iDrive vs Backblaze

iDrive provides strong options for controlling access, allowing you to set up multiple user accounts, each with specific permissions. Backblaze, on the other hand, is all about simplicity and doesn’t provide many user permission options.

Comparing Backblaze and iDrive

Reliability and Uptime Customer Support Compliance Standards Cost
iDrive Promises high  availability and diverse plans for personal to business needs Offers 24/7 customer support through live chat, email, phone, and a support form Complies with HIPAA, GDPR, SOX, and more Plans starts at 5TB for $69.65 for a year
Backblaze Average uptime and unlimited backup for a fixed price Provides chat support with specific operational hours Complies with GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and more Plans starts at $7 per month
iDrive vs Backblaze

iDrive vs Backblaze: Feature Comparison

iDrive vs Backblaze

How does Backblaze and iDrive approach access control and user permissions?

iDrive allows you to set up many user accounts, each with specific rights. It gives you control over who can see, change, or remove files. With such detailed control, iDrive is a good option for businesses dealing with sensitive data.

Meanwhile, Backblaze keeps things simple. The storage provider doesn’t have as many user permission options. Every user is like an admin, accessing all files and settings. It makes managing easier, especially for small teams or individual users. But bigger companies might find it hard to control.

Do they offer collaboration tools?

iDrive provides many tools that are helpful for teams and businesses. This cloud service lets you sync files across different devices so everyone can access the latest updates in real-time. Using iDrive’s web console, you can control the backup and sharing options for all your accounts, improving the overall team efficiency.

On the other hand, Backblaze focuses more on backup and storage rather than working together. Although users can share files via links they create, you can’t sync data across various devices. It might not be an issue if you’re an individual or a business needing solid backup and storage.

iDrive vs Backblaze
iDrive vs Backblaze

What are the backup and recovery systems present in Blackbaze and iDrive?

iDrive offers a disk imaging feature. This tool lets you make a complete computer copy, including system settings. It’s beneficial if you need to take your PC or Mac back to a previous state.

With iDrive’s hybrid backup option, you can back up your data online and locally.

Unlike iDrive, Backblaze provides a straightforward, unlimited backup service. There’s no need to fret about storage limits or deciding which files to keep. Additionally, Backblaze enhances your security with a personal key, ensuring your backups are for your eyes only.

Regarding data recovery, iDrive lets you easily fetch individual files or whole folders from any backup stage. You simply pick the file and click ‘Restore.’

On the other hand, Backblaze allows you to recover your data via a downloadable zip file, a USB drive, or even a hard drive shipped to your doorstep.

What compliance standards do they adhere to?

iDrive meets important rules like HIPAA, GDPR, and SOX, making it a safe storage option for data. It is especially beneficial for businesses in healthcare, finance, and the European market. It gives strong security through complete encryption and lets you use private keys for even more protection. 

As an alternative to iDrive, Backblaze also follows major rules like GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA. They provide strong data security with encryption when data is stored and transferred. Backblaze clearly states its compliance policies on its website, keeping users informed about the protection and management of its data.

If you’re weighing up iDrive vs Backblaze regarding compliance standards, know that both provide reliable choices. Your final decision may lean more toward your business’s industry laws and privacy requirements.

iDrive vs Backblaze
iDrive vs Backblaze

Does iDrive and Blackbaze integrate with existing systems?

As an alternative to BackBlaze, iDrive shows great versatility by syncing with many platforms. It works with Linux and less common systems like Solaris, Novell, Lotus Notes, and Microsoft Exchange. Because it offers a variety of integration options, iDrive is a convenient choice for businesses with different IT infrastructures.

Unlike iDrive, Backblaze’s compatibility isn’t as broad. It does, however, integrate well with MacOS and Windows, but its range is less extensive.

Which storage provider is cost effective?

iDrive’s plans begin at 5TB for $69.65 a year or $149.25 for two years. These plans go up to 100TB, costing $699.65 for one year or $1,499.25 for two years.

Team plans are available from 5TB for $69.65 for one year. Alternatively, you can get it for $149.25 for two years, up to 30TB or more for 5 to 30 users.

If you’re considering a business plan, the starting offer is 250GB at an annual rate of $99.50. A two-year plan is also available for $199. If you require more storage, options up to 50TB are available, although these will be significantly more expensive.

BackBlaze offers a straightforward and affordable pricing model for its backup services. They charge $7 per month, $70 per year, or $130 every two years for each computer, offering unlimited backup space. This pricing is the same for both personal and business plans.

BackBlaze B2, on the other hand, provides cloud storage where you only pay for what you use. It costs just half a cent per GB monthly for storage and one cent per GB for downloads. It makes it both affordable and adaptable for users with different storage requirements.

iDrive vs Backblaze
iDrive vs Backblaze

What are the availability of their customer support?

As a BackBlaze alternative, iDrive gives round-the-clock customer support via email, live chat, and phone. It also has a detailed help center and FAQs for easy setup and problem-solving. Many users praise their customer service for their fast responses and helpful solutions.

Backblaze offers live chat and has a wide-ranging FAQ section, but you won’t find phone support. However, they make up for it with a well-built ticket system and an extensive knowledge base. Many users commend their support service for its detailed responses and problem analyses.

Are Blackbaze and iDrive accessible on Mobile?

The iDrive mobile app is user-friendly and handy. It works with Android and iOS devices and lets you open, distribute, and protect your mobile data. This excellent aspect helps reduce the stress associated with the possible loss of valuable mobile data.

Backblaze provides a more straightforward mobile app experience. It’s accessible on Android and iOS, allowing users to access their stored files. However, it doesn’t have a feature to back up mobile data directly, which some users might wish for.

When it comes to data sovereignty, iDrive is pretty straightforward. They’re based in the US and stick to US data protection laws.

Backblaze does the same. They’ve promised to store user data only in data centers in the US. This commitment to data sovereignty matters significantly in today’s digital world, where data privacy is critical.

iDrive vs Backblaze

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