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How to Open a PDF in PowerPoint

Learn how to convert your PDF to PPT format and open it as a PowerPoint presentation.


Click on Select Files or drag and drop the PDF file you want to convert into pptx.


Your file will be converted and saved and you can open it using your powerpoint app.

PDF to PowerPoint

Easy to use

Effortlessly transform your PDF into a PowerPoint presentation with Fill’s user-friendly and intuitive interface. It’s compatible with any browser and accessible on all internet-enabled devices, making converting PDFs to PowerPoint a breeze.

Secure Conversions

With Fills secure and compliant PDF to PowerPoint converter, you can check compromising your document’s integrity off your list . We strictly adhere to legal and regulatory compliance and are transparent about handling your documents. Our encrypted tool takes care of your document conversion without reading the content of your files and automatically deletes the file after 1 hour.

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Export PDF to PowerPoint

Reuse your PDF content as PowerPoint without having to rewrite your content on PowerPoint. Spend time doing other work and let our tool convert your PDF pages to PowerPoint slides, which you can edit and organize.

More than just PDF to PPT

Convert your PDF into any file type with Fill. PDF to JPG, PDF to PNG, BMP to PDF, HEIC to PDF, splitting PDF and more with our intuitive conversion tool. Enjoy easy, free conversions for documents of any size.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Convert PDF to PowerPoint on Mac using the following steps:

Open any browser on your Mac PC and load the Fill PDF to PowerPoint converter ( 

Upload your PDF file by clicking select file or dragging and dropping the file into the box.

Confirm the document you uploaded by clicking on the thumbnail containing each page of your PDF file. If you mistakenly uploaded the wrong file, select Cancel and start over.

Then select Apply & Download, and Fill will automatically convert and save the PowerPoint file to your device.


You can also convert PDF to PowerPoint using the same steps on Windows and Linux PCs.

You can convert PDF to PowerPoint slides using a PDF-to-PowerPoint converter tool like Fill. 

Each PDF page will automatically be saved as a slide. So, if you have 15 PDF PAGES, you will have 15 PDF slides. You can do this by uploading your PDF file to the Fill tool and clicking Apply & download to save your new File.