Gravity Forms vs Jotform

When comparing Gravity Forms vs Jotform, the major difference between them is their approach to customization. Gravity Forms excels with its distinct WordPress-centric approach. Its standout feature is a high level of compatibility with WordPress themes and plugins. Jotform, on the other hand, shines with its user-friendly platform. One of Jotform’s strong points is its simplified customization process.

Comparing Gravity Forms vs Jotform

Conditional Logic Real-Time Notifications Spam Protection Workflow Automation
Gravity Forms Yes Provides customizable email notifications. Yes Supports automatic email replies and integrates with third-party tools.
Jotform Yes Provides real-time email and app notifications. Yes Supports automatic email replies and approval.
Gravity Forms vs Jotform

Gravity Forms vs Jotform : Feature Comparison

Gravity Forms vs Jotform


When examining Jotform vs. Gravity Forms in terms of customization, both platforms offer impressive capabilities but with nuances worth noting.

Gravity Forms takes the lead with its WordPress-centric approach. It is highly compatible with WordPress themes and plugins, allowing for precise, site-integrated customizations.

Jotform, by contrast, provides a user-friendly platform. Its drag-and-drop features and numerous ready-made templates simplify the customization process. This is especially helpful for users with less technical expertise.

Conditional Logic

When comparing Gravity Forms vs Jotform on the basis of conditional logic, both tools bring unique strengths to the table. Conditional logic is a critical feature that customizes forms based on user answers. It boosts user interaction and makes data collection more precise.

Gravity Forms distinguishes itself with its superior conditional logic. This feature goes beyond individual form fields to include entire sections and pages. It allows you to build intricate, multi-page forms that adapt to the user’s responses. Plus, this same conditional logic can be used in notifications and confirmations. It provides a personalized communication experience with the respondent.

As a Gravity Forms alternative, Jotform has a conditional logic feature that is simpler to use, particularly for beginners. It provides an easily navigable interface. This feature enables users to hide or show fields, skip pages, or end the form based on the responses given. Although it’s less complex, it efficiently meets most form-building needs.

Gravity Forms vs Jotform
Gravity Forms vs Jotform

Real-Time Notifications

When it comes to real-time notifications, both Gravity Forms and Jotform excel in keeping you continually updated.

Gravity Forms allows for email notifications whenever a form is submitted. These alerts can be customized, directing them to specific team members based on the submission’s content.

Jotform exceeds expectations by offering more than just email alerts. You’ll receive real-time updates through their mobile app, too. It is incredibly convenient if you’re frequently mobile or away from your desk for long periods.

Spam Protection

Gravity Forms enhances spam protection by integrating smoothly with external anti-spam plugins like Akismet. It also supports Google reCaptcha. Gravity Forms also provides honeypot options and tailored captcha setups to strengthen your fight against spammers.

Jotform offers easy-to-use spam protection without any need for extra setup. It filters out fake submissions by using a unique form ID and CAPTCHA tools. Plus, it automatically blacklists suspicious IP addresses, maintaining the integrity of your data.

Gravity Forms vs Jotform
Gravity Forms vs Jotform

Reporting and Analytics

Gravity Forms provides comprehensive reporting, enabling you to monitor form views, conversion rates, and even the device types users employ. This feature is perfect for businesses keen on tracking their form performance in detail.

Jotform offers a user-friendly option for viewing form submissions. Users can export their data to CSV, Excel, or PDF formats. This feature makes it easier for those who aren’t tech-savvy to access and analyze submissions without navigating complex data.

Customizable Branding

As an alternative to Jotform, Gravity Forms provides comprehensive tools and rules for creating forms that match your brand. This includes simple elements like color and content and advanced CSS styling options.

On the other hand, Jotform distinguishes itself with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. This feature allows you to effortlessly create branded forms, templates, and embeddable widgets that mirror your brand’s style. It eliminates the need for any coding skills.

Gravity Forms vs Jotform
Gravity Forms vs Jotform

Workflow Automation

Workflow automation is an essential aspect when evaluating Gravity Forms vs Jotform. Let’s first take a look at Gravity Forms.

Gravity Forms boosts efficiency with its impressive workflow automation features. It provides a range of automated tasks based on form submissions. This includes scheduling automatic email replies and integrating with third-party platforms like PayPal, streamlining the entire form management process.

Jotform matches up well, providing numerous automated workflow options. These include automatic email responses and approval workflows. They help to simplify tasks such as onboarding new employees, processing vacation requests, or handling expense claims.

Customer Support

As a Jotform alternative, Gravity Forms provides support through a comprehensive knowledge base and a ticket system. However, they don’t offer direct phone or live chat options. So, you might have to rely on written resources to solve complex issues.

Jotform excels in providing continuous customer support. It offers live chat, email, and a user-friendly help center, ensuring you can get help anytime.

The availability of support channels gives Jotform an edge when comparing Gravity Forms vs Jotform in customer service. Both services provide resources in their help and FAQ sections, ensuring you can access self-help support to troubleshoot issues.

Gravity Forms vs Jotform

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