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With 256-bit encryption for strong security and adoption of the Electronic Comms Act and the e-sign act, all your legal paperwork can be handled on Fill. 

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Your activities on Fill are private and undisclosed

Fill does not monitor the content of correspondence or documents conducted through the platform nor does Fill have any knowledge of such content. Fill does not make the content of the documents available to any third party other than the recipient unless required to do so by law.

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Fill provides a HIPAA compliant electronic signature

All your health-related documents signed with Fill’s secure electronic signature are private and undisclosed. None of your health-related information is monitored, nor are they disclosed to any third party.


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All your documents on Fill are legally binding

Fill adopts the USA Uniform Electronic Transactions Act that has been around since 1999 and the UK Electronic Comms Act and the e-sign act which has supported electronic signatures since 2000.


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Fill is GLBA compliant

You can sign documents containing financial information on Fill with absolute rest of mind. Fill will never disclose any of your financial information to third parties, nor will Fill monitor the contents of your financial documents.


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Fill is highly secure with 256-bit encryption

Fill uses military-grade 256-bit encryption to keep all your documents completely secure.


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Frequently Asked Questions

An electronic signature can protect your signed documents in ways that a conventional handwritten signature can’t. It can safeguard your most sensitive data against forgers, counterfeiters, and other forms of cyber threats. With an electronic signature, you can feel at ease knowing that it’ll be difficult for malicious people to snoop into your private information.

With Fill, the HIPAA-compliant electronic signature you’ve created can also help preserve your document’s integrity. Every time you sign a contract or legal agreement, Fill will automatically issue a digital certificate that validates your identity. The primary purpose of a digital certificate is to identify whether the signature used is authentic. It should also include details that could help validate the identity of the signer (e.g., full name, email address, IP address, etc.). If that’s not enough, you can also view the audit trail to keep track of anyone who accessed and made changes to your agreement or contract.

Another way to check whether your signed form or contract is void or legally binding is by looking into its unique hash code. Every signed document should bear a unique string of characters called a hash. Even the slightest change in the hash could indicate that the document has been altered, deeming the signature invalid and unenforceable.

Here at Fill, all your personal and private data is encrypted using the highest level of encryption. Using 256-bit security, we encrypt your information to prevent any loss, misuse, or abuse. On top of this, our online document signing platform has also complied with the requirements for esign compliance, helping you avoid the costly esign penalties. 

With Fill, you can easily protect your data from any form of unauthorized viewing or access. Also, we do not share any identifiable or protected information (such as your name or email address) with third parties unless otherwise required by state or federal law.

With our mobile-friendly platform, you can enjoy unlimited uploads and have your encrypted data stored securely in the cloud. You also have complete control over your documents, allowing you to restrict access and create backups according to your preference. We also make it easier for you to share documents and collaborate with team members while maintaining personal privacy.

When using our service, note that we may ask for your personal information to troubleshoot problems and address technical issues. Most importantly, our service is committed to protecting and securing your data in compliance with various industry and privacy standards, including GDPR, GLBA, and HIPAA.

You may head over to our privacy policy to learn more about how we collect and handle your private information.

Electronic signatures, also known as e-signatures, are legally acceptable in most countries, including the US, Europe, and Canada. In the United States, a federal law known as the ESIGN Act ensures the proper regulation and acceptance of e-signatures, granting that all parties have agreed to do so. Meanwhile, the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) further establishes its legality by honoring the validity of electronically signed agreements and contracts.

With Fill, you can use your GLBA and HIPAA-compliant e-signature for executing documents that hold legal value, such as sales agreements and unilateral contracts. You can also use our e-signature platform to fill out and sign forms for healthcare and insurance.

Since creating a signature using Fill meets the esign compliance, you can depend on us to help accomplish your document signing requirements. You can also trust us to uphold the highest standards of signature security, so you can focus on executing documents and getting them signed on time.

So the next time you wonder whether e-signatures are legally binding, the answer is a clear “yes.” Your HIPAA-compliant e-signature is as legally binding as your manually-signed signatures. Also, compared to wet signatures, electronic signatures can offer more security and convenience. With tools like Fill, you can sign documents from anywhere, using only your laptop or mobile phone.

Proper document management should go beyond organization and storage. Your document management software should also have what it takes to mitigate risks and minimize errors. With Fill, your files aren’t only encrypted with the highest level of encryption. You can also manage them efficiently with the help of digital archiving and document automation. You can free yourself from doing menial tasks and focus more on things that lead to desirable and productive results.

With our intuitive document filling feature, you can use your time wisely and maximize your efforts. Save time filling out forms by automatically populating fields with your previously typed information. You can also minimize the risks of errors due to typos and inaccurate data entries.

On top of this, Fill also supports integration, allowing you to connect it to your existing document management software or business platform. Instead of managing documents using multiple software, you can streamline your workflows and manage all your documents in just one platform. Not only does this help improve your level of productivity, but it also serves as a cost-effective solution, especially if you’re looking into reducing your operating costs.

Thus, using Fill is not just for maintaining signature security and esign compliance. You can also depend on it to streamline your document management.

Many people hesitate to use electronic signatures and sign documents online because they are concerned about the legality of digitally signed documents. They often ask, is it legally accepted?

The short answer is yes. Documents signed using e-signature are just about as legally binding as signing physical copies. In fact, in the year 2000, a federal law was passed to promote the widespread use of electronic signatures and records.

The Electronic Signature Act, commonly known as E-Sign Act, provides legal recognition and enforcement of e-signatures. It also put in place official standards for their uses. E-Sign Act covers all types of contracts and agreements.

According to the Act, an electronic signature must be affixed to the document for a document to be considered legally binding. The signer must also consent to the use of an electronic signature.

The E-Sign has paved the way for a more digital setup for many businesses and organizations. This made the use of electronic signatures more accessible and caused the rise of online signature platforms to help simplify the process. As a result, businesses have seen a vast improvement in how they manage their documents. Document signing turnaround time has also gotten better as people now have the option to sign documents online.

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