Electronic Signature Verification

Verify signatures with confidence and ensure the authenticity of important documents.

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Integrate identity-proofing Into Your Document Workflow

Ensure proper client identification. Seamlessly run ID verification checks and prevent unauthorized access to high-level contracts. Build trust and confidence by making signer identity verification an integral part of your contract management and operational workflows.

Support Regulatory Compliance

Protect the integrity of your business. Stay compliant with AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations while avoiding costly fines and other worst-case scenarios.

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Document Security

Carry out authorized document processes and ensure that your signers are who they claim to be. Quickly run verification checks to spot fake signatures and fake IDs.

Verified Electronic Signature

Our advanced algorithms analyze signature patterns and characteristics to deliver highly accurate verification results. Say goodbye to the uncertainty of manual verification and rely on our trusted system.

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Streamlined Transactions

Save time and effort with our lightning-fast verification process. Within seconds, you’ll receive results, allowing you to move forward with your business transactions without delays.

Electronic Signature Verification Process

Enable Signer Verification

Enable signer verification upon sending a signature request. Before receiving the actual document, the signer must confirm their identity by providing their ID, photo, and other supplementary requirements.

Signer Confirms Identity

The signer completes the verification process. Our automated system will instantly determine whether the document submitted is genuine or fake.

Verification Complete

Our app will then ask the signer to take a scan of their face to make sure they are who they claim to be. Once confirmed, the verified signer can automatically proceed and fulfill the signature request.

Signature Verification Technology

ID and eID Verification

The signer uploads a photo of their government-issued ID (or eID) and takes a selfie. Our app will then extract the biometric data from the selfie and compares it with the details shown in the ID.

Document Authenticity

Fill provides another level of security by automatically checking whether the security features integrated into the document are genuine or authentic.

Face Match

Our app uses advanced facial recognition technology to compare and contrast the features between the face images provided in the ID and the selfie.

Liveness Detection

Conduct liveness checks using biometric-based identity verification. Steer clear from common document vulnerabilities while preventing spoofing and deepfake phishing attacks.

Digital Certificates

Quickly verify the authenticity of digital certificates and see if they come from trusted CAs (certificate authorities) like DigiCert and IdenTrust. Secure your electronic agreements with digital signatures that comply with the PKI standards.

Extraction & Recognition

Using OCR technology, Fill automatically converts scanned data into text while eliminating the need for manual data entry and extraction. It also simplifies identity verification by using machine-readable text to validate customer information.

Fill Signer Identity Verification Use Cases

An application for desktop, tablet and mobile

Frequently Asked Questions

Verifying a signer’s identity is easy with Fill’s signer identity verification. With our eSignature platform, you can seamlessly integrate identity-proofing into your document signing process and contract workflows. All you need is to toggle the identity verification switch and enable it before sending a signature request. The signer will then receive a notice to confirm their identity through ID verification, selfie, and 3D liveness checks. After doing so, that’s the time the app grants access to the restricted document so the signer can successfully fulfill the signature request.

Signer verification is a must to secure document transactions and contract processes. It adds another layer of security, preventing anyone from carrying out unauthorized actions that could lead to costly damages and serious violations. By validating a signer’s identity, you can mitigate the risks caused by fraudulent activities. You can also build and maintain customer trust, which is a must for boosting your business reputation.

With Fill, signers can verify their identities via in-app verification by providing legally issued documents from more than 200 countries, including the UK, US, and Canada.

These documents include:

  • Passports
  • Driving licenses
  • National ID cards
  • Government-issued photo IDs and eIDs
  • UK citizen cards
  • State IDs
  • School IDs (with your full name, birth date, and photo)
  • Medical IDs (with your full name, birth date, and photo)
  • Young Scot card
  • Temporary residence cards
  • Green cards

For more details regarding our list of accepted documents, you may contact our support team via email, phone, or live chat.

Proving a signer's identity has never been this easy

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