SpiderOak vs. Sync

The main difference between SpiderOak and Sync lies in their collaborative features. SpiderOak’s ‘ShareRoom’ function allows you to share items like documents and photos through private URLs; however, it doesn’t support live collaboration or document editing. On the other hand, Sync offers secure file sharing and real-time document editing features that are similar to Google Docs.

SpiderOak vs. Sync

Reliability and Uptime Backup and Recovery Compliance Standards Cost
SpiderOak Ensures high reliability and uptime with SAS 70 Type II compliant, Tier 3 data centers featuring N+1 redundancy, 24/7 staffing, and a focus on security through zero-trust encryption Secure, privacy-focused online backup with features for file syncing and sharing, though it lacks mobile, image-based backups and is costlier compared to competitors Complies with GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA From $11 a month for40GB
Sync Ensures data reliability and uptime through hardware redundancy, regional data replication, network redundancy, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee Provides comprehensive backup and recovery solutions, with Syncback providing detailed data backup, scheduling, and restoration options Complies with PIPEDA and supports adherence to GDPR and CCPA From $8 CAD a month for 2 TB
SpiderOak vs Sync

SpiderOak vs Sync: Comprehensive Feature Overview

SpiderOak vs Sync

Collaboration Tools

SpiderOak’s One Backup service features a “ShareRoom” function. This lets you share items like documents and photos through private URLs, which can be shared with anyone. However, it’s important to note that it doesn’t support live collaboration or document editing. 

Sync, on the other hand, offers more than just secure file sharing. It also provides a real-time document editing feature similar to Google Docs. You and your team can work on a document together, with all changes automatically saved and synced. It’s a feature that encourages efficiency and teamwork, giving Sync a competitive edge in the Sync vs SpiderOak comparison.

Backup and Recovery

As a Sync alternative, SpiderOak puts a lot of emphasis on backup and recovery. They use a ‘No Knowledge’ system, meaning that not even SpiderOak can access your backed-up information. You’re the only one with the keys to your virtual storage. If you forget your password, SpiderOak can’t help you recover your information. Your information is private and safe, but this means you’re entirely responsible for it.

Turning to Sync, it boasts an upper hand with its immediate backup functionality and version history. As you modify a file, Sync instantly backs it up. In addition, it logs the file versions for a month. It implies that you can effortlessly restore a previous version if you mistakenly delete or alter a file. Yet, just like SpiderOak, Sync also lacks password recovery, ensuring identical data privacy.

SpiderOak vs Sync
SpiderOak vs Sync

Compliance Standards

When comparing SpiderOak vs. Sync, looking at how each platform manages compliance standards is essential, especially when the safe handling of sensitive data is required.

SpiderOak is keen on meeting various regulations and standards like GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA. It shows that SpiderOak values data privacy and strives to secure your information.

Similarly, Sync also prioritizes data security. Like SpiderOak, Sync provides end-to-end encryption to protect your data from possible risks. It complies with PIPEDA and supports adherence to GDPR and CCPA guidelines. It assures you that your data is secure.

Integration with Existing Systems

As an alternative to Sync, SpiderOak works well with many operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux. Its flexible design lets users access their stored files on different systems easily. If your team uses Linux for servers and Windows for desktops, SpiderOak can sync up to these varied requirements effortlessly.

Sync works well with popular operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. It’s like using a local hard drive, which makes things easier for users who like familiar interfaces. Team members can easily make, change, and open files through the simple Sync WebClient, built into browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Edge.

SpiderOak vs Sync
SpiderOak vs Sync


If you’re looking for a dependable backup solution, SpiderOak offers a range of subscription plans to suit everyone. The pricing begins at $6 a month for 150 GB storage. If you need more storage, there are options:

  • 400 GB at $11 a month
  • 2 TB at $14 a month
  • 5 TB plan at $29 a month

If you opt for yearly payments, you can save some money. All plans come with the benefit of unlimited device usage. It shows that SpiderOak provides secure and adaptable data management across various platforms.

As an alternative to SpiderOak, Sync has a free plan with 5 GB of storage for individuals. Alternatively, you can get more with the Solo Basic and Solo Professional plans for $8 CAD or $20 CAD each month, respectively.

You can opt for the Teams Standard plan if you’re part of a team. It costs $6 CAD per user monthly and provides 1 TB of storage. Alternatively, you can choose the Teams+ Unlimited plan at $15 CAD per user monthly, offering unlimited storage.

Sync also offers tailored options for bigger organizations. All their packages prioritize security – they use end-to-end encryption and meet privacy standards. Plus, Sync gives you a 30-day guarantee to refund your money if you’re not satisfied with their premium services.

User Interface and Ease of Use

Discussing SpiderOak vs. Sync, we need to look at how easy each service is to use. It can significantly affect your work, making your cloud storage experience exceptional or unremarkable.

First, let’s talk about SpiderOak. While it is a dependable cloud storage solution, it might not be the easiest for beginners due to its many features. It can make the interface feel a bit overwhelming at first. However, after you spend some time learning the ropes, you’ll start to appreciate its powerful capabilities. Many users feel that the initial learning period is a worthy investment.

In contrast, Sync focuses on being user-friendly. It has a straightforward, tidy design that’s easy to use for beginners and experienced users alike. Everything is well arranged, making navigation quick and smooth. Despite its simplicity indicating fewer features, Sync doesn’t hold back on core capabilities.

SpiderOak vs Sync
SpiderOak vs Sync

Mobile Access and Apps Data Sovereignty

If we look at SpiderOak vs. Sync, various vital differences become apparent. These differences particularly stand out when accessing your content using mobile devices. Furthermore, when we address the issue of data rights, there is a notable contrast between the two.

Both services provide mobile apps for iOS and Android. It means you can access your files anytime and anywhere, whether on a phone or a tablet.

SpiderOak values your privacy. They use a ‘No Knowledge’ policy, meaning they know nothing about your files or encryption keys. So, even when your data is on their servers, only you can access it.

Sync concentrates on sticking to data sovereignty rules. It means they promise to keep your data in your chosen country. They are an excellent fit for those who need to strictly control where their data is located.

Customization and Branding

SpiderOak offers plenty of customization. You have a lot of freedom to tweak the settings and manage your storage as needed. It makes SpiderOak a good fit for unique company requirements. But when it comes to branding, SpiderOak is more modest. It allows some customization but doesn’t provide broad branding options.

Sync concentrates on offering a clean and straightforward user experience. Even though it offers fewer customization options than SpiderOak, it shines in interface branding. You can add your company’s logo and name, helping it blend seamlessly into your existing services. It enhances your company’s professional look and fortifies its brand identity.

SpiderOak vs Sync

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