How to Write Game Development Proposal: A Complete Guide 

game development proposal

Landing a game development project doesn’t happen overnight unless you’re someone who’s been in the industry long enough. To gain a client, you will need to know how to create a game development proposal to submit.

But what does a winning proposal look like? How do you convince prospective clients to hire you to develop the game they have in mind?

game development proposal

How to Draft a Game Development Proposal

The trick to winning a new client depends on how strong your proposal is. To make sure you’re writing it properly, you will need to follow these steps:

Create an executive summary

First of all, the document needs to have a convincing executive summary. This is where you provide an overview of the proposal’s details. To do this, you will need to highlight the following details:

  • What problems the proposal aims to address
  • Who will benefit from the game development process
  • What are the required resources
  • What is the projected budget and timeline
  • How can you measure the game’s success
  • What is the Return on Investment (ROI) projection 

The executive summary you write should be strong enough to captivate your target client. 

Explain the background 

Give a look into the project’s background with your game development proposal creation process. Will you be providing end-to-end development solutions for the game? Or will it only cover specific steps?

Some points you can include in this section are:

  • A deep dive into the client’s pain points in creating the game
  • What the issue has already addressed
  • Who has tried to address the issue before you
  • Any existing research that has already been published
  • Why this past research was unable to fix the problem

A good practice in preparing this part of the document is to keep it to one page. 

Present your solution

After getting to know the client’s pain points, you can start presenting a solution in creating his game. This section of the document needs to be strong enough to convince him.

Some key elements that you can cover in this section of the document are:

  • A vision statement
  • A detailed project schedule
  • Roles and responsibilities of the team members
  • Tools and methods for progress tracking and reporting

This is your chance to demonstrate how your planned approach can be put to fruition. You can sample an old game that you created to get an idea. 

Define the deliverables

In this part of the document, you will need to clearly define what you hope to achieve with the project. This is an important part of drafting a game development proposal since clients want a clear expectation of the project.

You will need to clearly identify what your deliverables are, such as:

  • A fully functioning application
  • Training material
  • A comprehensive report, plan, or policy
  • The prototype
  • Creative works

When you present your deliverables, your potential client gets a clear idea of what to expect from the game’s progress. It will allow them to see how well you have understood their vision. They can also see whether you’re both on the same page. 

game development proposal

Secure your resources

After addressing your prospective client’s pain points, you will need to let him know what you need. This is where you clearly define what resources you need. 

This can include things like:

  • Project budget
  • Cost breakdown
  • Resource allocation strategy

Requesting the resources you need for the project can be tricky. But it’s an important piece of information that you need to include in the proposal.

A good rule of thumb is to put this part of the proposal close to the end. This is so you do not overwhelm your prospective clients. Your proposal needs to entice them first before you can get them to say yes.

End with a conclusion

Lastly, your document needs to wrap up the proposal in a presentable manner. Since this is your last hurrah, you need to pay attention to how you’re writing your game development proposal. 

In this section, provide a visual look into the key metrics of the project:

  • Revenue
  • Expenses
  • Net income
  • Gross margin
  • Break-even analysis
  • Cash flow
  • Return on investment analysis
  • Cost-benefit analysis

You can use charts and graphs to make this part of the document easier to understand. 

Use a Game Development Proposal

Demonstrate how you plan to measure metrics so that your client knows how actionable the proposal is. You can use a template to help you prepare the document. 

Game Development Proposal

How Fill Can Help With Your Game Development Proposal

If you’re confused about how to create a game development proposal from scratch, this shouldn’t be a struggle with Fill. We offer a variety of templates that you can easily edit with the information you need to provide. 

Once you’re done customizing the document, you can send it to prospective clients for an online signature. Create an account today so you can start crafting your proposal.

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