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Knowing how to insert signature in PDF has become important these days. Online signing has become an efficient way to sign and verify documents through digital means without experiencing any of the limitations that offline-signing brings with it. It is a testament to how technology has optimized offices and organizations helping business associations to carry on in a smoother and more efficient manner.

The use of online signatures is backed by international laws making them a legally valid way of signing documents. Documents and agreements that are signed using digital means are admissible in a court of law.

how to insert signature in pdf

Different Ways To Insert Signatures In A PDF

There are mainly three ways that people can choose from to sign a document online. They can opt for scanned signatures, digital signatures or electronic signatures to get agreements and documents signed. They all require different steps to be executed but have the similar purpose of facilitating online signing making document verification an easier process. Let us see how to insert signature in pdf using these methods.

How to add electronic signature to PDF

Scanned Signatures

Scanned signatures are basically scanned images of your handwritten signature that you can upload to a document. It is the easiest method to learn how to insert signature in PDF but it is not the safest one. You can opt for scanned signatures when you are looking to sign documents that are of mediocre importance. It is highly discouraged to use these for agreements and contracts as they are a bit compromised when it comes to security.

Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures are the online version of your handwritten signature which can be in the form of a signature drawn on a PDF using a mouse or a touchpad or it can simply be in a typed form with your name or initials in it. Electronic signatures are less susceptible to malicious activity and are one of the most preferred ways of signing documents online.

Digital Signatures

Digital signatures are similar to electronic signatures but the key difference with digital signatures is that they depend on encryption keys to execute signatures online. This is a highly secured process of signing documents and breaching documents that are digitally encrypted is almost an impossible task to accomplish.

These are the three most common ways of how to create signature in PDF. Out of all the three options, electronic signatures tend to be the most sought after one as they combine both convenience and security when handling documents.

How to create signature in PDF with Fill

Fill is one of the world’s leading eSignature service providers that has been catering its service to millions of satisfied customers worldwide. Online signatures can be executed by any individual without taking assistance of eSignature services but it is only suitable if they intend to use it just for once. However, organizations that want to make eSignatures a part of their work process need to acquire a reliable eSignature service that provides them with the tools to do so.

Fill provides an easy interface for its users that enables them to make online signatures a pivotal part of their work process. Almost anyone can easily learn how to insert signature in PDF using Fill. Fill provides a lot of additional features as well that makes handling documents an easier task for you.

How To Insert Signature in PDF Using Fill

There are 4 ways you can add signatures to your PDF using Fill:

Draw a signature using your screen

This one is applicable for devices with a touch screen. You can simply draw your signature on the document through Fill. Simply upload the requisite file and click add signature and proceed to draw your signature on the desired location

Upload image

This option is suitable for both computers and smartphones. You just need to click a picture of your handwritten signature and then proceed to upload it to the document through Fill. The image will be laid on the document and you can drag it to the preferred location.

Use a mouse

This is applicable when you are using a laptop or a computer. Once you have uploaded the document, simply use your mouse or touchpad to draw your signature on it.

Typed signing

Electronic signatures can also be executed in a typed form. You can simply type in your full name or initials and even choose to include numerical on your typed signature. Fill will provide a selection of auto-generated fonts and you can choose the font that resembles your handwritten signature the most.

These are all the ways on how to add electronic signature to pdf. These can be easily executed by anyone without needing any kind of assistance.

Things That Makes Fill Stand Apart

There are a number of reasons why fill is the most suitable option for learning how to insert signature in PDF.

Ease of use

Fill provides an easy interface for its users which make signing PDFs easy for anyone with a basic knowledge of using computers and phones. Every step of the process is guided by the interface and a sign takes seconds to be executed.

Optimal security

Fill relies on digital encryption to make sure any document uploaded in the cloud and sent over to associates is done so in a secured manner. It is the best choice out there to sign important agreements and contracts.

Suited for multiple devices

Fill’s interface is suited to be easily accessed both through phones and computers which makes it easier for individuals to sign PDFs on the go without any issues. You don’t need to get to the office every time to access and sign important documents anymore.

Fill is one of the best choices for providing the tools you will need to make signatures on PDF. It is time for you to jump on the digital bandwagon and take your business to the next level.

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