Icertis vs. Sirionlabs

Icertis vs. Sirionlabs

The main difference between Icertis and SirionLabs is the way they manage compliance. Icertis takes a proactive approach with automatic alerts for non-compliant actions. Sirionlabs focuses more on post-event corrections and rectifications.

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Comparing Icertis vs. SirionLabs

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What makes Icertis stand out is its unique GDPR compliance feature. This innovative tool allows you to spot contracts that may not align with regulations. It helps you create data protection addendums and ensures your contract remains GDPR compliant throughout its life.

Additionally, it lets you monitor data processor responsibilities, affirming its value as a go-to solution for effective GDPR compliance management.

SirionLabs enables you to establish particular compliance measures in your contracts. It offers a vast selection of ready-to-use contract templates compliant with global regulations. This feature allows immediate use of standardized, compliance-approved language, reducing non-compliance risks.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Icertis streamlines and automates the contract lifecycle, guaranteeing compliance with all terms. All stages, from the start, drafting, approval, negotiation, and execution to analysis, are handled smoothly.

Similarly, Sirionlabs stands out with its polished contract lifecycle management feature. The system handles everything from drafting to finalizing contracts. It separates itself from the pack with its unique capability to track how contracts are followed and their performance. This feature provides easy-to-understand insights through its user-friendly dashboard.

Electronic Signature Integration

By leveraging Adobe Sign, Icertis delivers streamlined, automated contract approvals to its customers. No more manual efforts but a fast, transparent process, showing exactly who’s signed and letting you know who hasn’t.

On top of efficiency, Icertis places a high premium on safety and legality. The system has top-notch security features, adhering to global legal standards, making your contract signing trustworthy and transparent.

With SirionLabs, you can easily integrate with AdobeSign or DocuSign. It means you can sign and finalize contracts wherever you are, using any device.

But it’s more than convenience. SirionLabs keeps track of who has signed and who hasn’t and sends reminders to those who still need to sign. It will automatically sync any completion certificates and audit reports from your e-signature tools to your Sirion CLM platform. 

SirionLabs ensures an exceptional level of security and legal compliance by using tools purpose-built to adhere to eSignature laws such as eSign and UETA. In short, SirionLabs makes the e-signature process flexible, intuitive, and secure.

Contract Repository

If you’re seeking an easy way to manage all your business contracts, you might like the Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform. As an alternative to SirionLabs, it’s a better one-stop shop for all your contract needs.

The system can handle any contract and associated data, providing a comprehensive, easily accessible contract library. You’ll get hassle-free access to all contract documents, terms, and related business transactions.

Meanwhile, Sirionlabs offers an all-inclusive system for various enterprise sections like finance, legal, procurement, and sales. SirionLabs also utilizes AWS-hosted secure storage, detailed access control, and efficient audit trails.

The platform features a hierarchical document tree visualization and an integrated document viewer. This setup heightens search capabilities to a clause level, facilitating full text and metadata searches. 


As a SirionLabs alternative, you gain effortless integration with familiar enterprise platforms such as Microsoft, SAP, and Salesforce with Icertis. By improving the flow of operations and eliminating repetitive data entry, the integration feature effectively lightens your workload.

On the other hand, SirionLabs integrates with different enterprise technology systems. It can easily connect with isolated systems such as procurement to pay (P2P), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and customer relationship management (CRM).

Icertis vs. Sirionlabs

Workflow Automation

Icertis bridges your contractual obligations to your active workflows. It is proficient at morphing your contracts into connected, on-demand data structures.

Icertis goes beyond by focusing on intelligent contract creation, automation, and insights. These features aim to leverage the full content of every contract, clause, and obligation across your enterprise to maximize its overall value. 

As an Icertis alternative, SirionLabs puts the power of workflow automation into your hands. It gives you advanced features to set up your workflows, forms, and dashboards with ease. It also has built-in extraction logic for its AI engine, enriching your workflows with sophisticated data analysis and insights.

Sirionlabs achieves all this without requiring any custom coding on your part, making things straightforward and efficient.

Reporting and Analytics

Icertis stands out with its advanced reporting tool for customized reports to focus on the data that matters the most. It integrates with leading business intelligence tools like Power BI, allowing you to picture dashboards and drive business decisions. 

Sirionlabs also delivers robust reporting features. It provides both ready-made and adaptable reports that fit your specific business requirements. With Sirionlabs, you also get instant access to live analytics and performance dashboards. These tools effectively track your contract obligations and performance. 

Bulk Signing Capability

With Icertis, you get an all-inclusive bulk signing feature. It allows you to speed up the contract signing process, no matter the department or location. So, getting quick approvals and speeding up contract execution becomes easy. 

If you want to simplify your contract signing process, SirionLabs has you covered. Like Icertis, you can sign several contracts simultaneously, saving you the hassle of doing it manually. Plus, with the assurance that these digital signatures align with local and global regulations, your compliance level gets a boost, too.

Team Collaboration

If you’re looking for a system that takes collaboration to a new level, Icertis is a strong contender. Their collaboration portal is designed to enhance interactions within your team. It also works well with external partners, suppliers, and clients. By extending their Contract Intelligence platform beyond their internal network, communication becomes smoother and more productive.

SirionLabs makes handling significant business changes a lot easier with its responsive analytics feature. It deftly navigates situations like mergers, acquisitions, policy updates, and disaster recovery plans.

Icertis vs. Sirionlabs

Fill: The Best Alternative to Icertis

If you’re looking for the perfect contract management system, consider Fill. Keeping your business compliant with federal laws and industry regulations is easier than ever with Fill. It comes packed with tools to draft, manage, and legally sign contracts. Fill adheres to stringent standards set by HIPAA, GLBA, E-Sign Act, UETA, and even GDPR. 

Seamless integration is another crucial feature you’d appreciate. Fill smoothly integrates with tools you’re likely already using, such as Zapier and Google Workspace. Another feature that sets Fill apart is the thorough record it keeps of your contract document activities. It means you’ll always have a complete and up-to-date record at your disposal.

Moreover, Fill allows you to automate audit reports, eliminating labor-intensive processes that often lead to inaccuracies and errors. With Fill, you get accurate, consistent data streamlined for your convenience.

Sign up with Fill today to get access to these features.

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