Cohesity vs. Nutanix

Cohesity focuses on data management and security, offering backup and recovery solutions. Nutanix specializes in hyper-converged infrastructure, simplifying data center operations, and cloud integration.

Comparing Cohesity and Nutanix

  Platforms Supported Cloud Storage Integrations Custom Branding Pricing
Cohesity Windows Mac Android iOS Yes Google Workspace, Microsoft Office, and more. Yes Pay-as-you-go (starts at $0.02)
Nutanix Windows Mac Android iOS Yes Google Workspace, Microsoft Office, and more. Yes Pay-as-you-go (starts at $10,000 per year)
Cohesity vs. Nutanix

Cohesity vs. Nutanix: Which One's the Best Option?

Cohesity vs. Nutanix

Storage Capacity

The storage capacity of Cohesity products varies depending on the specific solution and configuration. For instance, the Cohesity C6000 Series offers hard disk capacities of 96 TB and 144 TB. It comes with a PCI-e-based flash storage of 6.4 TB for both configurations. On the other hand, the Cohesity C5000 Series provides options ranging from 12 TB to 48 TB for hard disk capacity. It also has 1.6 TB to 6.4 TB for PCI-e-based flash storage.

Nutanix’s hardware platforms can support up to 102.72 TB of storage, including NVMe and HDD types. The capacity can significantly vary based on the chosen solution and configuration. It caters to diverse applications, from virtual desktop infrastructure to cloud deployments. Nutanix’s architecture allows for scalable solutions, with storage pools that expand as clusters scale, making it suitable for both modest setups and extensive, data-intensive applications.


Cohesity’s security features include comprehensive encryption, access controls, and advanced threat detection to protect data across all stages. Their solutions defend against ransomware with immutable backup, AI-based early threat detection, and rapid data recovery capabilities. Additionally, Cohesity incorporates Zero Trust Security principles. This provides protection against ransomware through threat intelligence and scanning, cyber vaulting, and machine learning-powered data classification.

A Cohesity alternative, Nutanix also has a comprehensive suite of security features designed to protect and secure data across various environments. The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud emphasizes native platform hardening, security auditing, reporting, and network threat protection. Nutanix also focuses on security monitoring with the aim of collecting, monitoring, and analyzing audit logs and security information.

Cohesity vs. Nutanix
Cohesity vs. Nutanix

Compliance Standards

Cohesity focuses on simplifying compliance with regulations like GDPR and HIPAA. They offer solutions that include a unified platform for data management and security. Cohesity’s products, such as DataProtect, have achieved certifications, including Common Criteria EAL2 and FIPS 140-2 Level 1. Their Trust Center provides detailed information on compliance, and their encryption standards are certified by NIST.

Nutanix maintains SOC certifications, which provide an independent attestation of the security controls to protect sensitive data. Their information security program aligns with the ISF Standard of Good Practice, ISO 27001/2, ISO 27017, and ISO 27018 as well. Nutanix emphasizes a defense-in-depth strategy for layering security throughout enterprise data center solutions.


Reliability and Uptime

Cohesity emphasizes reliability and uptime as key aspects of its service offerings. Cohesity guarantees an availability Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 99.9%. This level of uptime assurance is crucial for businesses relying on cloud services for data protection, backup, and recovery.

As an alternative to Cohesity, Nutanix is designed for redundancy, self-healing, and high availability. This ensures operational continuity and minimizes downtime. This commitment to reliability is a core aspect of Nutanix’s value proposition.

Cohesity vs. Nutanix
Cohesity vs. Nutanix

Audit Trails and Reporting Scalability

Cohesity is equipped with comprehensive audit trails and reporting scalability. With features such as detailed audit logs and granular access control in the Cohesity DataPlatform, the platform ensures transparency, accountability, and compliance in data management. These capabilities are bolstered by integrations with tools like Varonis for enhanced monitoring and anomaly detection.

Nutanix also offers comprehensive audit trails and reporting scalability across its various services. The platform provides rich auditing capabilities that allow applications to subscribe and receive real-time notifications of user- and file-related activities. Additionally, Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2) features an audit log for administrators to track and search through account actions at all levels.

Customer Support

Cohesity offers a variety of support channels, including premium technical support with dedicated phone lines for general inquiries and specialized support. Customers can also contact Cohesity’s global sales and support teams through email or the support portal for managing support cases. Additionally, Cohesity has introduced an AI-driven support experience powered by Cohesity Turing, which offers intelligent AI agents for a chat-like support experience.

Similarly, Nutanix offers extensive customer support. They provide 24×7 emergency assistance through telephone support with a dedicated extension for immediate help. Nutanix also introduced the Nutanix Customer Xperience (NCX), aiming to accelerate time-to-value for customers and enhance stability and confidence in their operations. Additionally, Nutanix offers a range of online resources, including product documentation, user manuals, and advisories.

Cohesity vs. Nutanix

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