Jotform vs Google Forms

Jotform is a paid service that comes with advanced features, integrations, and customization options. Meanwhile, Google Forms is free and can seamlessly integrate with G-Suite.

Comparing Google Forms and Jotform

Spam Protection Responsive Design Workflow Automation Payment Support File Uploads
Jotform Built-in spam protection, reCAPTCHA integration, Captcha Field, Form Password Protection Responsive by default Yes Payment integrations (PayPal, Venmo, Up to 1GB
Google Forms Response validation, Password protection, reCAPTCHA Integration No built-in responsive design capabilities None None Up to 10GB
jotform vs google forms

Jotform vs Google Forms: Feature Breakdown

jotform vs google forms

Google Forms has a
beginner-friendly interface

Google Forms takes the cake for its interface in this Google Forms vs Jotform comparison. This is because it offers a simple interface to start making your forms easily. You don’t need to get accustomed to using the interface before you can start creating a form.

Meanwhile, Jotform has a drag-and-drop interface so you can create a form. Through this option, you can customize the design of your form, which Google Forms cannot do. So, if you want more freedom to customize your form, Jotform is one option.

Jotform gives you better control on form customization

Since Jotform is a paid service, you have free reign to create your forms. Because of this, you have access to more advanced customization options. You can also create CSS style codes on Jotform, which makes it a good alternative to Google Forms.

Google Forms does not offer customization options since it is a free form creation tool and your customization options are limited. Also, you won’t be able to remove Google’s branding on your forms. So, if you hope to create professional-looking forms, Jotform is a good choice.

jotform vs google forms
jotform vs google forms

Jotform has better template offerings than Google Forms

Another reason why you should choose Jotform over Google Forms is because of its template library. Even though Jotform allows CSS style codes, it has an extensive library of ready-made templates. This helps users not well-versed with CSS yet want to use Jotform.

Meanwhile, Google Form’s template library contains very limited options. This means that you will have to choose with whatever’s available on the website. You don’t have the option to create your template or design.

Both Google forms and Jotform offer conditional logic

Jotform has advanced features that allow you to create dynamic and interactive forms. Some of the features offered by Jotform’s conditional logic include the following:

  • Show/Hide field
  • Enable/Disable fields
  • Conditional Fields

Through this feature, Jotform allows you to create a more efficient form with customized experiences for your form respondents. You can also automate manual processes through Jotform, which is unavailable on Google Forms.

Meanwhile, Google Forms offers the following conditional logic features:

  • Section-based logic
  • Skip logic branching
  • Context-specific questions

After collecting data, Jotform lets you match the required format so you can integrate it with other management systems.

jotform vs google forms
jotform vs google forms

Google Form has robust integration abilities

Google Forms is a good alternative to Jotform in terms of integrations because it offers G-Suite integration. This is a good benchmark to consider, especially if you are looking for a form that can use Google’s full suite of products.

Although Jotform has an extensive list of apps it can integrate with, it does not offer G-Suite integration. This is exclusive to Google Forms, so you’ll have to carefully assess whether it’s something you can do without. As for Google Forms’ integration with other apps, the options are limited. But with G-Suite integration in place, you don’t need other apps to integrate with.

Both tools offer survey capability

Jotform was created for use on surveys with different question types. Some of the survey capability features you get with this platform include the following:

  • Offline usability for in-field research
  • Geo-location and voice recording
  • Save progress for respondents
  • Calculator function

Google Forms, on the other hand, contains these basic survey features:

  • Various question types (short answer, checkboxes, multiple choice, paragraph)
  • Real-time analysis
  • Quiz features
jotform vs google forms
jotform vs google forms

Jotform gives quicker notifiations

If you are looking for a tool that can give you real-time notifications, Jotform is a suitable Google Forms alternative. This is because notifications are sent out through various channels. With this in place, you can get timely updates via the following tools:

  • Push by Techulus integration through Zapier
  • Jotform app push notifications
  • OneSignal integration

Meanwhile, Google Forms mainly sends a notification via email. Since you log in to Google Forms via your email account, this is also where you will receive a notification.

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