Enhancing Productivity with Document Control Software

Document Control Software

Many businesses are reaping the benefits of technology these days and the MVP in the list of inventions is the Document Control Software.

Teams of many sizes have leveraged this tool in its many forms to not only boost productivity but also help streamline various operations. There’s a document management software for every team size and requirements these days acting as assistants that allow you focus on essential tasks.

This article explores the best document control softwares in the market, their essential features, and its many benefits.

Why do teams need document control software?

One of the nightmares of employees is having to look for documents related to different tasks on their hard drives. Even with folder segmentation and the powerful search feature on operating systems today, sharing and collaborating with colleagues on files can be frustrating. That’s where documentation management software comes into play. 

This software lets businesses digitally store documents and reduce the need for paper storage and file loss. Today’s document control software even goes further with its security styles like AES Encryption, which may not be available on regular PC hard drives.

Let’s explore the specific advantages this solution can offer.

Improved efficiency and productivity

When it comes to business, time is money. So, using an organization’s software speeds things up by freeing your team from repetitive tasks to focus on what they do best.

Enhanced security

Most document control solutions allow you to limit access to documents so that only trusted team members view them. This helps lessen the chance of information leaks, safeguards your business’s image, and builds trust with your clients and partners.

Regulatory compliance

Opting for document control solutions is crucial for staying within legal and industry rules. When you choose reputable software, you can keep your document handling in line with the data privacy laws of your industry.

Simplified collaboration

One major perk of transitioning into document control software is how it simplifies remote team collaboration. Everyone gets to work on the same documents without interfering or overwriting someone else’s work.

This works hand in hand with version control as everyone knows they’re working on the latest version of a document and can revert to specific versions whenever.

document control software

Top Document Control Software Solutions

Since team needs differ, document management systems now have special features such as role-based permissions, document tracking, and audit trails to help users ensure that only the right people can access them. 

Here are the 6 leading Document Control Software to help with your team’s document productivity:


DocuWare is famous for being able to streamline and digitize document handling procedures. It offers many features, including live document editing, document reminders, secure document sharing, and integration with Microsoft Teams.


eFileCabinet focuses on security and effectiveness. It includes key features like archiving and retention, electronic signaturesonline forms management, user-specific permissions, remote document access, and approval workflows.


MasterControl is a comprehensive document management solution. It allows its users to control documents, manage risks, conduct audits, automate task assignments, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements through automated workflows and reporting. 


Dokmee is a flexible document control software popular for its robust backup storage and version control. For sales teams that rely heavily on the same document with minor tweaks, Dokmee is an excellent choice as it logs every change made.


GlobalSearch stands out with its interface for optimal document retention, file recovery, and collaboration. Teams that deal with entering into legally binding agreements with their clients can reap the rich benefits GlobalSearch has to offer while maintaining compliance with the regulations of GlobalSearch can cover.


Fill is known as a GLBA and HIPAA-compliant eSignature solution. Still, it deserves a noteworthy mention on this list because it offers superb document automation features. This essential function and its intuitive dashboard targeted to teams and individuals make it easy to store, sign, and track your document workflow.

Electronic signatures let you seal deals, get permissions, and close agreements digitally. This process removes the need for physical signing and distributing documents, saving you time and boosting productivity.

You now see that each tool offers unique features, so your choice will be based on the operations your business requires. One essential must-have for any software you end up selecting is that it must comply with your industry’s regulations

document control software

Features to Look for in Document Control Software

Searching for the perfect document management system for your business is a rabbit hole we hope you never get lost in. However, knowing the essential features to look for can help you finesse your way around it. Here are the key features to look for in any document control software.

Role-based permissions 

Role-based permissions in document management ensure that only the right people can access, edit, or share specific documents. This feature is essential for team managers who must protect sensitive information and promote accountability.

Audit trails 

Document control programs that offer audit trail capabilities give you an easy way to oversee all the actions taken on a document. Whether the document was created, edited, or deleted, it’s logged so you can quickly catch unauthorized actions.

Centralized repository 

Document management software that prioritizes storage space ensures you can keep all your files in one place. Most of this software will feature tools like search tools and advanced tags to make finding and managing your documents easy.

Version control 

Over time, you’ll likely end up with many versions of the same document. Without the proper tools, navigating these versions can be daunting. You want software that provides robust version control features. It allows you to track all document drafts and changes and even bring back old versions if necessary.

Integration capabilities 

Your document organization software needs to work well with your team’s tools. It is best to go through the integration list of the software you may be considering to see how smoothly it syncs with your current workflow.

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Choosing the Best Document Control Software to Improve Team Productivity 

Picking the right document control system for your company is a big deal. Still, it’s necessary for better security and maximum efficiency.

Focusing on key features like role-based permissions, audit trails, centralized storage, and version control can help narrow your choices. Its integration abilities, whether through third-party apps or API, are essential considerations that can further fine-tune your options.

Even though getting document control software might need some investment, it’s worth it for the value it adds to your business. 

Want to give Fill’s document management software a spin?

Andria Pacina

Andria is a seasoned content writer, specializing in document management solutions and HIPAA compliance, providing valuable insights for businesses and professionals alike.

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