Wondershare PDFelement vs. Xodo

by Andria Pacina
Wondershare PDFelement vs. Xodo

The main difference between Wondershare PDFelement vs. Xodo lies in the features they offer. Some features are not available on the other, which makes one a better choice. Let’s look at these differences in this comparison guide.

Comparing PDFelement vs. Xodo


Platforms Supported

Cloud Storage




Wondershare PDF Element

Windows, Mac, iOS, Android


Starts from $79.99 to $139 + free trial


None mentioned


Web, Android, iOS, Windows




Automatic deletion of information


Form Filling

Filling out forms is a crucial functionality in PDF editing tools. Both Wondershare PDFelement and Xodo provide this capability. Nonetheless, Xodo furnishes more sophisticated form-filling attributes than Wondershare PDFelement.

With Xodo, you can craft online forms either from the ground up or utilizing a template. Additionally, you can retrieve data from forms and export it to a spreadsheet.

Text Editing

Text modification is also a pivotal functionality for PDF editors. Both Wondershare PDFelement and Xodo extend this feature. Nonetheless, Xodo provides more advanced text-editing capabilities compared to Wondershare PDFelement.

With Xodo, you can alter text, images, and other entities within a PDF file. Additionally, you can insert, eliminate, and reorganize pages within a PDF file.

Merge & Split PDF Documents

Regarding merging and dividing documents, this guide comparing Wondershare PDFelement and Xodo demonstrates that both possess quite comparable features. Xodo provides advanced splitting features. It allows for splitting PDF files based on size, text, bookmarks, page range, and odd/even pages. Additionally, you can interleave pages from two PDF documents alternately.

Export and Convert PDF Files

In the context of combining and separating documents, a comparison between Wondershare PDFelement and Xodo reveals that they share relatively similar features. Xodo delivers enhanced splitting functionalities. It facilitates the splitting of PDF files according to size, text, bookmarks, page range, and odd/even pages. Moreover, it enables the intertwining of alternate pages from two separate PDF files.

Annotation Tools

Moving on, let’s delve into the annotation tools provided by both PDF editors. In this realm, Xodo outperforms Wondershare PDFelement by offering more sophisticated annotation tools. It enables you to append comments and annotations in diverse formats. This includes text boxes, geometric shapes, hyperlinks, and audio files, and also permits editing existing PDF content.

Conversely, Wondershare PDFelement fundamentally permits you to add comments or highlight text, lacking the advanced annotation tools present in the alternative option.


The feature of watermarking is typically available in PDF editors, enabling the addition of semi-transparent text or images to a document to signify its status. While both Wondershare PDFelement and Xodo provide watermarking features, there’s a noteworthy distinction in functionality.

Xodo allows you to append text, watermarks, and a variety of annotations to the file. In contrast, Wondershare PDFelement restrict you to merely adding a watermark to a PDF file. Thus, in this comparison between Wondershare PDFelement and Xodo, the latter emerges as the more appealing option.

Wondershare PDFelement vs. Xodo

Signature Integration

Incorporating eSignatures is vital for appending a digital signature to a PDF document. Both Wondershare PDFelement and Xodo furnish this feature. Nonetheless, Xodo provides more sophisticated signature integration features compared to Wondershare PDFelement. With Xodo, you have the ability to add a digital signature to a PDF document and also personalize its appearance.

Template Library

A library of templates is pivotal for crafting professional-appearing documents. Xodo provides an extensive assortment of templates for utilization in your PDF files. On the flip side, Wondershare PDFelement does not furnish a template library. Should you require a template for your PDF file, it necessitates creating it from scratch.


Redaction, is crucial for eliminating sensitive information from a PDF file. This is more advanced in Xodo compared to Wondershare PDFelement. With Xodo, you have the ability to redact text, images, and additional objects within a PDF file. Furthermore, you can search for and redact specific words or phrases within a PDF file.

Password Protection

Both of these PDF editors provide password protection for PDF files, albeit with varying degrees of security. While Wondershare PDFelement allows you to secure your PDF files with a password, Xodo goes a step further. Through Xodo, you can not only password-protect but also encrypt your file. This means that the contents are scrambled until the accurate password is inputted to access it.

Mobile Compatibility

Another dimension in the comparison between Wondershare PDFelement and Xodo is mobile compatibility. While both are accessible on mobile devices, Xodo takes the lead by offering a mobile app. This implies that Xodo can be accessed on your mobile devices, allowing you to edit documents while on the move.

Wondershare PDFelement vs. Xodo

Fill: The Best Alternative to Wondershare PDFelement

If you’re exploring an alternative to Wondershare PDFelement, Fill serves as a compelling option to contemplate. Fill presents users with a free account and boasts more features compared to Wondershare PDFelement, including a template library, signer identity verification, and a mobile app.

Utilizing Fill, you can effortlessly edit and complete PDF forms, sign documents, and collaborate with others in real-time. Establish an account at Fill today to commence utilizing its PDF editor.

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