Nasuni vs. SharePoint

The main difference between Nasuni and SharePoint lies in their approach towards security. Nasuni uses high-level encryption for data protection and two-factor authentication for security. However, SharePoint uses Microsoft’s security system and high-level threat protection by integrating with Office 365’s Compliance and Security Center to give you precise control over who can see your business data.

Comparing Nasuni and SharePoint

Access Control and User Permissions Backup and Recovery Compliance Standards Cost
Nasuni Offers granular management of cloud file server access, including role-based controls, shared folder permissions, and identity management Vast backup and recovery Complies with HIPAA, GDPR, and FINRA Pay-as-you-go but offers physical storage costs between $4,000 and $17,500
SharePoint Integrates with Microsoft 365 Groups for site access and offers customizable permission levels for detailed access management Robust backup architecture, including farm backup, component backup, or site collection backup Complies with ISO 27001, GDPR, and FISMA From $5.00 per user per month.
Nasuni vs. SharePoint

Nasuni vs SharePoint: Feature Breakdown

Nasuni vs SharePoint

Storage Capacity

Nasuni provides almost unlimited storage by combining on-premise and cloud storage. This system blends with big cloud providers, ensuring safety, speedy access, and ease of use worldwide. Its design supports any number of users and manages data smoothly. For storage systems, Nasuni uses cloud object storage instead of old-style file servers and NAS systems as a scalable option.

On the other hand, SharePoint uses a subscription model for storage capacity. It provides 1 TB and more storage per user license, which you can increase by buying more.


In the SharePoint vs Nasuni discussion, security cannot be ignored as it is a crucial concern for any business.

Nasuni uses strong encryption for data, whether stored or shared. It also employs two-factor authentication, which provides a secure location to store critical data.

As an alternative to Nasuni, SharePoint uses Microsoft’s security setup and advanced threat protection. This integration with Office 365’s compliance and security center helps Sharepoint give you detailed control over who can access your stored business data. However, SharePoint requires a significant setup; its security strength depends on the management practices involved.

Nasuni vs. SharePoint
Nasuni vs SharePoint

Access Control and User Permissions

Nasuni shines in its ability to provide businesses with effective control over access rights. It means you are in total control, deciding who can see your data. Your own tailored rules govern the extent of their visibility. The plus part is you can easily change or remove these permissions, ensuring consistent control.

SharePoint, on the other hand, has user permission features that are heavily integrated with Microsoft’s system. It lets you set detailed permissions for each document and works smoothly with Active Directory to control access. However, this also means you’re somewhat tied to Microsoft’s system, and this might not be ideal if you’re already using a different setup.

If you prefer tailoring management and scaling up, Nasuni could be a better fit. However, if smooth integration with Microsoft software is vital for your business, SharePoint could be the better choice.

Collaboration Tools

As an alternative to Sharepoint, Nasuni provides features to help teams collaborate quickly with each other, no matter where they are. It allows shared file access and integrates well with platforms like Microsoft Teams. Nasuni also scores high on versioning. It enables instant updates and helps you pull back older versions of files. It truly aids in teamwork without any hurdles.

Meanwhile, SharePoint is well-known for its collaboration tools. It stands out with its team sites, task management, and workflows. These features help teams to set up project-specific websites, handle tasks, and streamline procedural steps in a shared workspace.

Moreover, its integration with Microsoft 365 guarantees users access to all essential tools within one platform.

Nasuni vs SharePoint
Nasuni vs SharePoint

Compliance Standards

In comparing Nasuni vs SharePoint and how they measure up to compliance standards, both solutions do an excellent job.

Nasuni, for instance, strongly conforms to critical standards such as HIPAA, GDPR, and FINRA. They readily provide detailed information about their compliance rules and offer practical workflows to make meeting these regulations easier. Thanks to its global-friendly architecture, Nasuni takes the worry out of dealing with laws and regulations.

SharePoint also ensures strict compliance with global, regional, and storage regulations like ISO 27001, GDPR, FISMA, etc. Its in-depth auditing features make it an excellent tool for industries with stringent regulatory standards.

Integration with Existing Systems

Nasuni has been designed to work harmoniously with Hyper-V, Azure, DFS namespaces, and Windows Previous Versions. Whether you’re looking to merge NAS clusters, Nasuni fits right in. It provides needed support for applications in your NAS environment, ensuring everything works smoothly.

In the same vein, SharePoint makes working with Microsoft 365 apps and many other systems easy. Sharepoint works with a lot more than Microsoft products. It is also compatible with human resources systems, IT service desks, customer relationship management (CRM) systems like Salesforce, and digital asset management tools. These help automate document workflows, smartly manage your organization’s data, and offer information tailored to each employee.

Nasuni vs. SharePoint
Nasuni vs SharePoint


Nasuni has a versatile pricing structure, providing both physical hardware and a flexible subscription plan for its cloud services.

The cost of the physical devices varies, falling between $4,000 and $17,500, based on the design and storage space. The NF-200 1U model, suitable for up to 300 users, is priced between $4,000 and $6,000. The NF-400 2U device, meant for up to 900 users, costs between $12,500 and $17,500.

Nasuni’s cloud subscription model follows a pay-as-you-go policy. It could lead to significant savings and increased flexibility compared to traditional file servers and NAS systems. Customers moving to Nasuni’s could potentially save 50% or more.

SharePoint’s pricing is clear and easy to understand, with two main plans.

Plan 1 costs $5.00 per user per month for essential services, and Plan 2 costs $10.00 per user per month for advanced features. If your organization requires a broader range of tools, you can opt for the Office 365 E3 package. This package is priced at $20.00 per user per month when charged annually.

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