UPDF vs. PDF Expert

UPDF vs. PDF Expert

The main difference between UPDF and PDF Expert lies in their pricing. A strong selling point UPDF offers is its affordability. The pricing of PDF Expert is higher than UPDF. However, PDF Expert justifies this with its enhanced functionalities.

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Comparing UPDF vs. PDF Expert


Form Filling


Annotation Tools


Customer Support





Starts at $2.49 per month


PDF Expert




Starts at $6.67 per month


Form Filling

UPDF is a user-friendly platform for form filling. It makes it easy to navigate and input information on interactive and non-interactive forms using various tools. It works with all forms, cutting down time and ensuring precision. 

Similarly, PDF Expert is notable for its powerful form-filling function. Even on complicated forms with many fields, it operates seamlessly. You can fill out forms, add text, and manage electronic signatures interactively. It even auto-updates similar fields in the form when you make a change. 

PDF Expert offers an efficient solution for tackling complex forms without sacrificing functionality.

Merge & Split PDF Documents

As an alternative to PDF Expert, UPDF is an excellent choice if you’re dealing with numerous PDF files. It can easily merge all the files into a single PDF, giving you a neat and organized workspace.

Additionally, if you have a large PDF that needs breaking down into smaller chunks, UPDF performs this task smoothly, saving you both time and effort.

On the other hand, PDF Expert offers offline functionality and greater security as your documents remain on your device unless explicitly shared. It also offers advanced features such as extracting specific pages from multiple files and merging bookmarks from different files. 

Export and Convert PDF Files

Choosing between, UPDF vs. PDF Expert is a hard choice. But, UPDF is an efficient tool for exporting and converting PDFs into various formats like Word, Excel, and JPG. Its accessible interface caters to both tech-savvy and non-tech-savvy users.

It also allows batch conversions, enabling multiple PDFs to be converted simultaneously. 

PDF Expert should be your top option if you want a fast and easy conversion process. After a few clicks, your PDFs can be converted into different formats, including Word, Excel, and Image. PDF Report preserves the original layout and formatting. It also allows converting scanned documents and images into editable PDFs.


UPDF’s watermarking is efficient, allowing easy addition of watermarks to PDFs. It can be helpful in branding or disclaimers. UPDF lets you modify your watermark’s font, color, size, and rotation. 

Similarly, PDF Expert is a professional tool offering text and image watermarking, almost the same as UPDF. It enables you to use text or any image as a watermark.

UPDF vs. PDF Expert

User Interface

UPDF service offers a simple, easy-to-navigate interface with essential editing tools. Its minimalist design suits beginners or those who prefer simplicity.

On the other hand, PDF Expert provides a sophisticated, professional interface filled with advanced editing tools. It may be overwhelming initially but becomes invaluable after familiarization.

Signature Integration

With UPDF, users have an incredibly smooth and convenient electronic signature integration capability. Users can effortlessly sign documents by dragging and dropping or creating their signature on the platform.

The primary advantage of UPDF lies in its simplicity. There are no cumbersome processes or unnecessary steps in between. It’s as straightforward as it gets.

As a UPDF alternative, PDF Expert’s signature integration feature stands out with its unique strengths. It allows users to either use an already saved signature or create a new one immediately. Additionally, PDF Expert can cleverly detect form fields that require a signature, making the process even more streamlined.

Document Compression

With UPDF, you can quickly reduce your PDF files’ size, saving storage space while maintaining document quality. UPDF’s document compression balances file size and quality for optimal storage and readability. 

PDF Expert also offers document compression. It efficiently lowers file size for more efficient sharing and storage. However, the control over the compression level is less precise than with UPDF. 


Starting with UPDF, this service does not offer a free trial period but a free account. So, to utilize its features, you’ll have to subscribe immediately. The cost for a subscription to UPDF’s Pro tier varies. They have a quarterly subscription that costs $4.99 per month. An annual plan provides the same features but costs $2.49 per month.

When comparing UPDF vs. PDF Expert, PDF Expert approaches their subscription service a bit differently. They offer a yearly plan that costs $6.67 per month and a 30-day money-back guarantee. They also have a lifetime plan for a one-time payment of $139.99 and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Although a lifetime subscription might be the best option, you should reconsider before choosing this as it has some drawbacks. For instance, you won’t be getting any significant updates along with it, but you can pay extra to get it. iPhone and iPad versions are also unavailable, as it’s only for those who purchased their annual subscription.

UPDF vs. PDF Expert

Fill: The Best Alternative to UPDF

Consider a PDF filler like Fill beyond UPDF for advanced features that improve productivity.
It easily lets you complete PDF forms online, meaning no more tedious printing and manual data entry. Fewer steps mean fewer errors.

But that’s not all. Fill shines with its feature for electronic signatures, kicking old-school scanning or faxing out the equation. This feature alone can streamline workflows and speed up document processing.

Fill also offers advanced collaboration tools, enabling multiple users to work on the same document simultaneously. It fosters teamwork and enhances efficiency

Lastly, Fill provides seamless integration with popular tools like Salesforce, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Asana, providing a streamlined document management experience.

Sign up for a Fill account today to discover more advanced features and experience what a premium PDF-filler tool feels like.

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