Our Top 10 Tips to Close Sales Faster

by Andria Pacina
close sales faster

The road to closing sales and deals is sometimes quite long and arduous. As an entrepreneur, you probably know this all too well. You probably have gone through the painstaking process of revising contracts, negotiating the prices, and spending countless hours meeting with potential customers’ needs to close sales. It’s a lot of work, to say the least.

You might be wondering, is there a way to help you close sales faster? How do you get your clients to seal the deal? We will let you in on some of the clever ways you can acquire clients and increase your sales.

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Why can’t you close sales faster?

Before we share with you some of our best tips to close sales faster, let’s examine some of the basic problems a lot of businesses are facing that prevent them from getting deals a lot quicker.

You fail to establish rapport with potential customers

Most of the time, it’s not what you sell but how you sell it that allows you to close deals with clients. One of the most integral things you need to be an effective salesperson is to create a strong and genuine relationship with your customers.

Pitching your products and diving headfirst without getting to know your potential clients can potentially ruin a great proposal. You need to identify their needs and use that information to formulate your approach.

You are still cold-calling clients.

Many businesses, especially those that have been around for a long time, still cold call potential clients. While there might be some success to that, more often than not, you will just end up wasting your time selling products to people who do not really need them.

What you can do instead is generate leads and have them pre-qualified. This way, you will only reach out to those people who are genuinely interested in the product or service you offer. This allows you to close sales faster.

You did not leave a mark.

Effective communication skills and the right amount of confidence are key to helping you close sales faster. You need to be commanding but not pushy. You need to be knowledgeable but would still ask the right engaging questions. It’s always important to establish a great presence when you do your proposal so it will be hard to forget you.

Aside from offering a unique product or service experience to your clients, you also need to leave a lasting impression.

How to close sales faster? Our Top 10 Tips

Now on to our best tips and tricks to help you close sales faster. What do you need to do? How should you deliver your pitch? Let’s find out:

  1. Get to know your clients. As mentioned earlier, it’s always ideal to have a great rapport with your clients beforehand. Figure out their current pain points and use this info to sell what you offer. One of the fastest ways to close deals is to provide solutions to existing or even potential problems. Of course, a personal connection with your clients also gives you a headstart.
  2. Research your competitors. What do your competitors offer than you don’t? More importantly, what do you offer that they don’t? All this information allows you to craft a great sales pitch to set you apart from the competition.
  3. Do not be afraid to get a bit creative. It goes without saying that competition is tough in today’s market. It’s imperative that you have an edge over the others. One way to do that is to add some personal and creative touches to your presentation. There are now tools and software you can use to jazz your pitch a little.
  4. Answer questions and queries confidently and positively. When you do a presentation to your potential clients, chances are they might throw you questions or clarifications regarding your pitch. If they do, it’s a positive thing because it means they’re interested, which is why they want to know more about your company. Keep your answers short and concise. If you prospect clients can see how well-versed you are, you might be able to close sales faster.
  5. Another simple way to close sales faster is to tell them about all the advantages they will reap from using your product or service. Instead of hard-selling what you offer, tell them all about how it can improve how they do things.
  6. Most of the time, your potential customers may want to negotiate pricing and other terms with you. You need to be able to send revised quotations and service agreements in a timely manner. Responding quickly can help you close sales faster.
  7. To be an effective salesperson, you need to always create a sense of urgency to get your potential customers to make a decision regarding your offer ASAP. You can do this by offering a time-limited period discount or providing an extra set of perks and freebies.
  8. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback or follow up on the status of your proposal. You may send them emails every week or give them a call regularly. However, do not overdo this as it might come across as annoying and may negatively impact their decision.
  9. Automate your sales process. While it is given that it usually takes quite a while to close deals, having a streamlined sales process from lead acquisition to drafting and presenting proposals can help speed up the whole thing. It’s important that you sit down with your team to work out an efficient way to do the many tasks involved.
  10. A well-crafted business proposal is a major prerequisite for closing deals faster. Everything that your client may want to know about your business should be included in there so they will have all the information they may need. For this, you can take advantage of the many different proposal tools.

What are other ways to boost your sales?

Closing sales faster is not an easy feat. However, if you equip yourself with the right set of tools, it can certainly be done. One way to help you seal deals a lot quicker and thus boost your sales is to invest in an electronic signature app that lets you sign important documents on the go. This can help you have an impressive response time as well.

Of course, since signing deals and contracts requires a certain level of security for legal purposes, you need to choose a reliable provider of electronic signatures. In this light, trust only Fill for all your electronic signature needs.

Our Final Thoughts

To be an effective salesperson that closes sales faster, you need to have the right skills and tools in your arsenal. Hope this article sheds some light on some of the simple things you can do to acquire more clients.

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