Convert PDF to Word

Convert any PDF to a Word doc. Save, and edit on Mac, Windows, iOS & more.

How to save a PDF file as a word document

Convert and save your PDF to Word without losing document formatting in these simple steps.


Upload or drag-and-drop the PDF file you want to convert.


Select Apply & Download and Fill will automatically convert. 

Save & Edit

The new word file is now saved on your PC and you can select the file and edit it on MS word.

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Retain document formatting

Convert PDFs to Word with Fill, and maintain the original formatting of your documents so editing can be easy and smooth. Make your documents editable like regular word files while ensuring your document structure stays intact.

Convert PDF to Word on Mac and Windows

With the Fill PDF to Word conversion tool, you do not have to spend time downloading an entire app to convert files.  Open any browser on your Mac PC and effortlessly convert your PDF files in less than a minute.

Free unlimited PDF export

Edit your converted Word files freely, save them as PDFs if you prefer, and even return to Fill for more free conversion if you missed anything. No payments, signup, or software download is required.