Track Document Audit Trails

See your document’s progress and generate its audit trail with ease.

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Effortlessly monitor documents with real-time audit trails

Gain unparalleled insights into your documents through Fill’s cutting-edge real-time audit trails. Monitor each stage, from the initial send-off to the final signature, ensuring transparency in client interactions and refining your document creation process.

How to get your document's audit trail


Log into your Fill dashboard and locate the document you want to track.



You can track and see the progress under the Activity tab of this document.



Hover over the document and click on the vertical dots to select Download Audit Trail.


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Stay informed every step of the way

Stay informed about your contracts’ progress with detailed audit trails. Identify potential issues or challenges faced by clients, enabling proactive improvements for clearer, more accessible documents.

Ensure compliance with robust security measures.

Maintain 100% compliance with your industry’s laws and regulations, including HIPAA and the E-Sign Act, through Fill’s dedicated security protocols. By offering you a comprehensive record of each file access, including the identity of the individual accessing it, Fill ensures the highest level of security.

Automate contract workflow for faster contract lifecycle
Save a lot of money by using contract management for your business

Improve document management workflow

Identify the causes of bottlenecks and inefficiencies by regularly checking the progress of your documents. Audit trails allow you to see if someone other than the intended signer accesses or alters a document. This awareness will help you take corrective actions.

Collect information on signers behaviour with ease

With Fill’s document analytics, you can collect information on your signer’s behavior with your documents, such as how much time your recipients spent on each page of your documents, the number of times the document was viewed, and if any links were clicked. 

Save a lot of money by using contract management for your business
Save a lot of money by using contract management for your business

Evaluate document performance

Evaluate the performance of your documents based on contracts, forms, legal documents, and other administrative content. You can now use these relevant insights from your signer interactions and document activity to improve your operational workflow.

Stay informed from sent to signed with Fill

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