Adding Transparent Signature on Your Phone 101: A Guide

Adding a transparent signature on your phone is easy to streamline contract signing

Adding a signature on your phone is easy to do with modern phones, but what if you want the signature to be transparent?

A lot of us rely on our phones these days. We use them to make calls, check emails, listen to music and take pictures, among so many other things. And we often use our phones to sign documents.

In this article, we will walk you through how adding transparent signature on your phone is done, why you should do it, and why it’s convenient. 

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How Do I Convert Signature to Transparent Background Online?

One of the common ways of adding transparent signature on your phone is to extract a signature from image. To make signature transparent, you have to write your signature on a paper, take a picture of it, and use apps for android or iOS that helps you digitalize it. 

If you have a hard time designing a transparent signature for your phone, you can use Fill to do it for you. Find out how easy adding transparent signature on your phone from this guide is.

  • Step 1: Install Fill on your phone. Whether you have an iOS device or an Android one, Fill is available. It is a software that allows you to sign documents electronically.
  • Step 2: Import your files. You can do this in various ways, such as adding files from Google Drive. Apart from this, you can also choose to create a document.
  • Step 3. Click the Sign tool. After, click on the options you can choose from, may that be through text, sign, or import. Clicking on text and sign allows you to have an automatic transparent signature.

Basically, using the Fill app to sign documents on Android automatically allows you to have a transparent background online.

How Do I Store My Transparent Signature on My Phone?

There are various ways to store your transparent signature on your phone. Moreover, multiple apps help you store and organize them accordingly. Here are some of them:

Files app on both iOS and Android

Here’s how you can store your transparent signature PNG on this app:

  • Step 1. Create a folder. Having a folder allows you to organize your stuff so that it won’t go deep on all your digital items.
  • Step 2. Designate a name you can easily remember. If, in any case, you lose your folders down your app, at least you can search for them when you need them.
  • Step 3. Add your signature to the folder. Here, you can add your transparent signature and even those with a background.

It’s pretty easy adding transparent signature on your phone’s Files app, regardless of whether you’re on iOS or Android. Somehow, it’s like organizing your photos into albums.

Adding signature on your phone through the Google Drive app organizes your stuff online.

Google Drive app on both iOS and Android

It’s a no-brainer that Google Drive is an excellent software that allows you to store your documents, pictures, and other files. Moreover, you can easily share them with your team when necessary. Here’s how you can store your signature in this app:

  • Step 1. Create a folder. It is essential to allocate a folder for your signature to prevent any third parties from accessing it easily.
  • Step 2. Add your signatures inside the folder. Like on the Files app, you can store variations of your signature here, including those with backgrounds.
  • Step 3. Ensure that only you have the access. Google Drive is widely used for sharing documents with other people. So to keep your signature safe from data breaching, ensure that the folder is restricted.

Adding a transparent signature on your phone makes document signing more accessible.

Why Should You be Adding Transparent Signature on Your Phone? 

Adding transparent signature on your phone ready helps get your things done fast for people on the go. What is more, it can do so hassle-free. Here are reasons why you should have a digital signature on your phone:

It gives you complete control of the process.

When you choose to sign documents the traditional way, it takes time. It needs to go through checking and traveling to get to the post office. And this takes so much time because your work may or may not allow you to travel ASAP. By storing a digital signature, you can sign documents whenever you prefer. You can own your time.

It streamlines your workflow.

Storing a digital signature allows you to cut down on time. If you don’t do it, you still have to write your signature on paper, take a picture of it, and scan it again. But when you store it, you only have to import it on your file and adjust it accordingly.

It saves you some money.

If you sign your documents the old way, sending them over can cost you some money. Storing a digital signature and signing online can also cut costs because having your documents sent through the post office can take so much time, thus delaying the closing of your deal.

Key Takeaways

It is important to use apps that help you with your productivity. With Fill, you can streamline your process by having a transparent digital signature ready that you can use to sign documents in different formats on your android phone.

Ready to level up adding transparent signature on your phone? Sign up here.

Lorecelle Villaroya

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