Wufoo vs. Jotform

Wufoo vs. Jotform

The main difference between Wufoo and Jotform lies in their customization and mobile features. Jotform offers more design customization and mobile apps. On the other hand, Wufoo does not have a dedicated mobile app but still provides a simple basic form-building solution.

Keep reading for an in-depth comparison of Wufoo vs. Jotform.

Comparing Wufoo vs. Jotform


Platforms Supported

Cloud Storage


Custom Branding







Google Workspace, HubSpot, Slack, Zapier, Zoho, DropBox, Salesforce, Mailchimp, and more.


Starts at $14 per month








Google Workspace, HubSpot, Slack, Zapier, Zoho, DropBox, Box, Google Drive, and more.


Starts at $34 per year

Core Functionality

To kick off our detailed comparison of Wufoo vs. Jotform, let’s assess their core functionalities.

Wufoo’s core functionalities include creating and customizing online forms. It also accepts payments and file uploads. Moreover, the platform uses advanced analytics to track form activities and overall performance. It is known for its easy-to-use interface and ability to embed forms on websites and web pages.

On the other hand, Jotform allows users to create customizable forms for various purposes. This includes registrations, applications, orders, and payments. It also offers a mobile app that enables data collection even when offline. Additionally, Jotform has a range of integrations and advanced design customization tools.


Wufoo’s security features include biometric recognition, redundant IP connections, power supplies, and encrypted offsite backups. The platform also provides 256-bit SSL Encryption to protect user data and offers features like password protection and field encryption.

Jotform provides robust security measures. It also uses 256-bit SSL for secure data transfer and also offers data encryption options to users. Furthermore, Jotform has redundant storage across multiple locations for data safety.


While Wufoo provides some safeguards for protecting customer data, it does not meet all the criteria necessary for HIPAA or GDPR compliance.

In contrast, Jotform offers robust compliance features. It’s compliant with PCI DSS Level 1, GDPR, and is HIPAA compliant for handling healthcare-related data.

Customizable Branding

Wufoo allows users to design a custom theme or edit an existing one in the Theme Designer. Users can adjust the logo, background, typography, and borders of their forms without any coding. Users on certain paid plans can also remove Wufoo branding from their forms. This enables users to align the appearance of their forms with their personal or professional brand.

Similarly, Jotform provides customization options that let users design forms to match their brand. With its Form Designer, users can customize form themes, colors, fonts, and more. Jotform also offers an array of pre-made form themes in its Theme Store. Moreover, users can apply their own CSS code for further customization.

Survey Capability

Wufoo offers various templates for online surveys and provides functionalities such as questionnaires and forms. With Wufoo, users can create surveys, gather responses, and analyze the data with built-in reporting tools. It also allows users to integrate with other services like SurveyMonkey and SurveySensum for additional functionalities.

Jotform also has strong survey capabilities. Users can create customized survey forms using a drag-and-drop form builder. Jotform offers a variety of pre-built survey templates, and it also supports different types of survey questions. These include Likert scales and star ratings. Furthermore, it provides data analysis tools and integrates with popular apps to streamline data collection and analysis.

Workflow Automation

Wufoo offers automation for various workflows. Users can automate saving form responses to Google Sheets, Zoho Sheets, or Excel spreadsheets. Wufoo also integrates with several apps to create powerful automated workflows, allowing users to design, build, and automate tasks. These integrations can help streamline processes like marketing automation and lead gen form delivery.

Similarly, Jotform can automate workflows through its “Jotform Approvals” feature. This allows users to design approval flows where form submissions can be automatically sent to other people for review or approval. Jotform also integrates with numerous apps and services, enabling users to automate data transfer and tasks across different platforms.

Customer Support

To conclude our Wufoo vs. Jotform comparison, let’s look into their customer support capabilities.

Wufoo provides customer support via email, and they typically respond within two business days. Additionally, Wufoo has a Help Center. It offers guides on various topics like form building, themes and style, sharing forms & notifications, and more.

Similarly, Jotform provides extensive customer support. They have a comprehensive Help Center with guides, FAQs, and tutorials to help users navigate their platform. Users can also contact Jotform’s support team via their Contact Us page. Moreover, Jotform has a vibrant user community where users can ask questions and share tips.

Wufoo vs. Jotform

Fill: The Best Alternative To Wufoo

While Wufoo offers a solid platform, Fill is a superior alternative to Wufoo due to the former’s compliance, mobile accessibility, and extensive services.

A critical aspect where Fill distinguishes itself is in its adherence to HIPAA and GDPR compliance. This ensures that all user data is handled with utmost security and confidentiality. While Wufoo has its security measures, it may not meet the stringent requirements of HIPAA and GDPR.

Another strong point in Fill’s favor is its dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. Unlike Wufoo, which is only accessible via web browsers, Fill’s mobile apps give users a better solution to handle documents anytime, anywhere.

But where Fill truly shines is in its extensive services. It offers features like eSignatures and a mobile document scanner. These allow businesses to streamline workflows and transform Fill into a comprehensive document management solution.

Experience secure and seamless document management with Fill. Sign up for a free trial today.

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