Formstack vs Microsoft Forms

Formstack simplifies data collection and enables the creation of appealing online forms. Microsoft Forms offers apps for web, desktop, and mobile platforms and integrates with Microsoft Office applications.

Comparing Microsoft Forms and Formstack

User-Friendly Interface Customization Templates Integrations Payment Support
Formstack Yes Yes 300+ Templates Microsoft Power Automate, Google Sheets, Formstack Documents PayPal, Stripe, Square
Microsoft Forms Yes Yes Fewer Office 365, Power Automate None
Formstack vs Microsoft Forms

Formstack vs Microsoft Forms: Feature Comparison

Formstack vs Microsoft Forms

Are their interfaces user friendly?

Formstack adopts a highly adaptable and customizable approach, providing users with a flexible framework. Simplifying the data collection process, Formstack enables the creation of visually appealing online forms. The platform is equipped with a user-friendly drag-and-drop web form creator tailored for digital marketers. Notably, Formstack Forms boasts a commendable rating of 4.13 out of 5 stars, derived from 105 reviews.

Contrastingly, Microsoft Forms exhibits stronger integration within the Office 365 ecosystem and boasts a superior overall rating. It stands out for its user-friendly nature, simplicity in setup and administration, surpassing Formstack Forms in these aspects.

Reviewers favor Microsoft Forms for its effectiveness in meeting business requirements, making it the preferred choice. Integrated with Office 365, seamlessly aligns with Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, offering a comprehensive user experience across platforms.

Is Formstack more flexible with customization?

Formstack allows more extensive form customization and theme options. Customize over 10,000 templates for contact, order, feedback, and registration forms or build forms from scratch with Formstack’s flexibility. It also offers customizable themes and the ability to connect from any browser on any device.

On the other hand, Microsoft Forms receives acclaim for its user-friendly design and smooth integration with Microsoft’s suite of products. It’s known for quick setup and distribution, often within minutes. A key component of the Office 365 suite, it seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft products.

Formstack vs Microsoft Forms
Formstack vs Microsoft Forms

Is Formstack a great Microsoft Forms alternative for templates?

Formstack excels with a vast template library, exceeding 300 options. It provides a diverse collection of templates, making it easy for users to find the one that suits their needs. Templates are not industry-specific but rather focused on form types.

Conversely, Microsoft Forms provides fewer templates. Covers surveys, polls, forms, and quizzes, offering versatility but in a more limited selection than Formstack.

Do Microsoft Forms offer integrations beyond MS 365?

Alternative to Microsoft Forms, Formstack collaborates with over 260 third-party integrations, linking forms, documents, and signatures to technologies. Some popular integrations include Microsoft Power Automate, Google Sheets, Formstack Documents, Google Drive. Its integrations cover CRM systems, payment processors, and storage solutions, enhancing data management.

Conversely, Microsoft Forms seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 for a unified user experience and efficient data management. Users can further integrate it with Power Automate and Power BI for automated workflows and meaningful form response data visualization.

Formstack vs Microsoft Forms
Formstack vs Microsoft Forms

Which is better for surveys? Microsoft Forms or Fromstack?

Formstack enables detailed survey customization, letting users tailor questions, design, and branding for specific survey needs. It offers advanced question types like Likert scales, NPS, and rating scales, enhancing flexibility in survey design. Formstack offers robust analytics and reporting features, allowing users to gain insights into survey responses, trends, and participant demographics.

On the other hand, Microsoft Forms prioritizes simplicity, facilitating quick and easy creation and distribution of surveys for users. This accessibility is particularly beneficial for users seeking a straightforward survey tool. Microsoft Forms supports collaborative survey creation, allowing multiple users to work on a survey simultaneously.

Is Formstack better at collecting payment than Microsoft Forms?

Formstack supports over 260 third-party integrations, including popular payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and Square. Users can choose their preferred payment gateway based on factors like transaction fees, card types, on-form payments, and recurring billing. Formstack allows flexible on-form and off-form payment integrations, giving users control over when customers submit payment information.

Microsoft Forms doesn’t have a built-in payment feature, but there are ways to collect payments through the platform. One approach is adding a payment link in the form, directing users to another page for completing the transaction. An alternative is generating a payment link from your processor and adding it as a subtitle in a Text question.

Formstack vs Microsoft Forms

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Sarah I. Manager Banking
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The software is very easy to use and fill out all required fields.
Candace P.Teacher
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The NEXT feature was helpful. The fonts were large and easy to read.
Troy T.Director of Operations Hope Center Emergency Shelter
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very easy 2 fill and complete seems to be a nice product despite this force review
Enrique J.Owner Real Estate
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Simple format easy to place information once figured out how to use spaces instead of tabs
Marie L.Owner Real Estate
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Product is simple and easy for an employee to use.
Small business
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The most helpful part is i can easily manage track and esign documents.

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