How To Edit a PDF

how to edit a pdf on your computer

Most organizations nowadays favor using PDF as their preferred document format because of its universal compatibility. No matter the device or operating system, it preserves the original layout and formatting. With security features like password protection and encryption, you can rest assured that only authorized can access your documents.

However, the downside is it can be quite difficult to edit PDF documents should you need to make any changes. Enter PDF editors, a tool designed to help modify PDF documents with ease.

How to Edit a PDF Using Fill

edit PDF

Although Fill is primarily recognized as an eSignature platform, it extends its functionality by offering a diverse set of PDF editing tools. One such tool is a PDF converter that lets you convert your files to editable formats like Word. By converting them to Word, you can edit their content, change their layout, and add new elements.

With Fill, you can also rearrange and delete PDF pages and merge PDF files into one document. Here’s how to use Fill.

  1. Visit Fill online
  2. Access its PDF editing tools and select the tool you need.
  3. Upload your document.
  4. Edit your document as you see fit.
  5. Once you’re done, click Apply and Download to save your document.

How to Edit a PDF Using Microsoft Word

how to edit a pdf using microsoft word

For Microsoft Word users, did you know you can edit a PDF using the software? If you’re running MS Word in 2013, 2016, 2019, and 2021, you can do the below to make some changes on a PDF, preferably if it’s full of text.

  1. Go to File and click Open.
  2. Search for the PDF file you wish to edit on your local disk. For some computers, you might need to click Browse.
  3. MS Word will say that it will create a copy of your PDF so it can convert the texts in a way that the program can show an editable file. The original file remains the same. Click OK.
  4. You’re free to edit the document, and once you’re finished, click the menu and then choose Save and Save As.
  5. Click OK, and your file will be saved as a PDF.

Remember that the edited PDF may not have the same format as the original. Pages might break, so take note of the changes.

How to Edit a PDF Using Google Docs

how to edit a pdf using google docs

If you’re like most people who love using Google Workspace, you’re probably tied with Google Docs as your word processor for writing texts. Aside from that, you can also edit a PDF online, and here’s how to do it.

  1. Visit your Google Drive account, and once it’s opened, drag and drop the PDF you want to edit in your cloud storage.
  2. Open the PDF file by right-clicking and choosing Open With.
  3. Select Google Docs. Google Docs will display your file in an editable format. Keep in mind that the formatting and lines might break, but the texts remain the same.
  4. Click File, and then on the drop-down menu, choose Download > PDF Document (.pdf)

How to Edit a PDF Using Preview on Mac

how to edit a pdf

Last but not least, for Mac users out there who need to edit a PDF, you can use the Preview option to apply some changes.

  1. Open Finder and select the PDF file you want to edit.
  2. Preview will automatically display the document as is. You may add texts, annotations, or signatures.
  3. Click the Highlights and Notes (pencil icon) to activate the Mark up Toolbar
  4. When the Markup Toolbar is showing, you can choose an option, whether to insert a text box, add a digital signature, or fill out PDF forms.

Note: Preview offers a pretty limited editing tool. If you need to make changes to the content of the document, you’re better off using another tool like Fill.

Fill: The Ultimate Online Tool for Editing PDFs

PDF editors can be a lifesaver when making changes to your documents. They are easy to use and help you correct mistakes, make updates, and more. When it comes to PDF editors, you will surely love Fill.

It’s like a Swiss army knife– you can practically do anything. Not only can you edit PDFs, but you can also convert, merge, delete, and rearrange pages. The best part is our PDF editing tools are free to use without limits. It’s the ultimate tool for managing documents.

Sign up with Fill today and discover our other features.

Krisette Lim

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