What Is a PDF Editor? 3 Easy Ways to Edit PDFs Online

by Kent Cañas
what is a pdf editor

Have you ever wondered if there’s a way to alter PDFs? When you browse for productivity apps online, you’ll most likely see “what is a PDF editor” show up on your search results. If its purpose still isn’t that clear to you, now would be the best time to learn more.

By learning more about its features and functionality, you will eventually understand why it’s such a sought-after tool for those who want a better way to deal with paperwork.

3 Easy Ways to Edit PDF Files Online

Editing a PDF file online is more convenient since you do not need to install anything on your phone or computer. If you are looking for a secure and convenient way to update PDFs online, follow any of the three methods that we’ve listed below:

1. Edit PDFs using a Chrome extension

For Chrome users, you can install a browser extension called “PDF editor online.”

Once installed, load the extension, then drag and drop your PDF documents into the file manager. Right-click on the PDF you wish to edit, then select Open/Edit.

You may then edit the PDF however you want. The extension has a full suite of editing tools that you can use. It even has tools for inserting symbols and 3D objects.

2. Edit PDFs using an online PDF editor

Using an online PDF editor is one of the most practical ways to edit PDFs. All you need is a reliable web app, and you’re all set. With an online editor, you simply upload your PDF file and edit it using the tools provided. You can also delete some texts and replace headings in just a few clicks.

There are also other tools that you can use to edit PDFs. You can even add some interactive elements like drop-down menus and checkboxes, which is great if you’re looking into creating some online forms.

Choosing an online editor to edit all sorts of PDFs allows you to work on your documents on the fly. So even if you’re using a different phone or computer, you can still complete your editing tasks. Just connect to the internet and load the online editor on any web browser. 

3. Edit PDFs using the Fill editor 

Fill is not just an app for creating digital signatures. It also allows users to tweak PDFs directly inside its platform. Plus, it makes editing documents super convenient because you can do it regardless of what device you’re on. You can also use the app to add a legally binding signature to your document, which is a must if you need to sign contracts and legal forms.

Fill is also ideal for editing PDFs containing sensitive information. With its modern security features, it’s easy to verify whether a document is authentic or fake. If ever someone attempts to edit your PDFs without your knowledge or permission, you’ll know right away because of the system’s document tracking feature.

What Is a PDF Editor? 

It is a tool — an application or software — that allows you to change the contents of a PDF. Typically considered a standalone tool, a PDF editor does not limit its functionality to editing PDFs alone. It also serves as a document organizer and PDF viewer. 

A PDF editor often provides a rich lineup of tools and options that you can use to edit or format texts. If you want, you can even highlight sentences, add rows and columns, or insert images. The process is similar to how you would usually create or update a Word document.

Final Thoughts

Editing any existing PDF document is easy. As long as you use a reliable PDF editor, you won’t have a problem editing PDFs. Not only does it lighten your workload, but it also speeds up the way you process paperwork.

With the help of a PDF editing tool, you can get more signing tasks done and have those forms filled out quickly and accurately. There’s also no need to print and scan documents. A PDF editor is a great tool if you’re trying to cut down on business costs.

If you need a secure and trusted tool that can quickly edit PDFs and fill out forms, try Fill. Our cloud-based electronic signature app has a built-in PDF editor that you can use to sign contracts and edit online forms. On top of this, Fill uses military-grade encryption to safeguard your documents from malicious users.

Create your free account today.

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