Top 7 Benefits of Document Tracking for eSignature Users

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Keeping track of all your signature requests isn’t easy, especially if you’re doing everything manually. Without an efficient document tracking system, the more challenging it would be for you to collect signatures on time. On top of this, you’re more likely to encounter problems caused by misfiled documents and signature fraud. You could also lose an important deal because of subsequent delays in document retrieval.

In this article, we will be looking into the benefits of document tracking and why it is a must for everyone who needs to get their documents signed on time.

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What Is Document Tracking?

Document tracking is a feature of contract management that allows you to monitor or track the status of your document. With it, you can check the changes made to your document according to time, date, and user. In the case of electronic signature requests, you’ll be able to trace each action via document log and instant notifications. There is also a visual tracker that displays the current status of your document, allowing you to see whether it has already been signed or viewed.

What Is a Document Tracking System?

The purpose of a document tracking system is to automate the way you track your documents. It assists you in keeping track of the changes and modifications made to your electronic file or record. With it, you’re also able to see who accessed and edited your file. This way, you have more control over your document. You can also restrict access to your files, preventing anyone from viewing your sensitive records unless they’re fully authorized to do so.

Why Is It Necessary to Track the Status of Your Signature Requests?

Below are seven benefits of document tracking and why it is necessary for online document signing:

1.) It allows you to have more control over your documents.

You get to control who is allowed to view and edit your documents. You can also restrict and revoke permissions anytime you want. Having more control over your signature requests also helps prevent unauthorized users from copying or falsifying your signatures.

2.) You can keep track of changes and identify the users who made the change.

With a detailed document log, it’ll be easier to track each user who signed and filled out your documents. You’ll also be able to know if someone has altered some parts of your document without your permission. Also, if ever someone tries to print or share your files, you will know right away.

3.) Seamless document retrieval.

With the help of an automated document tracker, you can save a lot of time looking for specific files and records. You also do not need to print out documents and send them over via mail to collect signatures from all involved parties. Just share the document’s link and have your signees sign it remotely.

4.) You can minimize delays in document signing.

By tracking your document’s progress in real-time, you can quickly identify those who have signed and those who have not yet signed. You may then follow up with those who are yet to sign your documents, ensuring that they manage to add their signatures on time. By making sure that your contracts and forms get signed quickly, you are already one step ahead of your competitors in closing deals.

5.) Better compliance with federal rules and regulations.

Having a detailed audit log of your documents means that you are taking the necessary steps in securing classified information, which is a vital requirement in maintaining compliance. If you’re dealing with sensitive information such as PHI, you need to monitor your document activity according to HIPAA standards.

6.) It helps build and maintain strong relationships with your clients.

With a convenient way to track and sign documents, you can provide better turnaround times and establish a good relationship with your clients. Establishing good client relations also increases the likelihood of them continuing to do business with your company or brand.

7.) It’s way more secure than tracking documents manually.

You can minimize the chances of your documents being lost or misfiled after signing. You also get to secure your documents using advanced encryption technology, making it virtually impossible for unauthorized users to decrypt and view your private records.

What Is the Best Way to Track Documents?

The best way to track your documents and electronic signature requests is through an app or software that supports document tracking. There may be a lot of apps that can offer you this feature, but you need to choose one that best suits your needs and preferences. The app or software that you must choose should have the following key features:

  • Document activity log (audit trails)
  • User permission controls
  • Remote or in-person signing
  • Guided signing
  • Real-time notifications

Speaking of which, Fill is a cloud-based electronic signature solution that lets you create digital signatures on the go. It’s the perfect tool for individuals and businesses looking for a secure and efficient way to track their signature requests and get their documents signed on time. Fill also uses bank-level 256-bit encryption to protect your valuable records while at rest or in transit. 

With Fill, you can request signatures and sign documents with ease. You’ll also get notified in real-time as soon as your signee signs your contract or web form

Final Thoughts

Tracking documents is necessary so that you’ll be able to monitor your signature requests and get your contracts and forms signed on time. With a reliable document tracking system, you’ll be able to eliminate redundancies and minimize the losses caused by unclosed deals and misfiled records. You can also protect your documents from malicious people who intend to modify or alter your records to commit fraud.

Do you need a secure and convenient way to sign documents? Start using Fill today. Get your contracts and forms signed on time. Save on costs by signing documents remotely. Create an account now to start using Fill on PC and mobile.

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