Nasuni vs. Egnyte

The main difference between Nasuni vs Egnyte lies in their approach to collaboration. Egnyte emphasizes inclusive collaboration using features such as simultaneous editing, file sharing, and joint document creation. On the other hand, while Nasuni provides tools for synchronizing and sharing files, It distinguishes itself with its global file lock feature.

Comparing Nasuni and Egnyte

Reliability and Uptime User Interface and Ease of Use Customization and Branding Cost Mobile App Access
Nasuni Guarantees 100% data availability, access, and security, backed by a stringent SLA that includes a unique “Customer Bill of Rights” and compensation for any downtime Easy to use, access, and manage. Enables enterprises to tailor the user interface of the File Fabric appliance, email communications, and Windows Tools to align with corporate branding Pay-as-you-go but physical storage devices cost between $4,000 and $17,500 Yes
Egnyte Guarantees a 99.97% uptime, utilizing hybrid cloud servers for reliable file access and robust security, supported by global data centers Easy to use with intuitive dashboards and automated synchronization for secure file sharing Allow users to personalize their domain with a custom file server label, logo, theme color, URLs, and additional options like disclaimers and email settings. From $20 per month Yes
Nasuni vs. Egnyte

Nasuni vs Egnyte: Feature Breakdown

Nasuni vs Egnyte

Access Control and User Permissions

When comparing Nasuni vs Egnyte regarding user permissions and access control, both platforms have many strengths.

Nasuni provides comprehensive access control functionality, allowing managers to assign specific permission levels to users based on their roles within the organization. This system is particularly effective for larger groups, allowing easy control over who can see, share, or modify specific documents or directories.

On the other hand, Egnyte takes a nuanced approach to access control by implementing a system of tiered permissions. While the Nasuni alternative also offers access controls based on roles, Egnyte’s focus lies in providing detailed policies, including permissions for sub-folders. With Egnyte, you can create an access structure that mirrors your company’s internal setup, ensuring that users only have access to the files and folders relevant to their roles and responsibilities.

Collaboration Tools

If you’re looking for a cloud solution that allows your team to collaborate effectively on documents and projects, Egnyte does this efficiently. As an alternative to Nasuni, Egnyte offers a sweet experience for editingsharing files, and creating documents. With Egnyte, you can work closely with your team and even collaborate with external partners, making your workflow smoother and more efficient.

Now, Nasuni has its own strengths. It’s great at ensuring that all your team members are on the same page by synchronizing and sharing files across different locations. Their global file lock feature is particularly impressive as it allows consistency in your data no matter where your team members are working from. However, when it comes to extensive collaboration features, Nasuni might not be as robust as Egnyte.

So, if you’re all about extensive collaboration and joint document creation, Egnyte might be the way to go. But if maintaining data consistency across locations is your top priority, Nasuni has you covered. It all comes down to what your team needs most to get the job done effectively.

Nasuni vs. Egnyte
Nasuni vs Egnyte

Reliability and Uptime

In the Nasuni vs Egnyte comparison, reliability, and uptime are top priorities for users. Whether you’re accessing critical data or collaborating on important projects, you need a system that won’t fail when it’s most needed.

Nasuni steps up to the plate by utilizing a global file system, ensuring smooth operations and minimizing the risk of outages. With Nasuni, you can count on superb uptime, ensuring your stored data is always available when you need it.

Egnyte doesn’t fall behind in the reliability department either. With a robust infrastructure, Egnyte strives for near-perfect uptime to keep your data accessible around the clock. The Nasuni alternative also offers backup plans to safeguard your data and ensure it remains reachable, even during unforeseen downtime.

Compliance Standards

When comparing Nasuni and Egnyte in terms of compliance, you will be happy to know that both platforms are dedicated to meeting essential compliance standards, ensuring the safety and security of your data.

Nasuni takes compliance seriously, meeting the stringent requirements of HIPAA, GDPR, and FIPS 140-2. Moreover, Nasuni conducts annual third-party audits to verify that its security measures are consistently effective and up to industry standards.

On the other hand, Egnyte also prioritizes compliance, boasting a comprehensive program that covers GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA requirements. They implement secure data handling practices and hold important security certifications like ISO 27001, adding an extra layer of assurance.

Nasuni vs Egnyte
Nasuni vs. Egnyte

Integration with Existing Systems

Nasuni is highly compatible with big cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. This flexibility allows companies to scale up without relying on extra hardware. Nasuni also offers API integration, which lets businesses build custom apps to fit their workflow perfectly.

Egnyte doesn’t fall behind on integrations; it also syncs excellently with popular collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and productivity apps.
This deep integration allows direct file management within these platforms and streamlines workflows. Egnyte’s API access also enables businesses to tailor their workflows.


Nasuni gives you different options to match your business requirements, offering both hardware and subscription-based cloud storage.

They have a bigger unit, the NF-400, that costs $12,500 – $17,500 and suits up to 900 users. Then there’s a smaller unit, the NF-200, which is priced from $4,000 – $6,000 and can serve up to 300 users.

Nasuni’s cloud service operates on a subscription basis, where you only pay for what you use. It aims to be more economical by using cloud systems to cut costs.

Egnyte offers a starter Business plan at $20 per user per month. It includes sharing and editing files, data security, and compliance support.

If your business needs more advanced features, Egnyte offers these through their Enterprise Lite and Enterprise plans. These plans come with extra features like managing the lifespan of content, legal hold, and enhanced security.

However, the pricing for these plans is given upon request and tailored to your business needs.

Nasuni vs Egnyte
Nasuni vs Egnyte

User Interface and Ease of Use

When we look at Nasuni vs. Egnyte, weighing their ease of use and user interfaces is essential.

Nasuni offers a user-friendly platform that’s easy to use. Its interface and ease of use are praised for effective file version management and reliable snapshot backups, though improvements in setup simplicity are suggested by its users.

Egnyte, on the other hand, mixes functionality with simplicity in its design. It has a clean interface that’s easy to use, with easy-to-understand file sharing and syncing. You can quickly learn how it works even if you’re new to it. Plenty of tutorials and customer support also help you navigate your way around.

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