Internxt vs Dropbox

Internxt and Dropbox differ in how they go about privacy and data security. Internxt enhances user data safety by encrypting data before it reaches the cloud, adhering to strict European privacy laws. On the other hand, Dropbox offers diverse services, including cloud storage, file synchronization, Office 365, file sharing, and collaboration tools.

Comparing Internxt vs Dropbox

Storage Capacity Security Mobile Access and Apps Data Cost
Internxt 10GB Zero-knowledge technology, end-to-end encryption iOS, Android, Internxt Web $0.97/month
Dropbox 2GB Encryption, secure data transfer, public file access control Smartphones, Tablets, Dropbox mobile app $9.99/month
Internxt vs Dropbox

Internxt vs Dropbox: Feature Breakdown

Internxt vs Dropbox

Storage Capacity

Internxt offers a range of storage capacities to suit different needs. Upon signing up, you instantly get 10GB of free storage for life with a free Internxt membership. The platform has varying file size limits: 20GB on the desktop and the website and 5GB on the mobile app. The limit for sharing files is 10GB on all platforms, but this limit will be expanded in the near future.

On the other hand, alternative to Internxt, Dropbox provides various storage capacities tailored to meet diverse needs. Dropbox offers a free plan with 2GB of storage. Dropbox also offers business plans, starting at 5TB of storage and going up to unlimited storage. The file size limit for Dropbox is 100GB for paid plans and 2GB for free plans.


Internxt prioritizes user data security with zero-knowledge tech, end-to-end encryption, open-source code, GDPR compliance, and security audits. Your data remains inaccessible to the platform, ensuring exclusive user decryption and access. Internxt emphasizes user control, storing no passwords or user data.

Dropbox prioritizes user data security with encryption, secure transfer, two-factor authentication, and routine security testing. It mandates two-factor authentication, involving a six-digit code or key along with a password. Additionally, Dropbox notifies users of logins and permits remote data wiping from accessing devices.

Internxt vs Dropbox
Internxt vs Dropbox

File Sharing Capabilities

As an alternative to Dropbox, Internxt focuses on secure, private, and controlled file sharing, appealing to those prioritizing data and privacy protection. The platform enables controlled, secure sharing, allowing you to invite specific individuals for access and editing, ensuring granular control. Additionally, you can securely share encrypted files for free using Internxt Send.

On the flip side, Dropbox prioritizes quick, simple, and secure file sharing for both personal and business use. You can instantly share files via links from your Dropbox cloud storage, even without an account. Advanced sharing features enable effective file access management with password protection, granular permissions, and link expiration settings.


Internxt provides diverse pricing plans to accommodate various storage needs. If you need more storage, individual plans range from 20GB to 2TB, starting at just $0.97/month. Internxt accepts a variety of payment methods, including debit/credit cards, PayPal, iDEAL, Sofort, Bancontact, cryptocurrency, and SEPA Debit.

Dropbox also offers various plans, including a $9.99/month option for 2TB storage. This plan includes advanced sharing controls and remote device wipes. Depending on your requirements and the number of users on your team, the pricing and features will vary.

Internxt vs Dropbox
Internxt vs Dropbox

User Interface and Ease of Use

Internxt has room for improvement in ease of use. Although its interface is described as responsive and clean, it faces challenges with confusing UI decisions and needs better integration of services.

As an alternative to Internxt, Dropbox has a better user-friendly interface. Its desktop application operates as a streamlined folder and dropdown tab in the menu bar and allows seamless file and folder upload, sync, and sharing. Its web interface is popular for its accessibility because it showcases a straightforward left-side menu with links to major app sections.

Mobile Access and Apps Data Sovereignty

The Dropbox alternative – Internxt, enhances mobile accessibility with iOS and Android apps for convenient file access, editing, and backup. You can control and securely share files across Internxt Web, Desktop, and Mobile. The Photos app in Internxt ensures private document preview, photo gallery browsing, and file access on almost any mobile device.

Similarly, Dropbox offers a secure and seamless mobile experience that allows its users to access, share, and collaborate on files anywhere. Direct access, upload, browse, and preview functionalities are available on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Dropbox mobile app streamlines the opening and editing of files with third-party apps, contributing to increased productivity and workflow flexibility.

Internxt vs Dropbox

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, Dropbox does not offer end-to-end encryption at the moment for all its users. However, Dropbox has announced that they plan to introduce end-to-end, zero-knowledge encryption to better the security of their file hosting service.

For a Healthcare organization to stay compliant with HIPAA, they need to subscribe to a Dropbox Business or Business Plus Plan which costs US$20 per user per month for teams with 3+ users and US$26 per user per month for companies with 3+ users respectively.

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