Linksquares vs Evisort

LinkSquares serves as an AI-powered contract lifecycle management platform for end-to-end users. Meanwhile, Evisort provides contract management and AI tech for sales, legal, and other teams.

Evisort and LinkSquares comparison

eSignature Customizable Branding Bulk Signing Version Control and History
LinkSquares Yes No Yes Yes
Evisort No Yes No No
Linksquares vs Evisort

Linksquares vs Evisort : Feature Deep-Dive

Linksquares vs Evisort

Comparing Linksquares and Evisort for contract lifecycle management

LinkSquares has a Clause Library with automated approval workflows. Through this, you can create your contracts faster. It also provides you with secure self-service drafting.

This platform also provides visibility across every contract. Pre-signature and post-signature contracts get stored in the platform, so you have instant visibility.

Evisort, on the other hand, has AI-powered contract management software that you can train. Through this feature, you can identify key clauses and metadata for accurate analysis. There are legal-approved templates that have been built from stored clauses.

One neat feature of Evisort is that it allows users to search historical contracts and reference them. This lets you understand precedents and obligations in your contracts.

Evisort does not have inbuilt eSignature capabilities

When it comes to its eSignature features, LinkSquares is a suitable Evisort alternative. This is because LinkSquares has an eSignature tool called LinkSquares Sign. This tool is built into its platform, so you don’t have to exit the app to sign a contract.

Since LinkSquares complies with the UETA, eIDAS, and ESIGN regulations, each action gets stored for auditing. LinkSquares Sign also allows users to sign agreements faster with just a few clicks. There’s also the real-time Signature Request Tracking feature so you can keep track of Out for Signature agreements.

Even though it has a built-in LinkSquares Sign tool, LinkSquares can integrate with other eSignature tools. This way, you have more options to choose from.

Unfortunately, Evisort doesn’t have its eSignature tool. Instead, it offers eSignature integration with Adobe Sign and DocuSign. Once you need a document signed, you must switch between apps to complete the action.

Linksquares vs Evisort
Linksquares vs Evisort

Comparing Linksquares vs Evisort for document storage

LinkSquares is also at an advantage in this Evisort vs. LinkSquares comparison guide in terms of its document storage feature. When you add a contract to LinkSquares, it’s as simple as dragging and dropping the file. The platform also integrates with popular file-sharing apps like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box, to name a few.

It also offers the LinkSquares Analyze feature, which automatically sends final agreements into a central repository. As a result, all of your contracts can easily be managed.

Evisort comes with cloud storage integrations, too. You can automatically synchronize your files and folders between these apps. The platform also lets you assign user roles so that platform and capability access can be determined.

Linksquares has better contract repository features than Evisort

This is one of the biggest features of LinkSquares since it comes with an AI-powered tool for organization, administration, and insight. The AI tool can extract over 100 Smart Values, which are specific dates, terms, and clauses from contracts. This way, you can eliminate the nitty-gritty process of looking through your contracts manually.

This repository also gives users full visibility and access to their legal commitments through a real-time dashboard. Contracts are automatically named and labeled by the AI based on the information inside.

An alternative to LinkSquares’ contract repository is Evisort, which offers two-way syncing. You can easily reference and search contracts to look at precedents and obligations. Since it also comes with an AI-powered tool, each contract you have is searchable with optical character recognition (OCR).

There’s also a real-time dashboard with full visibility into your legal commitments. You can easily share executive-ready reports with business stakeholders without manually doing them.

Linksquares vs Evisort
Linksquares vs Evisort

Evisort does not offer bulk signing

A key feature that makes LinkSquares a suitable alternative to Evisort is its bulk signing feature. This is because Evisort does not offer this feature.

Ever since LinkSquares updated its platform in 2023, it gave you the ability to make bulk signature requests via LinkSquares Sign. By making this feature available, you can streamline the signature process and save time.

Comparing their history and version control features

LinkSquares has a Finalize feature that gives its users the ability to track each contract. This feature uses AI-driven insights to simplify each step of the contract lifecycle. It is also because of its AI tool that you can save time looking for specific contract versions and history.

Evisort is not a LinkSquares alternative for this feature since its version control and history are not as comprehensive.

Linksquares vs Evisort

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