ShareFile vs DocuSign

Share File is a cloud-based file-sharing and storage service for businesses, while DocuSign focuses on transactions involving document sharing, eSignatures, data collection, and payment collection upon agreement.

Comparing DocuSign and ShareFile

User Interface and Ease of Use Audit Trails and Reporting Scalability Compliance Standards Cost
ShareFile ShareFile is praised for its user-friendly interface and efficient, secure file-sharing capabilities. Offers detailed, customizable reporting with features like file integrity checks and encryption Complies with HIPAA, GDPR, FINRA, and more From $10 per user each month
 DocuSign Features a user-friendly interface, enabling quick document management and signing processes Ensures secure, transparent document transactions with detailed activity histories and robust, real-time reporting for all account activities Complies with HIPAA, GDPR, eIDAS, and more From $10 per month
ShareFile vs DocuSign

ShareFile vs DocuSign: Feature Analysis

ShareFile vs DocuSign

Are Sharefile and Docusign safe?

ShareFile uses strong encryption for data, both while being transferred and stored. Specifically, it uses 256-bit AES encryption, meaning your data is well-protected by a solid security process. ShareFile also uses multiple authentication steps and firewall protection.

DocuSign also uses robust security measures, like AES 256-bit encryption, to protect your digital paperwork and files. It allows your business to use your documents while maintaining their privacy safely. DocuSign follows consistent data protection procedures to uphold this security.

Furthermore, DocuSign safeguards your business data using automatic and clear encrypted backups. This approach guarantees the density of your documents stays intact and prevents unintentional data loss.

What collaboration tools are present on ShareFile and Docusign?

ShareFile makes collaboration easy. You can edit documents, share files, give feedback, and seek approvals in one spot. Plus, it smoothly integrates with tools like Microsoft Office 365, which you may already use.

As an alternative to ShareFile, DocuSign is primarily an eSignature and approval document workflow tool. It allows you to send documents for signatures to multiple individuals, arrange a signing sequence, and even auto-generate reminders for pending signatures. Although these features are not available, it doesn’t provide broader cooperation tools such as co-editing or file sharing as ShareFile does.

ShareFile vs DocuSign
ShareFile vs DocuSign

What are their compliance standards?

As an alternative to DocuSign, ShareFile meets the compliance needs of various sectors. It adheres to HIPAA, GDPR, and FINRA standards and can work with other cloud storage platforms like OneDrive and Dropbox. Also, ShareFile provides excellent encryption to protect your data, whether at rest or in transit.

DocuSign follows regulations and works non-stop to keep up with any changes. Similar to ShareFile, DocuSign meets HIPAA and GDPR requirements. Plus, it follows eIDAS, proving it abides by the EU legislation about digital transactions.

What integrations are present on ShareFile and Docusign?

As a DocuSign alternative, ShareFile is known for its seamless integration with your current work environment. It effortlessly connects with popular platforms such as Microsoft Outlook and Office 365.

DocuSign also provides comprehensive integration options. It can efficiently work with critical applications like Salesforce, Google Suite, and Microsoft Dynamics.

In the end, choosing between ShareFile vs DocuSign comes down to thoroughly examining which service integrates with your workflow apps. 

ShareFile vs DocuSign
ShareFile vs DocuSign

What are their available plans and their cost?

ShareFile offers four different plans to meet various business requirements. The Standard plan, aimed at simple document storage and sharing, costs $10 per user monthly. However, it demands a minimum of three users.

If you need more features for your business, the Advanced plan offers them for $16 per user monthly. It includes better security options and tools for teamwork.

At $25 per user a month, the Premium plan has all the e-signature features. Both plans require at least three users.

You can opt for the Virtual Data Room plan if you need top-notch security for sharing and collaborating on documents. It costs $67.50 per user monthly and requires at least five users. Every plan adds more features to choose what suits your business size and needs.

DocuSign offers different price plans to suit everyone, from single users to big companies. Their Personal e-signature plan starts at $10 a month and gives you up to five envelopes monthly.

If you’re a business, the Standard Plan costs $25 monthly for each user with a yearly plan. It includes unlimited document sending, shared templates, and the ability to customize your brand.

The Business Pro Plan is $40 a month for each user on a yearly plan. It features extra abilities like sending documents in bulk and requesting document attachments.

Does ShareFile and Docusign provide mobile access and apps data sovereignty?

ShareFile offers a great mobile experience with its apps, which are available for both iOS and Android. You can access your files safely and securely from almost any device. Plus, ShareFile does a great job with app data sovereignty. They keep your app data in your preferred region, ensuring it’s under the proper legal control.

DocuSign also has a robust presence on mobile platforms. They emphasize the ability to access and sign documents from any gadget. Their approach to data sovereignty meets strict worldwide compliance standards. It ensures that user data within the app is stored in data centers following the legal requirements of the specific region.

ShareFile vs DocuSign
ShareFile vs DocuSign

Are audit trails and reporting present?

ShareFile gives users detailed records of all file activities. It tracks every upload, download, share, and edit, providing a thorough history. This comprehensive tracking guarantees the safe management of your sensitive data. ShareFile also offers powerful tools for businesses to monitor how their storage is used. It offers a smooth upgrade path for growing businesses, providing rule-based management and strong links with existing systems.

DocuSign, on the other hand, excels in safeguarding your business deals. It creates a distinct audit trail for each document processed, making it simple to track its history. The track record details when and who looked at the document and the timing of the signatures. DocuSign’s adaptable reporting system lets companies monitor user habits and closely examine performance.

Which solution has a better user interface and is easy to use?

ShareFile stands out for its simplicity and user-friendly interface. Its straightforward and uncluttered design avoids overwhelming you with options, making it extremely easy to navigate the platform.

On the other hand, DocuSign primarily emphasizes functionality and workflow. Although its interface may appear somewhat complicated initially, you’ll get the hang of it as you explore the platform.

When comparing ShareFile vs DocuSign regarding user-friendly interfaces, both have advantages and cater to different usage styles. It depends on whether you prefer straightforwardness or extensive features.

ShareFile vs DocuSign

Fill: An Excellent Alternative to ShareFile

Fill has a host of standout features that could outshine ShareFile’s capabilities.

Unlimited eSignatures

Handle numerous documents needing signing by sending as many eSignature requests as needed. 


Extensive Integrations

Work with over 6000 apps, including well-known ones like Hubspot and Zapier.


Document Automation

Develop adaptable documents that change according to given requirements to simplify workflows.

Over 1 million satisfied users.

With an average of 4.6 and 4.9-star ratings on Google Play and Apple App Stores, Fill is the best electronic signature platform for individuals and businesses. It’s an eSignature solution trusted by millions of users.

Sarah I. Manager Banking
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The software is very easy to use and fill out all required fields.
Candace P.Teacher
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The NEXT feature was helpful. The fonts were large and easy to read.
Troy T.Director of Operations Hope Center Emergency Shelter
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very easy 2 fill and complete seems to be a nice product despite this force review
Enrique J.Owner Real Estate
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Simple format easy to place information once figured out how to use spaces instead of tabs
Marie L.Owner Real Estate
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Product is simple and easy for an employee to use.
Small business
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The most helpful part is i can easily manage track and esign documents.

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