Acronis vs. iDrive

Acronis offers robust collaboration features by using its cloud storage service to enable easy file syncing across multiple devices. iDrive, on the other hand, has a slight advantage with ‘iDrive Shared, which allows real-time collaboration and considerably enhances teamwork.

Comparing Acronis and iDrive

Backup and Recovery User Interface and Ease of Use Compliance Standards Cost
Acronis Offers comprehensive data protection and disaster recovery solutions, integrating flexible backup options, disk cloning, and advanced cybersecurity Brings an intuitive and user-friendly interface across desktop and mobile platforms Complies with GDPR and HIPAA From $65.80 per year
iDrive  Offers comprehensive data protection across multiple devices, including PCs, Macs, and mobile devices, with real-time cloud sync, quick data retrieval via iDrive Express Features a user-friendly interface with intuitive navigation and advanced settings for tailored backups, alongside ease-of-use characteristics like multi-device syncing Compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, and SOC 2 From $79.50 a year for 5TB
Acronis vs iDrive

Acronis vs Netapp: Feature Overview

Acronis vs iDrive


Acronis has designed its services to serve as a fortress for your data. Acronis uses artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to fight against ransomware and ensure secure authentication, respectively. They also use end-to-end encryption for data protection. So, whether your files are sensitive or general, Acronis prioritizes your privacy by ensuring each piece is secured well.

iDrive ensures the safety of your data with top-notch 256-bit AES encryption. Moreover, there’s also an exclusive feature you can use to generate your encryption key for added protection. The strong security measures have earned iDrive multiple accolades.

Collaboration Tools

Let’s delve into the collaborative features of iDrive vs Acronis to uncover their offerings.

Acronis brings efficient collaboration tools with its cloud storage services. It ensures smooth file syncing across devices, enabling real-time joint work. The Drive alternative also has a handy version control system that logs document changes—which is significant for team collaboration.

As an alternative to Acronis, iDrive goes a step further with its ‘iDrive shared’ feature. It allows multiple users to edit a document at the same time and to see changes instantly. Furthermore, you can share files and folders with anyone, even if they don’t have an iDrive account.

Acronis vs iDrive
Acronis vs iDrive

File Sharing Capabilities

As an alternative to iDrive, Acronis focuses on making its interface easy to use. It offers secure connections, making file and folder sharing uncomplicated. It also provides high-level control features like password security and link expiry dates, improving the protection of your shared files and folders.

iDrive also offers impressive file-sharing capabilities. It lets you quickly share files via secure links and even offers social media sharing. You can directly share your stored photos and videos from your cloud storage to your social media platforms.

Backup and Recovery

Looking at Acronis vs iDrive, we see significant differences in how each cloud storage solution protects its data.

Acronis has a strong reputation in incremental and differential backup, complete image backup, and active disk cloning. These features showcase its dedication to thorough data protection. Also, Acronis values speedy restoration, providing speedy recovery options for users.

Meanwhile, iDrive has many options to simplify backup and recovery. It continuously safeguards your files with various features like disk copy, system backup, and even a mixed backup approach for extra safety.

Plus, with iDrive’s express backup service, you can physically send a drive to their data center. It ensures speedy and secure data upload when dealing with large amounts of data.

Acronis vs iDrive
Acronis vs iDrive

Compliance Standards

Acronis is known for its dedication to user privacy and meeting essential regulations, including GDPR, which is essential for European users, and HIPAA. This commitment to compliance helps Acronis strengthen user trust and offer extra safety.

iDrive also has impressive security credentials. It satisfies GDPR and HIPAA regulations, ensuring the safety of sensitive client data. Additionally, iDrive achieves SOC 2 compliance, a critical standard for enterprises that store their user’s data in the cloud.

Integration with Existing Systems

As an iDrive alternative, Acronis has excellent operating system compatibility. It works well with many operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. It also supports various virtual environments and cloud services, making your transition to a hybrid cloud easier.

iDrive also excels in working seamlessly with different systems. Whether you’re using Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android, iDrive provides real-time updates on your backup data. Plus, it easily connects with popular programs like Office 365 and SharePoint.

Acronis vs iDrive
Acronis vs iDrive


Acronis Cyber Protect has a pricing model that starts at around $85 annually. It’s flexible and ideal for different needs, from small to large companies. This cost includes necessary backup and enhanced cybersecurity features.

If you have more complex IT needs, consider the Advanced plan, which costs $129 per year. It gives you better data protection and cybersecurity.

Acronis also provides different editions, such as Standard, Advanced, and Backup Advanced. The yearly prices for these start at around $65.80, $91.80, and $77.00, respectively. Eventually, your cost will depend on the features you need.

These services come without initial costs and provide varying license terms to suit customer requirements. They also offer optional cloud storage or disaster recovery services. You should check Acronis’ official website for the most recent and detailed pricing or contact their sales team.

iDrive has various pricing plans to fit different backup needs. They have Personal, Team, and Business plans. Personal plans provide 5TB for $79.50 a year and 10TB for $99.50 a year, making it suitable for individual users.

iDrive also offers team plans starting at $99.50 per year with 5TB of storage for five users and computers. This plan can be expanded to a massive 100TB for larger teams, including handy features like single sign-on and priority support.

For businesses, the plans begin at $99.50 per year, giving 250GB of storage. These can be expanded to 5TB or more. 

Mobile Access and Apps Data Sovereignty

Acronis stands out for its strong, easy-to-use mobile access. They have a dedicated app for Android and iOS that lets users handle their files directly from their devices.

As for data sovereignty, Acronis lets you pick the data center for storing your data, making it easier to abide by local data laws. 

iDrive is quite similar to Acronis, but it packs some extra features. Its mobile app, available for iOS and Android, offers more than access and provides backup. You can use it to back up your contacts, photos, videos, and calendar events from your device.

iDrive pays special attention to data privacy, featuring top-notch encryption while data moves and sits at the data center. It runs multiple data centers around the globe, but until now, users still can’t pick their preferred data center.

Acronis vs iDrive

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