Internxt vs. Mega

The main difference between Internxt and Mega is in their file distribution and security approach. Internxt Drive utilizes file distribution, fragmenting, and encryption to prevent any single machine from holding complete files. On the other hand, Mega provides more extensive free storage but lacks file distribution, making it less secure.

Comparing Internxt and Mega

Storage Capacity Collaboration Tools Integrations with Existing Systems Mobile Access and Apps Data Sovereignty Cost
Internxt 10 GB Secure File Sharing, Cross-Platform Synchronization, Project Management and Collaboration API Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android from $5/month
Mega 20 GB Secure file sharing, Chat, Meeting features API, Apix-Drive Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android from $5.39/month
Internxt vs Mega

Internxt vs Mega: Feature Deep-Dive

Internxt vs Mega

Storage Capacity

Internxt provides users with various storage capacities tailored to their diverse needs. It gives 10GB of free storage space for its three primary services—Internxt Drive, Photos, and Send. If you need more storage, then you can always opt for a paid plan.

As an alternative to Internxt, MEGA offers a range of storage plans with different limits, including a generous free plan with 20GB of storage. However, the file size limitations when downloading from MEGA vary depending on the browser used. It provides users with various storage options to suit their needs and budget, but file size limitations can be a concern for some.

Collaboration Tools

Internxt enhances productivity and security through its collaboration tools and services. Users can safely share files online with secure file-sharing options like Internxt Send. Its user-friendly interface and compatibility across devices cater to professionals seeking seamless access. Furthermore, Internxt offers project management tools for creating, tracking, and sharing projects and tasks, streamlining collaboration efforts.

Similarly, MEGA offers various collaboration tools as part of its platform. These tools include secure file sharing, chat, and meeting features, all integrated into one place. Users can securely store data online, share files, send messages, make calls, and hold meetings with anyone, even non-MEGA users.

Internxt vs Mega
Internxt vs Mega

Compliance Standards

Internxt prioritizes maintaining strict compliance standards, especially regarding privacy, security, and transparency. The company adheres to the GDPR, ensuring rigorous data protection and privacy protocols for individuals within the EU and EEA. This commitment ensures meticulous handling of users’ data, aligning with the highest global benchmarks for privacy and security.

In contrast, MEGA is a cloud storage service with no compliance standards. However, MEGA’s HOPEX tool supports ISO and helps organizations manage compliance and efficiency.

Integration with Existing Systems

Internxt presently lacks integration with third-party apps or services. However, it is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux systems. Moreover, Internxt furnishes an API for developers, enabling potential integration with diverse applications.

Conversely, MEGA’s API facilitates integration with other systems, allowing users to connect MEGA with their daily services and applications. This integration can be accomplished through third-party services like Apix-Drive, boasting over 350 integrations.

Internxt vs Mega
Internxt vs Mega


Internxt offers paid plans across various tiers, providing storage capacities and features for individual and business users. Prices begin at $5, $10, and $95 per month, with potential discounts for annual commitments. The platform’s pricing structure is designed for flexibility and accessibility, offering options tailored to the needs of individual and business users.

In comparison, MEGA offers various pricing plans for its cloud storage service. The Internxt alternative features paid plans that start at €4.99 monthly for 400GB of storage. Additionally, Mega offers a business plan with custom pricing based on the user’s needs.

Mobile Access and Apps Data Sovereignty

Internxt provides mobile applications for iOS and Android users, ensuring convenient access to data sovereignty. These apps enable users to view, modify, and synchronize their stored files quickly. Additionally, the platform is compatible with Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android systems, giving users complete authority over their data.

On the flip side, MEGA offers Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android applications, ensuring easy access across devices. This supports data sovereignty and accessibility. Mega prioritizes privacy and security with end-to-end encryption, ensuri

Internxt vs Mega

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