Gravity Forms vs. Ninja Forms

The main difference between Gravity Forms and Ninja Forms is their customization capabilities. Gravity Forms stands out with its advanced features like tailored fields, adaptive logic, and more than 30 form fields. On the other hand, Ninja Forms allows you to create your forms effortlessly with customizable fields. It gives you the power to format form submissions and send personalized emails.

Comparing Gravity Forms and Ninja Forms 

 TemplatesConditional LogicWorkflow AutomationIntegrations
Gravity FormsPre-designed form layoutsYesYesSupports PayPal, Stripe, Dropbox, MailChimp, etc.
Ninja FormsCustomizable form templatesYesYesSupports Slack, Zapier, Stripe, MailChimp, etc.

User-Friendly Interface

When comparing Ninja Forms vs Gravity Forms, you should know that both prioritize user-friendliness in distinct ways.

With its user-friendly drag-and-drop builder,, Gravity Forms makes adding and arranging form fields simple. In addition, it offers helpful tooltips and resources within the interface, making form creation easy even for beginners.

Ninja Forms enhances the form creation with its orderly, column-based layout and adjustable field configurations. You get the benefit of live previews, giving you a real-time glimpse of your form. It makes form construction an uncomplicated experience.

Gravity Forms vs. Ninja Forms


Gravity Forms stands out with its advanced features like tailored fields, adaptive logic, and more than 30 form fields. It lets you customize your forms to suit your brand’s unique needs.

Ninja Forms makes customization easy with its intuitive design features. You can effortlessly create your forms with customizable fields and the ability to shape form submissions and personalized emails.

Responsive Design

Both Gravity Forms vs Ninja Forms emphasize their responsive design. With many internet users browsing on mobile, this ensures your forms remain user-friendly on all screen sizes.

As an alternative to Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms has a strong reputation for responsiveness. The software adjusts form fields, buttons, and layouts to look good on desktops and smaller devices. Every detail is considered, making the forms functional and aesthetically pleasing on various platforms.

Ninja Forms also provides an efficient, user-friendly experience across all devices. They’ve tailored their forms to work effectively on mobiles and desktops alike. It ensures a seamless experience for your audience, no matter their device.


Both platforms promise compatibility with various third-party software and services designed to streamline workflows and enhance functionality. With Gravity Forms, you benefit from integrations with services like PayPal, Stripe, and MailChimp. Ninja Forms is not far behind and features seamless integrations with CRM tools, email marketing software, and payment gateways. 

What sets Gravity Forms apart is its specialized addons for each integration. Examples include the User Registration Addon or the Dropbox Addon, which offer targeted functionality.

On the other hand, Ninja Forms uses a universal connector via Zapier. It allows connection with almost any service but might not offer the tailored features of Gravity Forms’ dedicated addons.

Gravity Forms vs. Ninja Forms

Real-Time Notifications

Some slight but significant differences regarding real-time notifications exist when comparing Gravity Forms vs Ninja Forms.

With Gravity Forms, you receive immediate email notifications when a form is submitted. This feature helps you keep track of new entries effortlessly. Plus, you can tailor these emails for individual forms.

Ninja Forms enhances the instant notifications feature by allowing users to create specific actions triggered by form submissions. It could range from sending a custom email to integrating with a CRM or updating a spreadsheet. This way, you don’t just receive instant notifications but can also initiate multiple actions at once, saving you valuable time.

Reporting and Analytics

As a Ninja Forms alternative, Gravity Forms provides a straightforward reporting system for tracking entries and conversions. You can better understand form submission trends through its visual charts, aiding in informed decision-making.

While Ninja Forms lacks a built-in analytics feature, it makes up for it with excellent compatibility with Google Analytics. This integration lets you track your forms and get detailed insights such as user behavior, acquisition, and conversion rates. It gives you a broader view of how your forms are performing.

Workflow Automation

We need to touch on workflow automation when comparing Gravity Forms vs Ninja Forms. This feature aids in streamlining form processing by initializing automatic actions. Let’s compare how these two services perform.

Gravity Forms makes everything more accessible with its vital workflow automation feature. It lets you streamline tasks such as sending out emails when a form is submitted and displaying customized messages using conditional logic. It also guides users to different pages based on their responses.

Plus, it allows you to link numerous fields for complex calculations.

Ninja Forms offers core workflow automation features such as auto-generated emails and conditional logic. Even more impressively, it integrates with Zapier, paving the way for connections with thousands of apps. It makes Ninja Forms a formidable option for businesses that employ a wide array of software.

Gravity Forms vs. Ninja Forms

Customer Support

Gravity Forms provides standard support through accessible documents and FAQs. For complicated issues, they have a dedicated ticket system. Premium users can enjoy personal support for direct communication with the team. However, their response time could use some improvement.

Ninja Forms is commended as a Gravity Forms alternative for its vast and free support resources. Users can access a support forum, video tutorials, documentation, and email support.

They pledge to respond to all queries within 24 hours; most users confirm this. However, they don’t offer live chat, which could provide immediate, real-time assistance.

Fill: The Best Alternative To Gravity Forms

Are you thinking about using Gravity Forms for online form building? Don’t forget also to consider another option, Fill.

Fill offers various professional templates to choose from, keeping your branding consistent. Plus, it allows you to customize your templates, providing more flexibility and uniformity in your form designs.

Additionally, Fill streamlines customer interaction with easy-to-use digital forms. These forms, which can be created in under 10 minutes, allow customers to quickly and easily submit requests, complaints, or suggestions. These forms can be reused and distributed to numerous respondents as required.

Aside from creating forms and engaging customers, Fill stands out in data collection and analysis. It provides a platform for carrying out detailed surveys. It gives vital information for making key marketing strategies and maintaining your brand’s visibility.

Fill isn’t just a standalone tool. Its flexibility allows seamless integration with various tools like Zapier, Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Workspace. This integration boosts its utility and convenience.

In the end, choosing between Gravity Forms vs Ninja Forms may be a bit tricky. But remember, there’s always another choice: the top-notch alternative, Fill. Take advantage of digital forms to their fullest with Fill.

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