How to Convert Signature to eSignature?

How to Convert Signature to eSignature

Signing documents online is convenient and more productive than sending physical documents back and forth for signatures. One way to achieve this is by converting signature to eSignature using Fill. This guarantees you get a legally binding and secure electronic signature.

How to Convert Signature to eSignature Using Fill

1. Look for a clean sheet of white paper and draw your handwritten signature. Use a black extra-thick broad pen to create your signature. This produces a high contrast and legible signature once scanned.

2. Take a photo of your signature using your mobile or use a scanner.

3. Log in to your Fill account. If you don’t have one yet, make sure to sign up.

4. Go to Settings by clicking the gear icon found at the lower left side of the screen.

5. Click Preferences and select My Signatures.

6. Click New Signature and select Upload.

How to Convert Signature to eSignature
7. Upload the file, which contains the copy of your signature.

How to Convert Signature to eSignature
8. Fill automatically automizes your signature, eliminating any background.

9. Once you’re okay with how your converted signature looks, click Save.

How to Convert Signature to eSignature

Why Use Fill To Converting Signature To eSignature 

Fill lets you experience the benefits of an electronic signature. Its free signature generator helps you turn any handwritten signature into a legally binding eSignature. Here’s why you should use Fill.

Fill is easy to use

Fill gives you a user-friendly and intuitive platform where you can easily upload a scanned handwritten signature and convert it to an electronic signature. You can also draw your signature using a trackpad or stylus or simply type your name and choose from a variety of handwritten fonts.

This gives you flexibility on how you want to generate your eSignature so you’re not just limited to one option. 

Fill saves you time

Within a minute, you’ll have a great-looking eSignature using Fill’s signature generator. You don’t have to start from scratch or learn technical or design skills. You can also save the eSignature in your Fill account and use it every time you need to sign an online document. 

By saving your signature, you’ll increase your productivity and efficiency.

Fill ensures a consistent and professional look

Your documents and email will get a more professional look since you don’t have to worry about blurry scanned images. Fill gives you a crisp and high-quality signature which gives your documents more credibility and makes you trustworthy.

It also ensures your signature looks the same every time you use it.

Fill guarantees security and protects your privacy

Fill uses military-grade security technology like the latest encryption protocols to protect your signature and documents. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your data is protected from unauthorized use. You can also remain compliant with industry regulations and ensure your documents are legally binding.

By using a secure electronic signature application, you can avoid the risks of security breaches and regulatory non-compliance.

Fill has other useful features

Fill is more than just a signature generator. It can also serve as a document management tool for your important contracts that need signature. You can build intuitive forms using Fill’s online form builder and customizable template. The app also features a document scanner so you can capture important information from physical documents.

You can use Fill on any device such as your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. It has both Android and iOS apps. These ensure that you can sign online documents anytime, anywhere. 

Benefits of Converting Signatures To Digital

Aside from convenience, electronic signatures streamline your business’ workflow and help you manage your documents efficiently. These are the advantages you’d experience once you make the switch:

1. Work fully remotely.

eSignatures eliminate the need for face-to-face meetings just to sign a document. You can complete a presentation online through a video meeting and seal the deal by sending the contract for signature. 

2. Secure your documents.

eSignature applications observe strict security protocols like data encryption and user access authentication to protect the sensitive contents of your docutments. They can also verify the signer’s identity ensuring the signature’s validity.

3. Save on stationary costs.

You don’t have to spend on printing, paper, or ink cartridges since you don’t need to print documents anymore. You can complete the entire signing process online using your phone or computer.

4. Enjoy signature tracking.

When you need multiple people to sign on a document, it can be difficult to track who’ve completed the task. It gets more complicated when there’s a hierarchy and you need to follow up individuals to remind them to sign the document. 

eSignature apps can automatically remind signers that there’s a pending document for signature. It also sends alerts on the people who have and haven’t signed yet. 

5. Sign documents anywhere.

The best eSignature apps work with whatever device you have. You can use a browser on a computer, a mobile browser on your tablet, or a dedicated app on your phone. This lets you sign documents even when you’re outside the office.

Create Your Free eSignature with Fill 

It’s time you enjoy the benefits of a seamless and convenient online signing solution. Fill helps you convert signature to eSignature and more. Check out Fill today and get your free electronic signature.

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