Wufoo vs. Formstack

The main difference between Wufoo and Formstack is their functionalities and mobile capabilities. Wufoo focuses on providing a web-based platform for creating online forms. Formstack, however, offers a broader range of features with dedicated mobile apps.

Continue reading for an in-depth look at the feature comparison for Wufoo vs Formstack.

Comparing Wufoo and Formstack

 Platforms SupportedCloud StorageIntegrationsCustom BrandingPricing




YesGoogle Workspace, HubSpot, Slack, Zapier, Zoho, DropBox, Salesforce, Mailchimp, and more.YesStarts at $14 per month






NoGoogle Workspace, HubSpot, Slack, Zapier, Zoho, DropBox, Box, Google Drive, and more.YesStarts at $59 per month

wufoo vs formstack

Core Functionality

Let’s start by analyzing the main features of Wufoo vs Formstack to better understand their unique attributes.

Wufoo’s core functionality revolves around creating and customizing online forms. It offers robust features that allow users to collect data, automate workflows, and even process payments. Additionally, Wufoo provides advanced tools for adding images, files, videos, and conditional questions to forms, making it a versatile platform for various needs.

Formstack’s core functionality is centered around all-in-one workflow automation. It allows users to capture data, generate documents, and collect digital signatures with its easy-to-use software. Users can create forms with a no-code, drag-and-drop form builder, allowing quick and efficient data collection.


Wufoo has several security features to ensure the safety and privacy of its users’ data. All Wufoo forms and reports are SSL-encrypted by default on all plans—free and paid. Additionally, users can encrypt up to 5 Single Line Text fields on their form to add an extra layer of security to those specific fields. Wufoo also offers tips for protecting your account, like creating strong, hard-to-guess passwords.

Formstack uses SSL encryption, database encryption, and password protection to ensure a secure form experience. Additionally, it gives users the ability to secure form data with SSL and PGP for information included in emails. Users can restrict data for specific fields from being accessible to all users, preventing data from being included in certain situations.

wufoo vs formstack


Regarding specific compliance standards such as HIPAA, Wufoo might not be the best choice. While some sources suggest that Wufoo is a HIPAA-compliant form builder, others indicate that Wufoo may not be fully HIPAA-compliant. SurveyMonkey, Wufoo’s parent company, recommends using SurveyMonkey to collect protected health information (PHI). For GDPR compliance, Wufoo has stated that they are compliant with the new European data protection rules.

Formstack offers robust compliance features. It adheres to PCI DSS for secure payments, offers HIPAA-compliant forms, and complies with international data protection regulations. Formstack also provides WCAG/Section 508 compliant forms to comply with accessibility standards. Furthermore, it provides guidance for GDPR compliance for online forms.

Reporting and Analytics

Wufoo allows users to design embeddable graphs, charts, and reports based on data collected from their forms. Users can visually display the collected data and share the results with others. Wufoo also supports integration with Google Analytics, enabling users to track page views and capture data in Wufoo forms. Automation tools such as Zapier can be used to set up triggers between Google Analytics and Wufoo for automated reporting.

Formstack provides users with tools to create custom reports and visualizations, analyze form data, and track unique views, conversions, and abandonment rates. In addition, Formstack integrates with Google Analytics, allowing users to analyze traffic and conversions more comprehensively. They also provide a campaign tracking feature to easily monitor form submissions and campaign performance.

Customizable Branding

Wufoo’s Theme Designer allows users to customize the colors, fonts, and styles of different elements on their forms and reports. Users can also add logos to their forms, although this feature is only available on paid plans. Additionally, Wufoo offers a Custom CSS feature that further enhances customization capabilities, enabling users to adjust spacing, dimensions, and other design aspects of form elements.

Formstack also offers customizable branding features. Users can customize their forms with a theme editor by adding logos, changing colors, and modifying layouts. They also provide custom form URLs to enhance brand recognition. Furthermore, Formstack allows users to add logos and images to their forms for further customization. They even extend the customization to their Formstack Sign feature, where users can personalize the signing process with custom branding.

Workflow Automation

Wufoo allows users to automate the process of saving form responses as Google Sheets, Zoho Sheets, or Excel spreadsheets and also save form attachments to specific locations. Additionally, Wufoo integrates with Automate.io, enabling users to automate repetitive tasks between Wufoo and other apps. Moreover, Wufoo can be integrated with Flow, a task management solution, enhancing its workflow automation capabilities.

With Formstack’s workflow automation platform tools, teams can streamline their daily work by digitizing processes using online forms, documents, and more. They provide a workflow management solution that allows users to capture data, generate documents, and collect eSignatures. Additionally, their Workflows feature combines an intuitive online form builder with flexible workflow automation tools, simplifying the management of dynamic processes.

wufoo vs formstack

Customer Support

As we draw our comparison of Wufoo vs Formstack to a close, let’s delve into the pivotal aspect of customer support.

Wufoo users can contact their support team via email at any time and expect a response typically within two business days. Additionally, Wufoo offers online resources, including various templates like a CRM Support Ticket, Support Request Form, and Contact Form, to help manage customer queries effectively and efficiently.

Formstack customers can submit a support ticket via the Formstack website or contact their Support Inbox by selecting the “i” icon next to their account. Formstack also provides a Help Center with videos that guide users through best practices for maximizing their use of the Formstack plan. Additionally, Formstack has several customer service templates, including a form that makes it easy for customers to cancel service, request a fix, or update contact information.

Fill: The Best Alternative To Wufoo

While Fill may not be a form-builder like Wufoo, it holds its ground as the next best alternative due to its remarkable features. One key aspect that sets Fill apart from Wufoo is its dedication and compliance with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), ensuring high data privacy and security standards in handling medical information, which may not be the case with Wufoo. It is also worth noting that Fill features countless form templates for PHI, including healthcare transfer, medical record transfer, HIPAA authorization, and many more that help healthcare professionals shorten their patient’s wait times.

In addition, unlike Wufoo, which is web-based, Fill offers dedicated mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms. This ensures that users can access, fill, and sign documents on the go, providing an added layer of convenience.

Most importantly, Fill is more than just a form builder. It excels with its eSignature capabilities and document management features. These allow users to create and fill out forms, sign them digitally, and manage them efficiently. This makes Fill a comprehensive solution for businesses looking for an efficient, secure, and versatile platform for their document management needs.

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