Real Estate Agents Forms: The Benefits of Going Digital

real estate agents forms

Advances in technology have greatly altered the way the real estate industry works. Aspiring property buyers can now search and purchase properties and make real estate transactions online. For real estate agents, contracts and forms for their clients can now be issued and signed entirely electronically.

Hence, going digital is a surefire way to increase real estate professionals’ online presence, boost productivity, and streamline their workflow. In this blog, we’ll discuss the benefits of going digital when dealing with real estate agents forms for every transaction.

Common Forms That Real Estate Agents Use

Real estate agents forms serve as a legally binding agreement between the agent and the client. These guarantees that all parties involved in a real estate transaction understand and accept the terms of the agreement.

There are five common forms that agents use when negotiating with potential homebuyers. These are:

  • Buyer’s agent contract. The buyer’s agent contract is an agreement between a potential home buyer and a real estate agent.
  • Purchase agreement. It spells out the terms and conditions of a real estate transaction between the agent and the property purchaser.
  • Inclusions/exclusions notice. This form comprises a personal property that is either included or excluded in a real estate sale.
  • Title-insurance policy. In case of financial loss involving a defect in a property title, this policy type will protect lenders and homebuyers.
  • Mortgage. An aspiring property owner applying for a mortgage is required to submit a mortgage form for eligibility evaluation.

Challenges When Using Paper-Based Forms In Real Estate

The need to go digital can be attributed partly due to the hassles of using paper-based forms in real estate. These challenges are:

Lack of storage space

It is easy to get lost in a mountain of paper documents. And a lack of storage space will worsen this problem. Without enough storage space, the mountainous paperwork you’re going to cope with each day can easily overwhelm you. You will also have to deal with clutter on your office desk, which is not conducive to productivity.

Labor-intensive processes

Processing paper-based documents could be time-consuming and inefficient. You should always have paper supplies, ink, and other stationery items to stay productive. Paper processes could take hours of manual labor and will likely impede your workflow.

Prone to human error

When manually signing real estate documents, committing errors is highly likely. On a client’s information sheet, for example, it’s unavoidable that there may be typos that will require erasures. This could be as simple as a misspelling of personal information or writing over a line they aren’t supposed to.

In consequence, this will require another paper copy to manually fill up, delaying the transaction and inconveniencing both parties. When contracts and forms are digitized, human errors on paper-based methods can be avoided.

Vulnerable to tampering

Wet signatures are also more vulnerable to alterations. Fraudsters can forge, tamper, and imitate manual signatures without the original signer’s knowledge. This can result in a future legal dispute, which can be costly and stressful.

The Benefits of Transitioning to Digital Real Estate Forms

If you’re still in doubt about going fully digital when it comes to real estate forms, below are the top benefits that you must highly consider:

Enhanced Customer Experience

Joining the digital revolution will improve customer experience on many levels. With online real estate agent forms, your customers can review a document’s contents and sign electronically. Hence, it eliminates the need for a physical meeting that will only otherwise be spent with signing.

Streamlined Workflows

Automation reduces the time it takes to input information into your system. In addition, it improves accuracy by eliminating human error in form-filling. By automating this process for both parties involved, there will be fewer chances for errors or miscommunication. It also means less stress and hassle on both sides.

Improved Efficiency and Productivity

You can save time by doing things faster and getting more done in less time. You can also focus on the most important things to your business. It will allow you to work from any time, anywhere without needing printed documents that take up unnecessary office space.

Increased Security and Compliance

Wet signatures are tamper-prone. This is where digital real estate forms take an edge because they are more secure. With an eSignature solution like Fill, you can ensure that your electronic forms are 100 percent safe from tampering and forgery.

When using eSignatures, it’s also the safer choice as there are more security measures in place. It includes running a verification check for authentication and detecting signature impersonation. The verification process with manual signatures takes more time and is not always accurate.

What is more, eSignature providers like Fill are compliant with HIPAA and GLBA regulations. Therefore, it makes the use of eSignatures legally binding and admissible in court in the event of a legal dispute.

Use Fill To Create And Manage Real Estate Forms Online

Critical to the success of your business is opting for the perfect software to assist you to digitize your business processes. Fill is an industry leader with many years of experience helping clients and businesses achieve customer satisfaction and win more deals.

With Fill, we can help attain your business aspirations with these key features:

Customizable Templates

With an integrated software like Fill, you will be provided with pre-made and customizable templates for real estate transactions. You can customize it to your own liking and use it to create your own unique branding.

HIPAA and GLBA Compliance

Compliance is a top priority in high-level contracts and agreements. Our integrated solution fully complies with all regulations governing the use of eSignatures and its other vital features. This guarantees that your digital documents are legally binding and valid as proof in a court trial.

Highly Secure Cloud-Based Storage

With digitized forms and documents, you won’t have to worry about cabinet space to store them in your office. Fill has a highly secure cloud-based repository to store and archive your most vital real estate documents. You can also generate backup files without buying expensive hardware or worrying about adding clutter to your office.

Binding eSignatures

In real estate, signatures are an indispensable part of every transaction. While some businesses prefer paper-based signatures, it can’t alter the fact that eSignatures are just as binding. In fact, eSignatures are safer to use with all the security features that make it impossible for fraud to succeed.

Fill: A Valuable Tool for Real Estate Agent Online Form

You can never go wrong with Fill: a web and mobile application that produces binding signatures across many industries. Aside from eSignatures, we offer pre-made templates that you can readily use to create contracts and real estate agreements. Fill is the ideal choice to create valid online forms for real estate agents.

Worried about its security and compliance issues? Our integrated solution has top-of-the-line security and encryption measures to maintain data integrity and protect clients’ personal information. Compliance with federal and international laws is also guaranteed with Fill.

Win more clients and seal more real estate deals when you use Fill. Sign up for free today.

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