How to Write a Business Proposal [free templates inside]

A business proposal is a document businesses provide to potential clients to persuade them to invest in specific products or services. In most cases, business proposals are used by B2B companies.

Business plans differ from business proposals in many ways, including their level of specificity. When someone presents an annual business plan PPT or short business proposal PDF, they’re provided a broad view of the company from an operational level. With a business proposal, they’re providing a highly specific sales document detailing the way their company can help to solve another company’s problem. If you research the best business plan template PPT free download, you’ll be able to better understand the differences between these documents.

When the recipient of a business proposal doc agrees to the terms of that proposal, the next step is execution. If the client agrees to the proposal, both they and the business have to take steps to follow through with what the proposal promises.

When coming up with business proposal ideas, it’s important to understand that there are two primary types of proposals: solicited and unsolicited.

A solicited proposal is provided after a customer asks for it. They will reach out to you and send a request for a proposal (also known as an RFP) asking for specific information. An unsolicited proposal is sent to a potential client even though they haven’t asked for it, because you think that your business’s products or services could benefit them.

Before you start researching the best proposal template or looking for a business proposal cover letter sample or contract proposal template, it’s best to clarify the type of proposal you’re sending. Knowing if you’re responding to an RFP or not can help you determine the right language to use and ensure you’re providing the best details to the recipient.

A sales proposal is a written document that a seller provides if they’re looking to sell specific goods or services to someone else (usually another business).

Delivering a sales proposal is a key part of the sales process, and the ultimate goal is to get the recipient interested in buying what your business is selling. Providing a sales proposal gives you an opportunity to talk up your business’s products or services and get the reader excited about working with you.

As with any other type of proposal, there are specific pieces of information you’ll need to include in your proposal. If you look at a standard sales proposal template, a SaaS sales proposal template, or an informal sales proposal example, you’ll see they all contain the same basic elements.

The following are some of the key details to include in your proposal:

  • Information about your company
  • Details about how your products or services can benefit the proposal recipient
  • A product sales contract
  • Information about products or services being purchased
  • Payment information
  • Terms and conditions related to the sale
  • Details about consequences if you or the recipient does not follow through with the proposed terms and conditions
  • A place for signatures

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