Internxt vs OneDrive

The main difference between Internxt and OneDrive is their focus on privacy and data security. Internxt, a Valencia-based cloud service, offers a free 10 GB plan, prioritizing privacy with a “zero knowledge” approach and transparent practices. On the contrary, OneDrive by Microsoft is a Windows-friendly cloud storage that integrates Office 365, file sharing, and collaboration features.

Internxt and OneDrive Comparison

To help you decide which cloud storage is your best fit, we’ve put together a table comparing Internxt and OneDrive features.

 SecurityAccess Control & User PermissionsFile Sharing CapabilitiesIntegration with Existing SystemsCost
InternxtZero-knowledge encryptionYesEnhancedNone$0.97/month
OneDriveEncryption for dataYesRobustMicrosoft apps$1.99/month

Storage Capacity

Internxt provides various storage options, including a free plan with 10GB of storage. Paid plans range from 200GB to 10TB, starting at $0.97/month for 100GB. The service also offers lifetime plans and features like zero-knowledge encryption and decentralized storage.

Alternative to Internxt OneDrive offers 5GB of free storage, with most subscription plans providing a default 1TB storage for each user’s OneDrive. Depending on the plan and licensed users, you can expand this storage up to 5TB.

Internxt vs OneDrive


Internxt places a strong emphasis on security and privacy. It offers zero-knowledge encryption, which means that only the user has access to the encryption keys and, therefore, the data. This ensures that even the service provider cannot access the user’s data. Internxt also uses open-source software, providing transparency and allowing users to view the software that keeps their data safe.

OneDrive’s security features include encryption for files at rest and in transit. However, it doesn’t offer zero-knowledge encryption, meaning that the service provider, Google, has the capability to access the user’s data. OneDrive prioritizes legislation and security but lacks Internxt’s privacy and control features.

Access Control and User Permissions

Internxt provides robust access control and user permissions features to ensure privacy and security. Users can finely control access, setting security permissions, roles, and access rights for individuals or entities in the system. Internxt offers controlled sharing, revocable access, and encrypted file sharing for total user control over data access.

OneDrive is a fit Internxt alternative as it allows for access control and user permissions through various features. Users can limit access to specific security groups for individual OneDrive content using access restriction policies. This feature ensures that only specified groups have access to shared content in OneDrive. Additionally, users can change permissions for files and folders, such as allowing or denying editing, viewing, or sharing rights.

File Sharing Capabilities

Internxt employs enhanced sharing by allowing you to invite users to access and edit files so that you can retain control and the ability to revoke access as needed. Internxt uses open-source software, allowing users to view and audit the source code for security. Users can share files and photos securely, with Internxt having no access to personal data or files.

OneDrive offers robust file-sharing capabilities. It allows users to share files and folders with others while providing control over access and permissions. OneDrive permits restricting access to specific security groups for an individual’s content using access restriction policies. Users can adjust file and folder permissions, controlling editing, viewing, and sharing rights with precision.

Internxt vs OneDrive

Integration with Existing Systems

In terms of Integration, Internxt doesn’t integrate with third-party apps. However, alternative to OneDrive, it excels in prioritizing privacy, security, and user control in cloud storage.

OneDrive integrates seamlessly with Microsoft apps, serving as the default software for Windows devices. Its smooth integration with Microsoft’s Office package allows you to easile file share files and access across different devices. Yet, OneDrive is currently unavailable for Linux users, a factor worth considering for if this operating system.

Pricing and Plans

Internxt offers a range of pricing plans to suit different storage needs. Internxt’s individual plans, starting at $0.92/month, offer storage options from 20GB to 2TB for users requiring more space. Internxt also provides lifetime plans, offering up to 10TB of storage for a one-time payment. All paid subscription plans come with a standard 30-day money-back guarantee.

Internxt alternative OneDrive provides various pricing plans tailored to diverse storage requirements. OneDrive’s individual plans start at $1.99/month, offering storage from 100GB to 6TB for those needing more space. OneDrive accepts various payment methods, including credit and debit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers.

Fill: A Collaborative Alternative to Internxt

Fill takes the lead, challenging the established norms set by Internxt and OneDrive. Fill excels in security, collaboration, and scalability, offering a transformative cloud storage experience for a wide range of users.

Fill employs multi-layered security measures, including advanced encryption algorithms and secure protocols, to fortify data against potential threats. This comprehensive security approach sets Fill apart as a reliable and safe cloud storage option for sensitive documents.

Fill also features collaborative tools that facilitate teamwork on documents and streamline project workflows. With its versioning capabilities, you can revert to previous file versions of your documents if needed. Additionally, robust file recovery options ensure that users can retrieve accidentally deleted files, providing an added layer of data protection.

Start with Fill today for better collaboration on your official documents.

Amara Chiaha

Amara is a copywriter at Amplify Ventures who uses her experience with UX writing to provide relevant content structure for clients exploring HIPAA compliant document management solutions.

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