5 Most Secure Sign Software for Modern Businesses

Secure Sign Software
Remote and hybrid workplaces are the new norm in today’s modern business landscape. Businesses rely on digital communication methods such as digital signing to support this workplace setup. However, you can’t just affix a signature to a digital document without verifying its security. Choosing secure sign software ensures digital signatures are valid and your data is protected.

Top Options for Secure Sign Software


Secure Sign Software

DigiCert offers flexible solutions for digital documents so you can choose from various digital signing options suited to the confidentiality of your documents. You can use the standard eSignatures or choose electronic seals to certify a document’s origin and authenticity.

You can also opt for a digitally signed time and date stamp or increase security with remote identity verification. DigiCert integrates with other Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC) enabled applications such as Adobe, DocuSign, and Ascertia.


Real estate companies can say goodbye to paper documents and enjoy a more efficient process with MRI’s secure signature software. It’s built specifically for handling real estate documents like lease agreements, sales contracts, property management agreements, and more. 

Aside from electronic signing, you can also manage all signed documents in a central database so you have easy access to signed contracts when you need them. It also integrates with your existing tech so you can manage all your transactions in one place, leading to a more efficient workflow.


Secure Sign Software

OneFlow offers several electronic signing methods to choose from. Their default signature setting, which is the most commonly used form of electronic signature, lets recipients sign with a simple button click. For added security, you can opt for electronic identification, which involves enabling electronic IDs. 

OneFlow also offers SMS verification, where the recipient will get a 6-digit code that they’ll use to verify their identity. If you prefer a handwritten signature, you can also enable this feature so recipients are required to provide one directly on the device they’re using. 

Secured Signing

Secured Signing ensures your documents are protected and signatures are tamper-proof with its innovative features like video confirmation and ID verification. It also has a remote digital notary platform, which allows you to have documents notarized using digital signing and eSeal.

It seamlessly integrates with various tools that a modern business uses daily. They are also compliant with various regulations, ensuring you get a legally binding and executable document. 


Secure Sign Software

Fill provides a secure and fully compliant electronic signature software so you can securely sign online documents using advanced security measures. It’s built on an encrypted platform that meets the highest security standards, so your data is practically impregnable. This is the same security standard government organizations use to protect classified information. 

Fill also complies with federal and international regulations like HIPAA, GLBA, and GDPR. For HIPAA, you can get a signed BAA (Business Associate Agreement) that guarantees Fill’s commitment to security and privacy. 

You can also verify the identity of your signer with Fill’s signer verification feature. It allows you to run ID checks to prevent unauthorized access, especially to highly sensitive medical forms, high-level contracts, and legal documents. You don’t need lengthy paperwork because you can trust Fill’s cutting-edge face recognition technology and also conduct digital certificate and electronic signature authentication. 

Understanding the Importance of Secure Sign Software

Digital signatures eliminate the traditional back-and-forth of documents or the scheduled in-person meetings just to obtain signatures. It provides a time-saving and more efficient approval process for important documents.

However, signing documents online isn’t the same as signing them on paper. You must be able to verify the signer’s identity and ensure the signature isn’t a forgery. It’s also important to protect the document from alterations after it’s signed. Secure sign software utilizes the latest security protocols, such as encryption algorithms to address these concerns. 

Using advanced algorithms, digital signature solutions provide a unique certificate that validates the document’s contents and the signer’s identity. This ensures that digitally signed documents are legally binding and lawfully compliant.

Essential Features of Secure Sign Software

Digital signatures rely on advanced security methods to ensure their validity and protect the data of the associated documents. Secure signature solutions have the following basic features:

Encryption algorithms

Secure sign applications use various encryption algorithms to ensure digital signatures can’t be tampered with. These algorithms are the backbone of the application’s security features. When considering a solution, check if they’re using the latest and strongest encryption methods. The more complex the algorithm is, the harder it will be to break them. It’s also important that these encryption algorithms are regularly updated with the latest standards to maintain the software’s security.

Hash functions

For added protection, secure signature software relies on hash functions to protect a document from tampering. Each document is given a unique hash value that’s encrypted with the signer’s private key. Only the recipient’s public key can decrypt the hash value, verifying the signature’s authenticity. It’s vital to choose a secure signs solution with a difficult and complex hash function.

Public and private keys

Another security feature that should be present in secure sign solutions is public and private keys. The signer uses a private key to encrypt their signature, while the recipient uses a public key to decrypt it. These keys prove the authenticity of the digital signature and are generated using a mathematical algorithm. The longer and more complex the keys are, the stronger they become.

Multi-factor authentication

Even before you can access the system, secure sign software uses multi-factor authentication to ensure you’re an authorized user. This verification method offers an added layer of security, preventing unauthorized individuals from accessing the document in the first place.

Sign Online Documents Securely with Fill

Say goodbye to inefficient and unsecured digital signing processes. Fill offers you HIPAA-compliant electronic signatures so you’re assured that your documents are safe from unauthorized access and data breaches. Start a free trial with Fill today.
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