5 Best Document Capture Software In 2024

document capture software

Every day we’re moving away from a paper-fueled society to a digital one. Document capture solutions help us preserve information in digital form so we can easily access it in the future. It also eliminates manual errors so we always have accurate information at our fingertips.

Check out the following tools designed for maximum productivity.

Introduction to Document Capture Software

Scanning a document is the first step towards building a robust electronic document management systems. An EDMS is like a digital filing cabinet, where you can organize and store information for easy access later. 

To ensure these files contain accurate information, you need the latest document capture technologies. This includes optical character recognition (OCR), which can extract text from a scanned document so you can use it in search.  Another example is AI-scanning features, which can automatically identify metadata and populate another digital system. 

The most basic functionality that all these software share is a camera that can capture document content using point-and-shoot. After scanning the document, it can be converted to a PDF, JPG, or any other file format.

However, the best ones will take their service a notch further by offering ways to store and organize documents and share them with authorized persons. They will also incorporate the advanced technologies mentioned above.

document capture software

Top Document Capture Software of 2024

1. Fill

You’d never know when you need to scan a document, so your mobile phone is the best document capture system you can get. Fill gives you a portable document scanner that can turn any printed document into a fillable PDF. It provides high-quality scans with clear and readable texts whose pages you can reorder as necessary. 

It also has a seamless document management system where you can securely and automatically upload, store, and manage your documents. Everything is done on the cloud, which ensures your documents are available anytime, anywhere. You can also share it with others using link-sharing and permissions-based access controls. 

Furthermore, Fill gives you the ability to create online forms using intuitive drag-and-drop features. You can also use its electronic signing capabilities to capture eSignatures for important documents like contracts and forms. 

2. DocuPhase

Finance workflows often require teams to capture data from multiple paper documents like invoices and receipts. DocuPhase recognizes this and built a document capturing software to help finance teams automate their workflows. 

DocuPhase lets you create pre-set tags so you can easily index scans and use OCR technology to intelligently search through these scanned documents. You can also collaborate with team members 24/7 using secured cloud-hosted access.

3. Laserfiche

Laserfiche helps you start your journey toward digital transformation by giving you AI-capture tools that can process high volumes of content, extract data, and organize them automatically. It has bulk import tools so you can classify metadata on various types of incoming content. 

Just like any mobile scanner, you point your camera to capture the document. It will scan the entire document and identify relevant pre-set fields. Since it harnesses the power of AI, you can reduce the risk of manual errors and save time on this manual task.

4. Datamolino

Datamolino is built to capture data bookkeepers need from financial documents like bills, receipts, and bank statements. It eliminates manual data entry and tedious invoice processing since information scanned from these documents is automatically transferred to pre-coded fields.

5. Tungsten Transact

Tungsten offers document capture services for enterprises in a wide range of industries like finance, government, education, and insurance. It can also scan handwritten documents and extract relevant information.

Key Features to Look for in Document Capture Software

The best document capturing software must have the following key features:

Full-text search 

When you scan a document, it’s usually because you want to access the information at a future date. A good tool should allow you to search the entire document using keywords so you can easily retrieve important information. 

Access permissions

Security is a major concern for storing online information, including scanned data. The software must have different permission levels so you can control access to important files. This helps prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information which can lead to data breaches.

Easy collaboration

One of the main purposes of document scanning is to ensure seamless collaboration among remote teams. Look for a tool that can easily share files internally or externally. This ensures that intended users can access the information contained in the document.

Document archive

Choose a software that includes a central repository to archive scanned data for future reference. You’d never know when you need the information so it’s best to have a capable storage option. Version controls are also a plus since you can see the changes to a document. This also removes your dependence on keeping physical copies of the scanned document.

document capture software

How Document Capture Software Can Streamline Your Business Processes

Document capture services are designed to meet the increasing demand of a mobile workforce. As offices adapt hybrid work systems, it’s crucial to build a workflow that accommodates both physical and remote working environments. Here’s how these services can help:

  • Save precious time across the document lifecycle by cutting the effort involved in document capture, storage, and retrieval
  • Increase security by maintaining a central document repository
    Reduce the room for manual error since paper documents are easily misplaced or lost
  • Automate workflows especially for ERP management, finance, and marketing
  • Gain better control of document versions with an in-built version control system which helps you understand what changes were made in the past
  • Facilitate seamless collaboration across employees without having them leave their desks
  • Ensure a smoother and faster approval process since documents can be shared via email

Digitize Your Documents with Fill

Scan documents with ease using Fill’s intuitive document scanner. With your mobile phone, you can easily capture information from receipts, forms, and other paper documents. You can transform these files into a digital format and store them in a central storage for easy access. 

Check out Fill today and enjoy the benefits of a fully digital workforce.

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