How to Write a Video Proposal: Show Creativity to Clients

Video Proposal

You can gain more clients by presenting your project pitch through a video proposal. But to sell your services more effectively, you must know how to do it properly.

In this post, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide on how to draft a video proposal. Along the way, we’ll also give you a free template so you can get started.

Video Proposal

How To Write A Video Proposal

You can employ various approaches to writing a proposal. But to ensure better results, make sure you follow the steps below.

Step 1: Do your research

Businesses can benefit from video production services in various ways depending on their needs. To be able to relate to their needs, you’ll need to study the industry they belong to.

You’ll also need to do a little market research to understand how these businesses connect with their target audiences. Having that information makes the process of drafting a video proposal easier.

Step 2: Choose your services carefully

Pick the services that would be the best fit for the client’s requirements. Remember that not all video content can align with all business needs. 

For instance, video ads can be useful for promoting products and services. But if you’re helping your client with credibility and authenticity, you might consider offering interviews, documentaries, or tutorials.

The target audience also matters. A younger demographic may be more receptive to animations and music videos. As for older audiences, they may prefer a more serious fare.

Step 3: Organize your video proposal into sections

Make sure that your video project proposal has an organized flow. To achieve this, we recommend using a template that arranges each section organically.

Of course, it pays actually to know the purpose of each section. More importantly, remember that knowing what section to include isn’t enough. You must also populate those sections with clearly composed sentences supporting your overall project pitch.

Using simple language is always the best approach. Note that your proposal might find its way to CEOs, managers, and business owners. 

Most, if not all of them, might have had their share of excessively hyped proposals. When it comes to video proposal creation, get straight to the point. Your potential clients mean business, and so should you.

Step 4: Create a more streamlined video proposal for existing clients 

Be more efficient when pitching a new video project to an existing client. You don’t need to use the template you used the first time you proposed to them. In fact, you can cut to the chase with a shorter proposal.

For example, you can do away with formal introductions because you already have a business relationship with the client. Instead, focus on sustaining the success you achieved with your past project. Along the way, make improvements based on what you’ve learned from previous dealings.

Step 5: Be transparent about your video production services

True, it’s always a best practice to highlight the strengths of your team. But always be careful not to promise something that your crew might not be able to deliver.

You can start writing a video proposal by providing information about your professional experience. It would be wise to support this by mentioning past projects pertaining to specific expertise (commercials, music videos, etc.).

You can also specify the video and lighting equipment that you use. The objective here is not to get technical and sound more impressive. The goal is to give your client an idea of the range of tools that you routinely use.

Free Video Proposal Template 

Get started with your video proposal by taking advantage of this free template from Fill. You’ll be able to customize a template easily and send it to a client for signing. 

Once your client is okay with your terms, he can hire you to create his video for him.

Essential Elements of Video Proposal

When learning how to create a video proposal, you can do no wrong by memorizing the absolute essential elements that make up a good video proposal. So, which sections should you include?


Capture your client’s attention with a good introduction. This section can include an interesting factoid or stat related to video marketing. 

The introduction is a brief section that helps you smoothly segue to the next part of the document. 

About Us

This section is a short summary of who you are and what services you offer. It includes your name, location, and years of experience.

The company’s mission and vision can also be included here. Some other information that can be added is your team members. Share the collective expertise of your team (directors, cinematographers, scriptwriters, etc.).


This is where a clear list of your video production services will be added. As a rule, you should also include the types of video content that you produce.


This section should include your process on how you make a video. This should give your client an idea not only of how you work but also of how you collaborate with clients.

Video Proposal


The timeframe of the entire video production can be laid out in the document. This should include schedules for pre-production, shoots, and post-production.


A clear pricing structure should be included for all the services you provide. Each figure should be properly labeled and broken down, if necessary.

Terms and Conditions

Proper guidelines for business engagement should be listed here. Establishing your terms and conditions not only protects you but also helps avoid potential conflicts in the future.

Always include terms for payment, project scope, and termination for good measure.


This section allows potential clients to affix their signatures to signify their approval of your proposal. 

How Fill Can Help Write a Video Proposal

Allow Fill to speed up the process of drafting your video proposal. Grab a free video proposal template from Fill today by signing up for a free account. 

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