Formidable Forms vs. Gravity Forms

Formidable Forms vs. Gravity Forms
The main difference between Formidable Forms and Gravity Forms can be attributed to their customization levels and survey capabilities. Formidable Forms enables effortless brand-aligned form customization. Gravity Forms excels with its form builder and diverse payment gateway options.

Comparing Formidable Forms vs. Gravity Forms

 User-Friendly InterfaceCustomizable BrandingIntegrationsTemplatesPayment Support
Formidable FormsYesVisual Form StylerZapier, Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho and moreOver 175 WordPress templatesPaypal, Stripe
Gravity FormsYesCSS Ready Class FeatureZapier, Salesforce, MailchimpOffers 13 different templatesPayPal, Stripe, Square, Authorize.Net, Braintree, CyberSource, Eway

User-Friendly Interface

Alternative to Gravity Forms Formidable Forms is renowned for its user-friendly interface, thoughtfully designed to accommodate users of all skill levels. Its visual drag-and-drop form builder simplifies form creation, allowing users to add, rearrange, and configure form elements effortlessly. Despite its advanced features, Formidable Forms presents them in a way that doesn’t overwhelm users.

Similarly, Gravity Forms strongly emphasizes user-friendliness and offers an intuitive interface for creating online forms. The platform utilizes a drag-and-drop visual form builder for easy and intuitive form field addition and arrangement. Gravity Forms caters to beginners and experts, simplifying form creation with pre-set fields and settings, ensuring easy customization.

Customizable Branding

Formidable Forms empowers users with flexible branding options to align their forms with their brand identity. This includes seamless logo integration and the ability to choose custom fonts for form text and elements. Additionally, Formidable Forms provides a Visual Form Styler for effortless form customization without any coding.

On the other hand, Gravity Forms offers valuable custom branding features to maintain brand consistency within forms. Users can personalize form fonts, although the selection is not as extensive as Formidable Forms. Gravity Forms still offers font customization to match brand typography. Moreover, Gravity Forms includes a CSS Ready Class feature for advanced form styling through custom CSS classes.


Formidable Forms vs Gravity Forms provides a range of integrations for seamless connections with external tools and platforms. It integrates with popular CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho and top email marketing platforms such as Mailchimp and Constant Contact. Additionally, Formidable Forms smoothly integrates with Zapier, a powerful automation platform.

On the other hand, Gravity Forms offers an extensive selection of integration options, enabling connections with various external services. Integration with third-party services like Salesforce and Mailchimp enables seamless data transfer and automation, enhancing efficiency and connectivity.

Like Formidable Forms, Gravity Forms pairs with Zapier, unlocking automated workflows that connect forms to 2,000+ apps and services.


Formidable Forms provides a vast selection of 175+ WordPress form templates, covering diverse needs. These templates include advanced options like car payment calculators, life insurance calculators, doctor visit forms, and more. They save users time by offering ready-made structures that can be edited or used as-is on their websites.

On the other hand, Gravity Forms offers a more modest selection with 13 templates. These serve as starting points for forms, encompassing basic options like contact forms, event registrations, and job applications. Users can customize Gravity Forms templates to meet specific requirements.

Formidable Forms vs. Gravity Forms

Survey Capability

Formidable Forms excels in survey functionality, offering a wide range of features. Users can create surveys with advanced question types, implement conditional logic, and analyze results directly within the platform.

Gravity Forms supports surveys but with some limitations. It covers standard survey needs but lacks the extensive array of advanced question types found in Formidable Forms. Gravity Forms also supports conditional logic and provides options for exporting survey responses for external analysis.

Payment Support

Formidable Forms facilitates online transactions and payment processing with support for popular gateways like PayPal and Stripe. It offers robust e-commerce integration, allowing users to sell products or services directly through their forms.

In contrast, Formidable Forms Alternative, Gravity Forms also enables payment collection through forms. It supports multiple payment processors, including PayPal, Stripe, Square, Authorize.Net, Braintree, CyberSource, and Eway. Gravity Forms simplifies invoicing, offering customization from scratch or pre-designed PDF templates for a streamlined invoicing process.

Formidable Forms vs. Gravity Forms

Fill: The Best Alternative To Formidable Forms

Fill is a standout choice when it comes to an alternative to Formidable Forms and Gravity Forms. It’s the preferred option for anyone seeking a versatile and user-friendly online form builder.

One of its key strengths lies in its user-friendly interface. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced user, Fill makes form creation and document automation a breeze. It ensures a seamless and straightforward process for all.

Fill prioritizes responsive design, ensuring seamless form display and usability on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

What truly sets Fill apart is its affordability. It’s a fantastic solution for students and individuals who are mindful of their budgets. It provides a cost-effective means to access a platform rich in features for creating online forms and automating workflows.

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