Team Document Collaboration

Set up your team to share and collaborate on contract documents efficiently.

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Collaborate on Team Documents for eSignature Requests

Simplify collaboration with your team by creating shared documents. Set up your team on Fill to be able to create team documents that can be easily managed and accessed by all members, fostering seamless collaboration at any time.

How to Collaborate on Documents as a Team on Fill

Creating and managing teams provides a simple way to handle shared assets with team members, eliminating the need for repetitive document sharing.

Setup Team

Sign in to your Fill account, select the Team tab from the sidebar and proceed to adding users with team member’s email and basic info.


Assign Roles

Once you have added one team member, assign roles and set permission to that team member, then click Save.


Share Document

Find the document you want to collaborate on and select Share. Choose Team and select the team you want to share your file with.


Seamlessly Assign Team Roles and Permissions

Streamline your team’s workflow by designating roles and permissions based on individual responsibilities. With Fill’s team setup and configuration, specify who can edit, send, or access specific documents. This guarantees real-time, simultaneous collaboration among team members throughout ongoing contracts or post-closure processes.  

Create Diverse Specialized Teams with Ease

Effortlessly create and manage multiple teams to suit your needs. Adding and removing team members is a breeze, allowing for seamless transitions as members fulfill their roles. Maintain an efficient and organized workflow by easily moving members across teams.

Control access to highly-confidential documents

Regulate and manage who among your team can view, edit, sign, or take specific actions on sensitive documents. By limiting access, you can reduce the risk of breaches and accidental disclosures.

Access control also maintains data integrity, as only those given permissions can alter the document.

Team document sharing, made easy.

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