Internxt vs. Sync

The main difference between Internxt and Sync lies in their approach to collaboration. Internxt provides state-of-the-art encryption to facilitate secure file sharing and collaboration. On the other hand, Sync offers user-controlled permissions and shared storage options, promoting teamwork and cooperation.

Comparing Internxt and Sync

File Sharing Capabilities Audit Trails and Reporting Scalability Compliance Cost
Internxt Brings secure file sharing with encryption, including a service called Internxt Send for transferring up to 5GB, but lacks advanced sharing features and direct collaboration tools Yes Complies with GDPR laws From $5.49 for 200GB up to 10TB for $34.99
Sync Offers a comprehensive file-sharing and collaboration platform with features like secure file-sharing, client portals, and team collaboration Yes Complies with GDPR and PIPEDA From CAD 8 monthly for 2 TB
Internxt vs Sync

Internxt vs Sync: Feature Evaluation

Internxt vs Sync

Collaboration Tools

Regarding collaboration tools, both Internxt and Sync showcase core strengths.

Internxt is recognized for its advanced encryption feature. This extra layer of security makes it an excellent option for teams dealing with confidential data. It provides easy and secure file sharing and collaboration with password-protected and encrypted links.

Meanwhile, Sync provides a unique experience with robust collaboration tools like shared folders, comments, and version history. These functionalities foster team communication, feedback sharing, and tracking file changes effortlessly. Sync’s ‘Teams’ feature effectively enhances teamwork by allowing user-controlled permissions and shared storage options.

Backup and Recovery

Both offer backup and recovery options when considering Sync vs Internxt for good cloud storage.

Internxt offers an automated structure that is encrypted for solid protection against hacking. It also creates several copies of your data, spreading them across different servers for extra safety. If data loss occurs, recovery is as simple as bringing back the data from these backup copies.

Sync also provides a ‘Vault’ feature in backup and recovery. It is a secure space for quick backup of essential files. What sets Sync apart is that it offers deleted file recovery and version history. It means you can quickly get back previous versions of a file or restore deleted files.

Internxt vs Sync
Internxt vs Sync

Compliance Standards

The Internxt vs Sync comparison is attractive, especially regarding data protection and privacy. Both offer sturdy compliance standards but have some key differences worth mentioning.

Internxt uses a system where files are coded and decoded on your gadget before sharing, so even Internxt can’t view them. This process, known as zero-knowledge design, safeguards your data. Also, Internxt follows GDPR rules to guarantee your data privacy on their platform.

As an alternative to Internxt, Sync is rooted in the principle of privacy. They comply with GDPR guidelines and follow the stricter Canadian privacy laws known as PIPEDA.

Integration with Existing Systems

Internxt can integrate well with frequently used apps like Slack and Trello and enterprise tools such as Office365. It allows you to easily save and share documents, pictures, and more directly from these platforms without switching applications.

Sync also offers excellent integration. It’s compatible with platforms like Microsoft Office and G Suite, making storing and sharing files easy.  An exclusive feature of Sync is its integration with email clients like Outlook. It allows you to send big files or folders as links directly from your email.

Internxt vs Sync
Internxt vs Sync


As an alternative to Sync, Internxt offers various storage choices focused on privacy and safety. When you sign up, you get 2GB of free storage instantly. You could increase this to 10GB free through their referral program.

If you need more storage, Internxt has various paid plans. Their monthly plans start at $5.49 for 200GB and go up to 10TB for $34.99.

They also provide yearly and lifetime plans. With one payment, you can get up to 10TB of storage, giving you long-term access to their best services. Every paid plan comes with a 30-day refund policy, offering new users a chance to try their services without risk.

Sync starts with a free plan that offers 5 GB of storage. You can go for the Solo Basic plan at CAD 8 a month for 2 TB if you need more. There’s also the Solo Professional plan at CAD 20 monthly for 6 TB.

If you have a team, you can start with the Teams Standard plan, which is CAD 6 per user monthly for 1 TB storage. If you need more, the Teams+ Unlimited plan is CAD 15 per user monthly, giving unThere’s storage. Both are billed yearly.

Sync offers enterprise solutions with customizable pricing. They ensure transparency with no unexpected costs. They accept multiple payment methods and offer a 30-day refund policy on their premium plans.

User Interface and Ease of Use

Looking at the user interface and ease of use, both Internxt and Sync do an excellent job.

As a Sync alternative, Internxt is known for its user-friendly platform. It’s easy to move around and understand how everything works.

Plus, its simple design isn’t just good to look at; it also makes it easier to use. It means you can save, handle, and access your files without hassle.

On the other hand, Sync has done an impressive job of improving its user experience. Its user-friendly interface is complemented by helpful instructions and prompts, making it easy for anyone to navigate.

With Sync, you don’t have to worry about performance, as it guarantees quick loading times and smooth navigation between folders.

Internxt vs Sync
Internxt vs Sync

Customer Support

Internxt provides a helpful customer service team for any problems you may face. They respond quickly and provide detailed solutions, not prioritizing customer happiness.

Sync may not always provide swift responses, but they have extensive FAQ sections to aid users in solving common issues. They offer customer support through email, aiming to answer all questions within a day.

Mobile Access and Apps Data Sovereignty

Regarding mobile access capabilities, both Internxt and Sync excel in their rights.

The mobile app from Internxt has a user-friendly design, making handling your files while you’re mobile simple. Whether you need to upload, download, share, or even stream files straight from your device, it’s a breeze.

Like Internxt, Sync provides a dependable mobile app, allowing you to reach your saved data whenever and wherever. The Sync app is easy to use and has valuable features, including automatic camera backup and offline access.

Just like blockchain technology, Internxt uses encryption on your side (client-side encryption) to keep your files safe. It ensures that you’re the only one who can access them. Also, Internxt doesn’t and can’t pry into your content, showing their dedication to controlling your data.

Sync also upholds strict data sovereignty rules. It promises private cloud storage, letting you decide where your data lives to meet local data residency rules.

In addition, Sync uses a “zero-knowledge” approach to ensure that only you can access your files. The keys to unlock your data are stored exclusively on your device.

Internxt vs Sync

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