Icertis vs. Coupa

Icertis vs. Coupa

The main difference between Icertis and Coupa lies in their core functionality. Icertis focuses on contract lifecycle management. Coupa, on the other hand, provides a comprehensive Business Spend Management platform for procurement, invoicing, and contract management.

Continue reading to discover other notable differences between Icertis vs. Coupa.

Comparing Icertis vs. Coupa


Platforms Supported

Cloud Storage


Custom Branding









Google Workspace, HubSpot, Slack, Zoho, DropBox, Box, Google Drive, and more.


Custom Plans








SAP, Oracle,  Google Workspace, Microsoft Office, WorkDay, Salesforce, Slack, and more.


Starts at $549 per year

User Interface

To start our detailed comparison between Icertis vs. Coupa, let’s delve into their respective user interfaces.

Icertis offers a modern and responsive user interface known as ACE UX. This is designed to improve the contracting experience by combining data accessibility with simplification and personalization. This interface allows users to easily configure dashboards to track contract lifecycles on web and mobile devices.

Coupa’s user interface is designed to be user-centric, prioritizing ease and efficiency. It offers actionable email, SMS, and push notifications. The interface is intuitive, presenting information only when a decision point is reached. Coupa also provides mobile apps for on-the-go management.

Customizable Branding

Icertis provides a suite of custom branding features. The platform’s visual identity guide allows for using a secondary logo in full color on white backgrounds for documents and emails. The Icertis Word Add-in facilitates template authoring in Microsoft Word. This allows users to integrate library clauses into contract documents, input custom text, and apply specific tags.

Coupa also provides versatile custom branding options. The platform also allows users to create and update profiles for each customer, fostering a tailored approach.


Icertis prioritizes data security with a variety of robust features. Encryption at rest safeguards contract data stored on disks, solid-state drives, or backup systems. The platform also offers push notifications on tasks, dashboard views, and contract search and approval to ensure wider visibility and control.

Meanwhile, Coupa’s security features are designed to protect customer data and ensure compliance with InfoSec policies and regulations. It employs high-grade encryption (AES-256 256 bit) for all communications between customers and its data center. For added safety, Coupa supports secure HTTP using TLS 1.1 and above. 

Icertis vs. Coupa

Electronic Signature Integration

Icertis’ Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform integrates with leading eSignature solutions, such as Adobe Sign and DocuSign, to streamline contract signing processes.

Similarly, Coupa’s electronic signature feature also integrates with eSignature solutions like DocuSign, Adobe Sign, and SignNow. These tools facilitate seamless contract-signing processes.

Team Collaboration

Icertis has introduced the Icertis Experience for Microsoft Teams. This integration allows users to manage contracts and access the ICI platform within Microsoft Teams, the world’s fastest-growing collaboration tool. 

Coupa’s team collaboration feature allows colleagues from within and outside an organization to review contracts. Coupa’s integration with Microsoft Teams also provides approval reminders and notifications of Coupa activities, further enhancing team collaboration. 

Contract Repository

Icertis’ contract repository provides an organized and accessible system for storing and managing contracts. This digital repository supports global searches, enabling users to locate specific contracts or contract data swiftly and efficiently.

Coupa’s contract repository securely stores every contract in a centralized location with comprehensive permission sets. This streamlines oversight and management of contracts. The repository also supports the bulk import of contracts with attachments and includes a standardized contract management process.

Reporting and Analytics

To conclude our comparison of Icertis vs. Coupa, let’s look into their reporting and analytics functionalities.

Icertis’ reporting and analytics feature leverages contract data to provide critical insights into business operations. This feature allows users to create configurable reports that can help vet suppliers, manage risks, and improve business decisions. It harnesses the power of advanced contract analytics to reduce contract cycle times and track performance.

Meanwhile, Coupa’s reporting and analytics feature enhances the unified spending platform by consolidating data from various applications like procurement, e-invoicing, contracts, and travel. Moreover, Coupa’s Executive Dashboards offer real-time graphical views for critical insights into spend management performance, supplier performance, liquidity, and more.

Icertis vs. Coupa

Fill: The Best Alternative to Icertis

Finding the right platform is paramount for seamless operations. With this, Fill has emerged as a formidable alternative to Icertis for several reasons. One of Fill’s standout features is its military-grade security. Fill has implemented stringent security measures like 256-bit encryption to ensure that your sensitive information remains secure at all times.

Moreover, Fill complies with HIPAA and GDPR standards. This ensures that whether you’re handling medical records or personal data, Fill has got you covered.

With Fill, you also have unlimited usage of templates. Whether you need a standard contract or a specific agreement, Fill’s extensive template library will have what you require. You can use these templates as many times as you need, making contract creation a breeze.

Ultimately, Fill is an ideal choice for diverse users. Whether you’re an individual handling a handful of agreements or a small business seeking an affordable eSignature solution, Fill has got you covered.

Transform your contract processes with Fill. Sign up for a free trial today.

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