Koofr vs. Google Drive

The main difference between Koofr and Google Drive lies in integration. Google Drive integrates with Google’s ecosystem of apps like Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Koofr, while offering integration with some third-party apps, does not provide an equally extensive suite of integrated productivity tools.

Comparing Google Drive vs Koofr

  Platforms Supported Cloud Storage Integrations Custom Branding Pricing
Koofr Windows Mac SaaS/Web Android iOS Yes Google Workspace, Microsoft Office, and more. Yes Free/Starts at €0.5 per month
Google Drive Windows Mac SaaS/Web Android iOS Yes Google Workspace, HubSpot, Slack, Zapier, Zoho, DropBox, Box, and more. No Free
Koofr vs Google Drive

Koofr vs Google Drive: Feature Deep-Dive

Koofr vs Google Drive

User Interface and Ease of Use

First, understanding the unique aspects of Koofr vs Google Drive requires closely examining their user interface and ease of use.

Koofr is a cloud storage service known for its intuitive and user-friendly interface. It offers a seamless experience on web and mobile platforms, with a simple layout for easy file organization and access. Overall, Koofr successfully balances simplicity and functionality, making it a reliable choice for secure, collaborative cloud storage.

Similarly, Google Drive is recognized for its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, whether accessed through the app or the browser. It allows users to store, access, and share documents, spreadsheets, images, and more from any device. Google Drive’s new UI design has also been noted by users.

Customer Support

Koofr offers customer support. However, their primary support channel is via email. They do not offer phone or live chat support. Users can contact Koofr through their contact form on their website. They also have a support forum available on Reddit where they answer user questions and initiate Koofr-related discussions. Additionally, Koofr provides comprehensive guides on how to use its features, integrations, and security options.

Google Drive also provides customer support. Users can find tips and tutorials on Google Drive at the official Google Drive Help Center. Additionally, Google Drive offers direct telephone customer support.

Koofr vs Google Drive
Koofr vs Google Drive

Mobile Access and Apps

Koofr provides mobile access to its cloud storage solution. Users can access and manage their cloud-based documents and files on the move through the Koofr mobile app, available on both Android and iOS. The app lets users access their cloud storage accounts across all devices.

Google Drive also provides mobile access to its services. Users can access and manage their documents and files on the go through the Google Drive mobile app, which is available for Android and iOS devices.

Data Sovereignty

Koofr is committed to ensuring user privacy and security. It refrains from tracking user activities and provides a secure and private cloud storage solution. Koofr also offers features to help users keep their accounts safe and secure. It has introduced a feature called ‘Koofr Vault,’ which lets users add one or more client-side encrypted folders that cannot be accessed.

Google Drive is also committed to implementing data residency and sovereignty requirements based on regional and industry-specific regulations. Google has unveiled new zero trust, digital sovereignty, and threat defense controls powered by Google AI to help organizations keep their data secure.

Koofr vs Google Drive
Koofr vs Google Drive

Customization and Branding

If you are looking for a Google Drive alternative that supports customization and branding, Koofr is a great option. With Koofr, you can personalize your download and upload links with your logo to reinforce brand identity when sharing files.

Google Drive, on the other hand, is a promising Koofr alternative as it also offers customization and branding options. Users can customize shared links on Google Drive with their company logo and branding. Google Drive also allows administrators to turn on custom templates.

Audit Trails and Reporting Scalability

As we conclude our comparison of Koofr vs Google Drive, let’s now turn our attention to audit trails and reporting scalability.

Koofr provides the ability to record and track all activities with comprehensive audit trails and actionable reports, ensuring compliance with industry standards. All data can be exported for reporting in formats like Excel or PDF2.

Audit logs are a part of the Google Workspace, providing users with detailed information about system events within their Google Drive.  This feature enables users to monitor data and systems for potential vulnerabilities or external threats. Additionally, Google Drive’s audit logs can be used to check for missing data, and users can generate specific audit log reports based on various filters.

Koofr vs Google Drive

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Koofr is generally considered a secure cloud storage service because they deploy ,any measures to ensure the safety and security of user data. Some of these measures include two-step verification, secure connections for data transfers, and protection of accounts with strong passwordsKoofr’s servers are hosted in ISO 27001 certified data centers in Germany, ensuring a high level of security


Koofr offers different pricing and plans based on your required storage size.

They offer a free plan with 2 GB of storage forever.

Their paid plans ranges from €0.5/month for 10 GB up to €60/month for 10 TB and they all provide access to the same features with the only difference being their storage capacity.

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