface and a simple file structure
  • Integration with existing programs and other systems
  • Document tracking so you can review a document’s edit history

Here are some of the best human resources document management systems with different capabilities depending on your organization’s needs.

Best HR Document Management Solutions

1. Fill

HR Document Management Software

Fill simplifies daily workflows with its document management system for human resources departments. It provides customizable templates for easy data collection enabling online execution of HR contracts. Its eSignature feature automates tasks like employee data collection and contract signing while maintaining confidentiality and protecting private information. 

Fill integrates with other apps, like an existing HR management system, so you can work from a centralized system. When it comes to security, Fill uses military-grade security, which includes the highest level of data encryption. This protects your company’s data from falling into the wrong hands. 

Pricing: Starts at $8.33 per month

2. Box

Box is a content management platform that lets you stream files from the cloud to your desktop and vice versa. It’s great for collaborating on documents since you can share a central workspace with other team members, which allows for in-file commenting.

Box also lets you create custom document workflows for automating processes like employee onboarding. It offers Box Skills, a feature that uses AI for applying metadata to resumes and applications so you can better manage your company’s data.

Pricing: Starts at $17.30 per month

3. Revver

Formerly known as eFileCabinet, Revver has been in the industry for 20 years, automating document-dependent work so businesses can digitize and scale their processes. They offer a custom solution that’s ideal for enterprises looking for either cloud-based or on-premises document storage solutions. 

Revver’s capabilities include document requests, a feature that automates obtaining specific documents from new employees and hiring managers. Revver then creates new employee files and applies the appropriate security policies to keep these documents organized and secured.

Pricing: Custom price is available upon request.

4. Zoho Docs

Zoho offers a complete digital work suite that goes beyond most HR document software. You can create folders for every departmental function, such as recruitment, and organize various related materials inside these folders. By using folders, Zoho replicates the traditional desktop workspace, which is intuitive for a lot of users. 

Zoho’s document management system makes it easy to create a repository of knowledge materials for employee onboarding. You can set it up for virtual training and monitor employees’ learning progress by analyzing file statistics. There’s also an online word processor with digital signature capabilities. 

Pricing: Starts at $2.5 per month per user, a minimum of 3 users

5. GoCo

HR Document Management Software

GoCo is an all-in-one HR solution that includes document management. You can use it to send and track all of your team’s documents, as well as manage the company’s payroll and benefits. It has a robust integration capability since it can connect with 100+ apps allowing you to fully automate your workflows. 

GoCo offers a modern experience by creating a user-friendly interface that’s easy to navigate regardless of a user’s technical background. This gives you confidence that everyone in your team can quickly adapt to the software. 

Pricing: Get custom pricing depending on the actual HR functions you need.

Benefits of HR Document Management Solutions

It’s almost impossible to imagine a modern HR department not using a document management solution. These tools are vital in helping teams become more efficient and productive, so they can focus on engaging employees instead of getting buried in paperwork. 

Here are the benefits of using HR document software:

  • Increased HR productivity since users can easily search documents that need approval or review
  • Streamlined HR documents that anyone with the right credentials can easily access
  • Work anywhere, anytime, since documents are remotely accessible from the cloud
  • Automated HR workflows where files are always routed to the right people for reviews and approvals
  • Secure and compliant documents that are protected from data breaches and cyberattacks
  • Protected employee information since files are less likely to be misplaced, miscategorized, or lost
  • A paperless system that demands less storage space and lower supply costs
  • Scalable operation since it’s easy to increase storage space or add users without the company needing to reinvent the wheel

Digitize Your HR Department with Fill

Experience a modern and paper-free HR practice with Fill’s customizable forms and eSignature capabilities. You can free your team from administrative headaches, and impress recruits and new hires enjoy an efficient onboarding experience. You can also execute legally binding contracts online and expedite the document signing process. 

Check out Fill and start a free trial today. 

Andria Pacina

Andria is a seasoned content writer, specializing in document management solutions and HIPAA compliance, providing valuable insights for businesses and professionals alike.

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