How to Sign a Document in Google Docs Without Any Hassle

In this article, we’ll show you how to sign a document in Google Docs using four different methods:

  • Digital signature software 
  • Chrome extensions
  • Drawing your signature
  • Scanning and uploading your signature

We’ll go through each option step by step so you can easily add an online signature in Google Docs, regardless of which option you choose.

Place your cursor where you want the signature

Place your cursor on the document where you want the signature to appear. (Don’t worry you can always move the signature around later if needed.)

Insert a “Drawing”

There’s no direct option for inserting a signature in Google Docs, but you can easily insert a signature as a “Drawing” in Google Docs.

Open drawing editor

  • Go to Insert.
  • Choose Drawing.
  • Select New +.

Choose to draw with a scribble line

  • Open the line type selector (shown above).
  • Choose Scribble.

Draw your signature

Carefully draw your signature, using the scribble line editor. Note that when you release your mouse, the line will end.

It’s useful to craft your signature in stages, so you can go back and redo your work if need be. Save and close Click Save and Close when finished.

Resize the signature

Once the signature is inserted, it’s likely to be too large for your document. You’ll need to click on the signature and drag the blue box to resize the signature in Google Docs.

Hint: If you plan to use your signature in Google Docs a lot, then you should be sure to save this somewhere easy to access in Google Drive. Then, when you need the signature again, you can just open this document and copy and paste it into the new one.

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