PDFescape vs. iLovePDF

by Andria Pacina
PDFescape vs. iLovePDF

The main difference between PDFescape and iLovePDF has to do with their team collaboration features. This is because the features offered by iLovePDF are available on its iLovePDF for Business service. Meanwhile, PDFescape’s collaboration features are available to all users. 

PDFescape vs. iLovePDF Comparison

 ComplianceContract Lifecycle ManagementeSignatureDocument Storage

Electronic Signature Integration

When it comes to eSignature, iLovePDF is a good PDFescape alternative. This is because PDFescape does not offer its integration capabilities. 

With this in place for iLovePDF, you can easily sign and certify digital documents from any device. iLovePDF has a built-in eSignature tool that you can use anytime. You don’t need to subscribe to a higher-tiered plan or use a different app to access it.

Document Storage

One advantage of using PDFescape over iLovePDF is its document storage features. Both online and desktop versions of PDFescape allow users to store files on their accounts. This allows you to store your signed PDF files on your account for up to 7 days. But you can use the premium or basic plan to store your file in your account indefinitely.

In this iLovePDF vs. PDFescape comparison, you’ll learn that the former does not offer document storage. Instead, it offers Cloud storage integration with Dropbox and Google Drive. 

Workflow Automation

PDFescape also wins in this PDFescape vs. iLovePDF comparison because of its workflow automation feature. PDFescape integrates with a workflow automation platform called airSlate. PDFescape also has an API that allows developers to integrate functionality into other apps. 

Meanwhile, iLovePDF does not offer any workflow automation capabilities. 

Audit Trails and Logs

Here’s another feature that makes iLovePDF a good alternative to PDFescape: audit trail. iLovePDF has an audit trail feature to keep track of your PDF documents. This allows you to stay on top of the status of your PDF document. 

As soon as a document has been signed, iLovePDF automatically generates an audit trail. This includes a detailed log of activities that happened on the document. You can look for the activity log of your documents for up to a year or more. 

PDFescape does not offer this feature, so it loses in this round.

PDFescape vs. iLovePDF

Customizable Branding

Customizable branding is one feature that users look for in document signing software. And fortunately, this is something that iLovePDF offers. 

With this feature, you don’t have to look for an iLovePDF alternative. iLovePDF allows you to create your brand identity on the platform by adding your logo to your documents. As mentioned, iLovePDF also offers a Premium feature where you can manage your team. This feature lets you share actions like adding a watermark with your logo or setting a page number format.  

PDFescape does not offer custom branding.

Bulk Signing Capability

Bulk signing is also available on iLovePDF instead of PDFescape. With this feature, you can send signature requests to several recipients at once. This also gives you a separate request to sign. You also get to remind the participants and keep track of the signature request progress. 

PDFescape does not offer bulk signing. 

Team Collaboration

When comparing PDFescape and iLovePDF, you have to consider whether you need team collaboration features carefully. PDFescape’s team collaboration features are available on its online version. You can easily access this on any device as long as you have an internet connection.

Meanwhile, iLovePDF offers team collaboration features via its iLovePDF for Business service. This tier costs more, especially since it caters to businesses and aims to improve team efficiency and collaboration. iLovePDF for Business allows team members to co-edit, convert, edit, and optimize documents. 

Fill: A Third Option for Document Signing

Here’s a third option for document signing software: Fill. This software also serves as a worthwhile alternative to iLovePDF. 

One thing that makes Fill different from both PDFescape and iLovePDF is that it offers compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, and UETA. The other options only offer one or two of these. 

Like iLovePDF, Fill also has its own eSignature and team collaboration tools. But it doesn’t limit the use of these features to business users. The feature is available to paid users on Fill. 

Fill also has a template gallery so you don’t have to keep writing your contracts from scratch. It also offers workflow automation so that repetitive tasks are taken care of. 

With these features, Fill is a suitable option for your document signing needs. Create an account today to start signing your documents with ease.

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